Monday, May 23, 2016

Why I am NOT on board the Trump Train.

No, thanks. I'll walk.

Wow. Where to even begin after so long? Yeah, I know, it’s been months since I’ve written. Mostly because I’ve just frankly been burnt out on the cataclysmic circus that the 2016 presidential race degenerated into. 

Seriously…this has been the most depressing, infuriating, divisive race in my lifetime. On the Left, young voters that are normally the victims of the Democrat Party’s propaganda recruiting campaigns have gravitated so far to the Left that they are embracing a frikkin’ Socialist. Why? In part because they’re stupid and don’t know any better, but mostly because, like anyone trying to garner Lefty votes, he’s promising all the free shit. Comrade Bernie is Joe Stalin without the balls to purge his enemies and kill anyone who opposes him. Commie Lite, so to speak. The only reason he is on the Democrat ticket is because he knew no one would go Third Party and vote for a Socialist candidate so he decided to usurp the Donkey Party and in doing so has gotten a bunch of Useful Idiot flunkies to threaten riots like the Occupy crowd…..No-Info mollycoddled assclowns with no real idea how life works, and a few disillusioned grownups who really should know better but still think the government owes us all free shit.  Of course, the alternative to The Commie is The Criminal.

The Donkey Party has rigged the elections to keep Bernie out of office with their Super Delegate system so that Queen Killary can ascend the throne. Problem is, everyone hates her and she’s on the verge of prosecution for her stupidity and sheer narcissistic lunacy in having a private email server in some couple’s bathroom closet. Either way you slice this Crap Sandwich, the Left is offering choices that are just as bad, nay worse, than Lord Obeezy, and that’s really saying something after the 8-year shit show we’ve endured. (I covered a lot of this 8 months ago…..)

Sadly, and most disgustingly, the Republicans clown show has been just as bad.

Remember 10 months ago, last July, when Donald Trump announced his campaign and I naively thought he wouldn’t last? Back when I thought a real GOP candidate would take over? I honestly thought Trump would bring up a few issues that the Rove-led GOP Squish Jellyback Establishment never would, and then he’d back off and let a serious candidate take over. I was so very, very wrong.
Yeah, the Establishment types all faded and rolled over and died, the Linzy Gramnesty types, and even the mega-funded Jeb Bush. Some of the more addled and jellybacked types even joined the Dark Side and backed Trump after they were left in the debris of their failed campaigns. Yeah, I’m talking to you, Huckaboo and Santorum and Carson. Chris Christie verily fell to his knees to fellate Trump and now is slated to lead his Transition Team should he win the election in November. I was saddened that Rand Paul failed to catch fire. He’s been pretty silent since bowing out, as has Bobby Jindal. Rubio…. Once a Tea Party guy and in the end just another Establishment shill…. I have a microscopic shred of respect for Kasich for thumbing his nose and sticking it out as long as he did but it was painful to watch and in the end, he too threw in the towel. 

So, yeah, I was a Ted Cruz supporter. I’m not gonna lie. And no, I didn’t agree with all of his positions, especially his more fervently religious-based ones... I did however think he was the best of what we were given to work with. I’m really not a Republican per se; I’m more a Libertarian leaning constitutional conservative. I tend to be more liberal (for lack of a better word, because the L word makes bile rise in my throat) when it comes to social issues and more conservative on issues like taxes and the military. 

However, it looks like a spray-tanned narcissistic megalomaniacal wolf in sheep’s clothing made in China will be our nominee in November. God help us all.

By now, all my friends who are Trumpkins are yanking out their hair and screaming at the screen, wondering why I don’t back The Donald. After all, he’s gonna make ‘Murica great again and yadda yadda yadda.


Eight years ago I derided all of the Obama Zombies who drank the Koolaid. Now I get to do it again, only this time I’m starting earlier and it’s Trump-Aid, the best drink, because he has the best drinks, and the drinks are gonna be great, really really great, and Mexico is gonna pay for it.

So….why am I not on board the Trump Train? 

     1.  All of a sudden, a lifelong Democrat in his late 60’s suddenly changes his mind and decides he’s a Republican?  I could see if he was a Democrat in his 20s and changed sides as late as his early to mid 40’s, but really, once you’ve hit a certain age your belief structure is pretty much in place and it is a stretch to just change them.  And in 1998, he was quoted as saying he would run as a Republican only because Republicans are stupid.

The dude’s own kids couldn’t vote for him in the New York primary because even they aren’t registered Republicans.

      2. The dude gave money to Hillary when she was running in ’08. He claims it was just to get her to come to his wedding, and many of you are already foaming at the mouth saying “But Steve, he done gave money to lots of people, on both sides!” Oh, so he’s just an opportunist and just looks to bribe anyone who might help him? That’s a great quality for a President to have. All the years we’ve spent fighting the Clinton Machine, which is now part of the Obama Machine, and it’s cool with you that he gave her money?

.     3. This myth that he is self-funding his campaign. I was willing to think at the very beginning that he didn’t need to use donations and actually could self-fund, and that would keep special interest money out of it. But, alas, people have been donating. About a quarter of his war chest is from donations, kids. And rather than spend his own money outright, he has instead loaned his campaign $50 million or so. And a loan gets to be paid back FROM DONATIONS. He’s really only spent about $317,000 of his own money. When all is said and done, he will likely get all of his money back from the loan, and will end up having really spent nothing.

