Saturday, October 30, 2010

And these are the faces of the opposition...

Why wave an American flag when it's so much more trendy, chic, and cool to wave a Chilean flag?


The ABC's of Liberal Idiocy all gathered today on the Mall in DC for Colbert & Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity or some such bullshit. I'm
embarrassed to even live within miles of the city Colbert hails from, Charleston, South Carolina, although today is damn near just a cake-topper for that asshole stunt he pulled by making a testifying before Congress into bad sketch comedy.

And considering the way Obama has left Israel hung out
to dry and suckled the teats of Islam the past couple years like the good Muslim he was raised to be, Obama's buddy Jon Stewart (or Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz) has a greater sense of loyalty to Liberalism than to Judaism it seems. Every Judas has his price I guess.

Oh, lookie. It seems that a Muslim and a Jew really can peacefully share a stage, as long as it's Stage Left. No, that's not Tommy Chong; it's Cat Stevens...excuse me, I meant Yusuf Islam.

Those dicks at CBS "news" said that Glenn Beck's rally on 8/28 had 87,000 people in attendance, which is just insulting. Try closer to half a m
illion, assholes. Even Joe Scarborough at PMSNBC said it was half a million, echoed by the Brits at Sky News who had nothing invested in lying for Obama's minions. So far, reports say as many as 150,000 kooks and bored pre-Halloweenies showed up for the Leftist Lovefest. Anyone that I personally knew who was going weren't going to support an agenda; they went to people-watch.

Look at the comparison between aerial shots of the rallies. The second pic just shows you how tightly packed that peaceful sea of humanity was for the Beck rally.
So even Areola Puffnstuff's Magic Bus Caravan couldn't out-do Beck. Hope you enjoyed the show, dahhhlink.

One sign I saw in a picture on Yahoo News stated : "Millennials, you'd better be nice to us. We'll be on your death panel."


And here below we have Val Ibarra, 29, of San Fransisco, California. No real surprise there, I guess. Hey,'re pushing 30. Grow up, put the bong away, and be a responsible adult, k? Or are you just quoting Bawney Fwank?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

TENEK: On The Wire reviewed

I feel bad for anyone releasing an album between now and the end of the year. Why? Because hands down I have already picked my Album of the Year for 2010. Nothing short of a live soundboard concert of Depeche Mode, Erasure, Pet Shop Boys, 1989-era New Order, a reunited 1994-era lineup of The Cure, and a reunited Smiths all playing back to back performing in my back yard will make me change my mind. This year is the Year of Tenek, and their new album "On The Wire".

I've had the album for awhile now and have been seriously remiss in not reviewing it sooner, and for that I owe an apology both to you as readers and to the band themselves. If you like electronic music fused with danceable guitars, without that pre-packaged over-produced nonsense fed to you by pop radio, if you grew up to the sound of synths, samples, loops, and beats married to brilliant hooks and wicked grooves, look no further than Sussex. Look no further than the seaside town of Brighton. Look no further than tenek.

Remember discovering a new band that you couldn't get enough of and you were torn between jealously keeping their cool-factor to yourself and sharing it with everyone you know and then being the smug one who was into them first? That's tenek.

You'll recall a few months back I gave you a heads up about new music from tenek when I reviewed "Blinded By You", the first single from "On The Wire". I'm pretty sure that song is getting the nod for Song of the Year this year, incidentally.

It's hard to review an album for a couple of guys that you consider friends. You don't want to come off as blowing sunshine up anyone's arse, theirs or those of potential fans, but I really can't come up with anything bad to say about this album. There have been very few albums in my life where I can listen to it start to finish and not skip tracks or get bored or find a song I didn't like. By request I can name a few if you ask. *grin* But Peter Steer and Geoff Pinckney are class-act guys who don't disappoint.

"On The Wire" is only the second full-length album from tenek, but suffers none of the usual sophomore-slump that affects so many acts that have a brilliant debut. That debut, "Stateless" was only released 19 months ago in March 2009, but the followup doesn't feel rushed at all. Continuing their work with Shaun Brooks, the brilliant house engineer at Toffeetones Records, "On The Wire" is refined, smooth, impeccably put together, and the track listing flows with an awesome synergy that makes it a great listen front to back, full of mid-to-high tempo songs that keep you dancing at the club, bouncing in your chair at work, tapping the beat out on the steering wheel driving about town, or if you're a geek like me, playing air-synth on any available flat surface.

There's no shortage of potential singles to choose from to follow up "Blinded By You". The opening track, "Losing Something" sucks you in immediately and gets you moving, as does "Higher Ground". "No Time For Fighting" compells you to move; you simply cannot stand still while listening to it. The closest thing to a slow track, the lush and soaring " The Art of Evasion" sucks you in and reminds you of sipping espresso at a corner table on a gray autumn Saturday afternoon with someone you were mad about but could never quite work it out with. And not ones to end on a dull note, the rip-stomping "Under My Skin" is the song you'll be singing along with and re-playing to keep singing along with when it ends.

"On The Wire" does exactly what you want electronic music to do for makes you move, it makes you feel, it reminds you of good times gone and sets you up for better times to come, and it pays homage to all the best music you grew up with without sounding the least bit dated or jaded. It sounds fresh and new and unique yet familiar and comfortable, and if you don't get this for yourself immediately, you're missing out. In fact, the holidays are coming, so get thee to either the label's online shop in the UK or A Different Drum's website here in the USA and do yourself a favor. The gift of new music gets you far.

Your next musical obsession: Peter Steer and Geoff Pinckney (photo by Ed Fielding)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

This just in from the Islamic Caliphate of England

Kinda sucks when it's YOUR flag they're burning, doesn't it? And here I thought the only flags they burned were American & Israeli....Religion of Peace, my ass. See where accommodation has gotten you, England? You have Manchesterstan, Liverpoolistan, Birminghamistan, and The Sultanate of London....

File this one under "You Gotta Be Shitting Me."

As you all well know, I have been highly critical of England's constant knuckling under to her Islamic minority. From Burka Barbie to Muslim Swim Time to Sharia Law being recognized, I've been pretty harsh in my critique. Then again, I'm pretty damned tough on Islam as a whole; just use that cool little search tab up at the top left of my page, type in "Islam" and go to town.

And now, England falls further under the Crescent. The owner of a cafe in a Manchester suburb is being forced to remove the exhaust fan from her establishment's kitchen. Why? Because the smell of frying bacon is offensive to Muslims who were visiting her neighbor.

Digest that morsel, friends.

And now, feast on this: she's married to a Muslim Turk who has no problem frying the bacon and their Muslim friends come in there to eat non-pork food all the time (because they aren't crazy and they integrated into the culture of the Western land they inhabit). But because they supposedly had one complaint, the governmental wags flew into Muslim Appeasement Mode and this hard-working couple could incur undo hardship & expense to deal with the situation.

This is all anathema to me. Pretty much everything Islamic is anathema to my American viewpoint and American way of life. Islam prohibits alcohol and pork. Americans live on beer, hot dogs, and bacon cheeseburgers. Hallelujah! Islam strictly forbids homosexuality; I have lotsa gay friends whom I love dearly. As Americans, we are obligated to tolerate all faiths, but that doesn't mean we have to be willfully blind and stupid about people who are avowed to a culture which is diametrically opposed to everything America stands for.

Why is it that Islamists, who openly believe to their dying breath as they detonate themselves that every aspect of American life is intolerable and should be opposed by brute deadly force, want to infiltrate our country and communities... and yet it's not considered perfectly reasonable to keep a suspicious eye on them? Furthermore, just because we have to tolerate them doesn't mean we're under any obligation to accommodate them. The rules work both ways, Achmed. You're free to say that the Torah and Bible are corrupted, and Jesus was never really crucified, and that the Holocaust never happened. We're free to say that Mohammed was an opportunistic prick and that your ass-backwards religious zealotry has wiped out all of those great scientific and mathematical achievements scholars say you made while we were still wearing loincloths.What do you mean, "Muslims might find this offensive.." ? This is an epic win.

The is just about the only AK-47 a Muslim won't touch. So be it.

The Tolerant Left: Union guy fired for wearing a Bush-related shirt

Utterly stolen with all due credits from Eric Spillman's news blog at KTLA. Go here to read the full story.

It seems that Duane Hammond, a union stagehand working the Obama Love Fest rally in Lost Angeles, was FIRED because he was wearing a hoodie sweatshirt from the aircraft carrier his son is serving on, the USS George H. W. Bush. Seriously. I shit you not.

The hoodie didn't go over well with his union supervisor. Hammond says he was told to take off the sweatshirt, or he would have to go home.

He refused, and they told him he was fired from the job.

And we're supposed to feel good about unions? Unions used to be a good and sometimes necessary thing to protect workers and their rights. Now most unions just serve themselves and political interests.

Hell, when I lived in Bangor, Maine several years ago I was amazed to find that their police department was represented by none other than the TEAMSTERS. Seriously. And why? Because they have the most powerful lawyers and lobbyists to get them the best contracts.

The ship in question. Pretty offensive to unions, despite being built by...GASP!!! ---UNION LABOR!

You see, I worked so hard.....

The best political "Screw You" I have seen in a long time. Tip of the hat to Brooke over at the PaleoCon Command Center for this one.

Call Me Senator from RightChange on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

There's hope for our children yet...

In a world where kids wear pants 3 sizes too big with their drawers hanging out, where kids are sending naked pictures on their cell phones to their friends as young as ten years old, kids are dropping out of school, kids are running with gangs, and kids are being courted by the left by Obama as he appears on MTV, it's good to know that some kids these days still have their priorities straight.

The above young lady is the daughter of a friend of mine who shall remain anonymous. Instead of getting indoctrinated by the union-ruined Left-Wing public school system zombies, she's homeschooled. Instead of getting influenced by morons, she's learning values and responsibility in the Girl Scouts. Instead of drinking Left Wing-flavored Kool Aid, she's having a nice tall glass of FREEDOM. Freedom of thought, freedom of expression, freedom to grow up without a union and George Soros telling her what to do to fulfill the Leftist Socialist Agenda.

Share this pic with your friends. I'd love to see it go viral.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

It seems that over in Grand Junction, Colorado a billboard depicting Barack Hussein Obama (Mmmmmmm Mmmmmm Mmmmmm) as an Islamist suicide bomber, a gay dude, a gangster, and a Mexican bandit has triggered a shitstorm of criticism. Imagine that..

The poster of the Chosen One, under the headline "Vote DemocRAT" -- was attracting attention from media worldwide and from people clogging a local parking lot for a closer look.

Local Libs flipped their lids.

"It’s beyond distasteful, and it’s disrespectful of the commander-in-chief," said Martelle Daniels, chairwoman of the local Mesa County Democrats, calling it "clearly racist and homophobic….Certainly (it) is not designed for intelligent discourse at all,"

Of course, Martelle. Break out that cry of racism as fast as you can. I also bet you laughed your ass off at all the anti-Bush artwork offered up by The Left when W was in office. Up on your bookshelf, next to the works of Marx, Alinsky, and Obama, I’m sure you have a couple editions of those collected Bushisms and speech gaffes that were all the rage earlier this decade.

Beneath the caricatures of our Dear Leader are rats, labeled as trial lawyers, the IRS, the EPA and the Federal Reserve bank. The figures are flanked above by vultures.

The billboard is the work of artist Paul Snover, who frequently posts on Tea Party websites. When asked who commissioned the work Snover told the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel in an e-mail that he is "not allowed to say" who paid for the billboard.

Dennis Lucas, the Grand Junction businessman who owns the billboard, said that he was not at liberty to divulge who it was rented to.

Barely up for a few days, it has already been taken down amidst public outcry and sniveling after Lucas received death threats from peaceful, free-speech-loving Liberals.

Over on Facebook I spotted a great quote from a fellow named Clay who quipped, ”I bet you $10,000 it was put up by the Lefties under some fake right-wing sounding name, like Freedom Free People for Free Freedom”.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the billboard was paid for by George Soros to cause dissent and rile up the Left a couple weeks before the election. Mesa County is a pretty Conservative bastion in fairly Liberal Colorado. Leave it to Soros or one of his cronies to foment some anger & hate & mistrust and generalized bad ju-ju and make it look like a Tea Party group did it.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain……

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Screw The View

So, all it takes to get those sniveling bitches on The View to walk away is deliver them the truth?

Bill O'Reilly was on The View this past week and those scabby old cows figured he'd roll over like McCain and beg like a trained seal, or trained RINO. Have these people never watched Bill's show? Christ, they've had him on the show before. They're used to steamrolling over guests with conservative viewpoints the same way they all gang up on their token, Elisabeth Hasselbeck. (She must be making money hand over fist to keep putting up with them)

Nooooooo....we're not a Leftist front propaganda way.......

So Bill calls out Islam for the 9/11 attacks and Leftist Scumbag Mouthpieces Joy(less) Behar and Whoopi Cushion Goldberg (really, just go back to being Karen Johnson, a mostly unfunny and mostly untalented hack) actually walked off the show leaving The Wrinkle With The Speech Impediment to flabble some crap about "you have just seen what should not happen" by which she meant "we should be able to bully any opinion we don't agree with into submission", and of course they talked all over Hasselbeck, blew off her opinions, and demanded O'Reilly apologize for being right (and Right).

The only way it could have been more amusing would be if that Leftist hag O'Donnell had been there foaming at her snout at O'Reilly.

Imam Faisal Rauf, the man behind the Ground Zero Mosque, called O'Reilly's statements "uninformed" and "offensive"......Shut the hell up, you scumbag terrorist frontman shill.

The show shouldn't be called The View. It should be called The Liberal View, or The Leftist View, or The Skew....or to be truthful it should be:

The only thing that's shovel ready is...


Remember a couple years ago when The Dear Leader ripped a page from the books of some of his famed Socialist predecessors and deemed that the Succubus Package money was going to "Shovel-Ready Projects" to boost the economy & put people back to work?

FDR got his New Deal and Works Projects Administration and the Wagner Act to promote Liberal labor unions and the Tennessee Valley Authority to build dams.

Hell, Hitler and his National Socialist Worker's Party had the Reicharbeitsdienst (Reich Labor Service) to build the Autobahns and other public works projects.

The labor projects of the communist countries are just too numerous to list. My personal favorite though was making the Zeks who were imprisoned at the Soviet Gulags build the roads & railways out to the Gulags, and then build the Gulags themselves.

Failure: is it cyclical? I hope we learn from this mistake so we don't end up with another moron 30 years from now.

December, 2008: Meet The Press....Obama talks about his pending stimulus plan and was reported on by Fredreka Schouten of the USA Today.

"The president-elect declined to say Sunday how much his economic stimulus plan would cost. Obama called it the largest public-works program since the creation of the interstate highway system in the 1950s.

The plan includes spending on what Obama called "shovel-ready" projects to rebuild roads, make buildings energy efficient, modernize schools and upgrade hospital technology."

States starting to get all excited about shovel-ready projects. Augusta, Georgia was pretty excited.

"Transportation improvements in Augusta are included in the $3 billion list of "shovel-ready" projects that the state has compiled in hopes of getting some of the estimated $1 trillion stimulus package President-elect Obama has promised."

A month later in the Washington Post itself, the term Shovel Ready gets its own article.

"Announcing his energy team, Obama beams about "shovel-ready projects all across the country." Unveiling his choice for education secretary, Obama plugs his plans "to start helping states and local governments with shovel-ready projects."."

The Obama Administration created the website to showcase where stimulus money might be going with all those shovel ready projects.

" was built to help the new administration keep its pledge to invest stimulus money smartly, and to hold public officials to account for the taxpayer money they spend. We do this by allowing you, citizens around the country with local knowledge about the proposed "shovel-ready" projects in your city, to find, discuss and rate those projects. These projects are not part of the stimulus bill. They are candidates for funding by federal grant programs once the bill passes."

Oh, by that you mean, pass the bill to see what's in it, huh? I think we've heard that Audio Feces Obama Care. Or...we have to see how much money we need before we write a budget (wow, that's ass-backwards, no? You make a budget and then work with what you have to do what you can....)

February, 2009 and David Axelrod is talking about stimulus-funded, shovel-ready
infrastructure projects
just waiting on the go-ahead, and that unemployment will go up. Shovel ready was the lie; unemployment indeed went up.

"Infrastructure, or "shovel-ready," projects are set to get underway almost immediately after President Obama signs the $787 billion stimulus bill on Tuesday, his senior adviser said Sunday. "

Also in February, from none other than the decidedly Left-friendly NPR:
"As President Obama urges Congress to pass the $800 billion-plus stimulus package, one of his favorite selling points is the thousands of projects nationwide that he calls "shovel ready" — meaning planning is complete, approvals are secured and people could be put to work right away once funding is in place."

And here we are in 2010 holding shovels with no projects. In fact, Comrade Imam Barack Hussein Obama, The Dear Leader Himself, The Obamessiah, The Anointed One, Blessed Be His Name, now admits (to the New York bloody TIMES no less, the most liberal of all liberal bastions) there's no such thing as a shovel-ready project.

Why the hell am I not surprised?

In fact, Obie The One wants another $50 BILLION to do infrastructure jobs like build roads and fix runways and....stuff....that....was........(please, say it with me) SHOVEL-READY STIMULUS SHIT from the first bundle of billions!!!!!

These clever little signs were part of a $20 MILLION dollar segment of the stimulus and provided 17 jobs for a short time, until the signs were made, at a cost of $400 to $3000 each.

Do the RIGHT thing on Election Day. And hey, for you Democrats who still claim to not be Socialists...look at what your party and its leadership has done. Tax & spend & pork and sellout to the unions and bankrupt your kids' futures. If you're not a Leftist, WHY ARE YOU STILL VOTING DEMOCRAT?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Perhaps I spoke too soon?

I guess I spoke too soon. No sooner do I give noted blamestream media Liberal hack Keith Olbermann a modicum of credit for keeping his yap shut and toning down his rhetoric, making Chris Matthews the Biggest Liberal Douchebag on TV, then he had to go ahead & open his mouth again.
Hot on the heels of those two whiny cows on The View scuttling off in a huff because Bill O'Reilly showed some spine & didn't let them walk all over him spewing Liberal Crap, Olbermann named Bill O’Reilly the “worst person” in America, calling him a bigot and an Islamophobe. Hell, all O'Reilly did was tell all those assclowns the truth, that on 9-11 we were attacked by Muslims. Sure, it's a pretty simplistic way of stating it but it's not an untrue statement. Behar and Goldberg just threw a tantrum because someone stood up to their bullying bullshit. Olbermann plays the part of a seagull, flying in, squawking and shitting all over the place and adding nothing of substance, before flying off again. Oh, and he of course took a shot at Glenn Beck in the process, someone he usually refers to as the worst person in America.

Then again, every night he declares a new worst person. Short attention span, or just lame and trite?

You know it's bad for the Left when Saturday Night Live mocks you. Lately they've been taking potshots at Obama and Olbermann himself was parodied by none other than Ben Affleck. They say Glenn Beck is prone to histrionics but Olbermann has him beat hands down.

The Daily Caller once reported that members of the left-wing discussion group Journolist think Keith Olbermann is a “predictable,” “unfunny,” “misogynistic,” “pompous,” “shtiky and rude blowhard.” Hundreds of members–Liberal blamestream journalists, Leftist professors, the liberal intellectual elitists– and no room for the lockstep ideological bootlick who hosts a nightly, primetime show on a major (albeit failing and imploding) cable news network? HAH!

Hey, Chris Matthews, is THAT homo erotic? Or just a LibTard paying homage to its master?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Olbermann no longer Biggest Liberal Douchebag

Douche & Doucher: Olbermann and Chris Matthews are Turds of a Feather

For the longest time I felt that Keith Olbermann was the biggest douchebag in Liberal Land, with his histrionic rants and flagrant asshattery. However, as events of the past few days have unfolded, I do believe the crown has been passed to his fellow Moron MSNBC Mouthpiece, Chris Matthews.

What a complete and utter asshole. On a network riddled with LibTards owned by a network riddled with LibTards in a city riddled with LibTards in an industry riddled with...say it with me now...LibTards....Olbermann has actually mellowed out a bit and Matthews has gotten worse. Not even seeing that idiot Rick Sanchez get the axe from CNN has tamed Matthews from spewing asanine rhetoric.

Where to begin?

He was recently found to be dick-riding David Axelrod by chiming in on Axelrod's vacuous claims that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is a shadowy shill for big business pumping foreign money to the Republicans. Matthews sees this as the greatest economic issue of our times and thinks the Chamber is to blame for unemployment. Hey guys, what about all of Obama's shadowy money from unknown sources? What about the video of people overseas, by which I means West Bank Gaza Palestinians, making phone calls for Obama in the election campaign? The Left is destroying the economy and taking the country with it.

A couple days ago he tried to dick-ride a really inane article from The Atlantic that portrayed Rich Iott, the House Republican nominee in Ohio's 9th district, as a Nazi for being part of a World War 2 reenactor group that plays the part of a Waffen-SS unit in historical reenactments. Just because a guy owns a German uniform, you Liberal dickheads think he's a Nazi. Y'know, guys, bythat same token you must think everyone who portrays a Confederate soldier in a Civil War reenactment is a racist slave owner, huh? I own a Scottish kilt so does that make me prone to drive the English from my neighborhood screaming "FREEDOM!"? What about the fact that Iott also portrays an American soldier when reenacting certain battles and also portrays a Union soldier in Civil War reenactments? Oh, those don't count because they aren't sensational?Rich Iott, second from the right. Oh hell, there's a kilt too? Homo Erotic Scottish Nazis!!!!

And then Matthews asks if there's some sort of homo-eroticism thing going on at the reenactments. Dude, what the hell is wrong with you? Some guys get get together as part of a living history display and that makes it a gay thing? Pray tell, explain your reasoning? Besides, I thought the left was in favor of homo eroticism so why are you demonizing it? Because it conveniently serves your political agenda, that's why.

You LibTard assclowns love to lump-classify things that you cannot fathom. To you every gun owner is a murderer in waiting, every gun is an AK-47, everyone who disagrees with Obama is a racist....Hmmm.....y'know, you must think that everyone who's ever worn a German uniform is a Nazi, so then half of Hollywood is rife with Nazis to include many known Lefties:Marlon Brando must have been a Nazi. The horror! The horror!

Tom Cruise? Must be a Nazi. They were known for jumping on couches on the Russian Front.

Kenneth Branagh and Bill Nighy just HAVE to be Nazis. Love the leather trenchcoat....

James Coburn, American Army vet and.....Nazi? The irony of it all.

Ed Harris had the Right be a Nazi sniper.

Nothing screams "Nazi" like Clint Eastwood and Richard Burton.....

That would be Herr Obersturmbannfuhrer Voldemort to you, pal.....

Before Eric Braeden played Victor on The Young & The Restless, he worked under his given name of Hans Gudegast....seriously.

Eddie Izzard's a Nazi who sometimes performs in drag? Say it ain't so!

The Left loves Harrison Ford. Too bad he's donned German uniforms in all of the Indiana Jones films.....Star Trek proved that space is littered with Nazis, illogical as it may seem.

Before he was Gandalf, before he was Magneto, Sir Ian McKellen was...HITLER!

Sir Alec Guinness also played Hitler. "These aren't the Nazis you're looking for..."

Sir Anthony Hopkins likes his Nazis with fava beans and a nice Chianti.

And now Matthews has the cherries to say that if the recently rescued Chilean miners had been Tea Party types, they'd have died. Ass-sphincter says what?

If the trapped Chilean miners had subscribed to the tea party’s “every-man-for-himself” philosophy, “they would have been killing each other after about two days,” Matthews said on his “Hardball” show Wednesday night.

In an interview with noted Liberal scumbag AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, Matthews foamed at the mouth against the Tea Party movement, saying its central belief is “every man for himself. …No more taxes, no more government, no more everything. No more safety net.”

“You know these people, if they were every man for himself down in that mine, they wouldn’t have gotten out,” Matthews added.

“That’s exactly right,” Trumka chimed back.

Matthews continued: “They would have been killing each other after about two days.”

Really? If by "every man for himself" you mean expecting people to take personal responsibility for their actions and not relying on the government tit for sustenance, then sure, I'll give you that one. If not, bite me. And we want smaller government, not no government, unlike you who want giant government.

If the miners were Liberals, they would have rioted and looted, cried for entitlements and just rolled over when the government didn't provide for them. Liberals would tax the rescue, take over the mining company, ban all mining, sue the mining company owners they displaced, and raise taxes for green mining alternatives to preserve Mother Gaia.

You're a fetid turd, Matthews. If CNN can dump Sanchez, then maybe PMSNBC will wise up and send you packing too....but then again, given their track record.....An idiot and his idol. May they both soon be unemployed.