Of course, he hasn’t exactly needed to spend much on advertising. The left-controlled media gives him plenty of free advertising to let him bloviate and act like a mouth-breathing sideshow barker. And Fox is his bitch. Make no bones; the crowd at Fox bow and scrape and lick his boot heels. Hannity has given up any and all credibility as an objective journalist and has become Trump’s lap dog. Ann Coulter kisses Trump’s ass so hard the dude should have a prolapsed anus. Why spend money when you’re the only thing the media rants about?

4. He bitched about Ted Cruz taking out a $1 million loan to fund his campaign, a loan that was paid off. However, in financial statements that get filed when you run for President, it showed that Trump owes various banks worldwide somewhere between $500 million and $800 million. That. Friends, is what we call deflection. Don’t look at what I’m doing wrong, look at what he did that can be twisted into looking wrong.

4.       Speaking of money, how much is Trump really worth? We don’t know. He claims billions. However, he also won’t release his tax returns. He claims that because he is under audit, and is always under audit, that he isn’t allowed to release them. That’s a total fabrication and lie. There’s no rules or laws that saw someone under audit cannot release their returns. Why is he under audit all the time? Because he looks for every loophole (no, wait, his lawyers and accountants do it) to avoid taxes. Part of me says yeah, y’know, I guess any rational human would look for every way possible to keep as much of their money as possible, and part of me says not everyone has an army of retainers to fabricate any and all methods to do so.

5    5. All y’all keep saying that America needs a businessman and not a politician. You called Ted Cruz a politician and Trump vilified Ted as a politician. Y’all do realize that Ted hasn’t yet finished his first term in office as a Senator, right? And that this is Ted’s first and only elected office? Hardly a lifetime politician. Meanwhile Trump says his Vice Presidential pick is likely going to be a career politician who knows the ropes in Washington. So, it’s okay when you need it to be okay, and a cardinal sin when it serves your purpose? Can’t have it both ways, Donald. By the way, Trump demanded that Romney release his taxes in 2012. Good for the goose…unless the goose is you.

6. Successful businessman? I’d put an asterisk next to that. Yeah, dude has made oodles of money, often by crushing any and all opposition to him. But if you or me declared bankruptcy FOUR TIMES, what bank would touch us? Who the hell would trust us with FOUR BANKRUPCTIES? 

Trump Steaks? Who the hell buys their quality meats from The Sharper Image? I go to the meat counter or a butcher shop and get it fresh, not sent to me FedEx. Trump Wine? Dude says he doesn’t even drink wine, but knows enough about it to slap his name on a bottle and call it the best? It might be decent wine but I was unaware that Virginia was a hotbed for vintners. Trump Shuttle? Yeah, he took out $380 million in loans from no fewer than 22 banks, and a little over a year later defaulted on his loans and control of the airline reverted back to Citi Bank. Trump University? A pyramid scheme that lured you in with the promises of business acumen and knowledge and coaching, but was just a way to get you to buy more seminars and books and other crap. Pretty much the same bollocks as those Zig Ziglar seminars. I went to one of those once; my employer at the time paid for us to go as a sales team. What a joke; it was just a ruse to get you to buy their products. Same with Trump U; no wonder he is in the middle of an investigation with legal action pending over people getting duped by the scam.

6    7. Says he will overturn Obamacare. But….Trump firmly believes in nationalized health care. His plan is basically Obamacare on steroids. And Obamacare is working so well, isn’t it?

7    8.  Remember a few months ago, early in the primaries, when Trump kept saying that Ted Cruz lied about Ben Carson dropping out and stole Carson’s votes? The problem is, the story that Carson was quitting came from CNN, and was retweeted by RUBIO’s people before Ted’s people saw the RT and thought it was true. Yet, Trump jumped on Ted because Ted was always his biggest threat and had to be dealt with no matter if it was true or not, because, after all, Trump could kill someone on 5th Avenue and no one would care, right?

Any time Trump won a primary, it was skill and gamesmanship and the Will of the People. Any time he lost, it was rigged, it was voter fraud; it was anything but the Will of the People.

8    9. Says he is surrounded by the “best people”.  But, if you have the best people around you, shouldn’t someone have known how the primary system worked in Colorado since their system has been in place for about a hundred years now? Instead, he bitched and moaned and says his votes were stolen. Dude, you simply had no idea how that state conducted business. Best people, my ass.


          And speaking of “best people”… Trump demonized Ted’s wife Heidi for having worked as an investment banker at Goldman-Sachs. After all, G-S was The Enemy of the People. But, one of these Best People that Trump has surrounded himself with is his chief campaign advisor who did what? Worked at Goldman-Sachs for 30 years. A couple weeks ago, G-S was evil but now they’re okay?

1    10.   Trump’s buddy David Pecker is the CEO of a spurious tabloid rag, namely the National Enquirer. So it’s awfully convenient when the Enquirer publishes crap that alleges Cruz has as many as five mistresses and that one of them was a certain Katrina Pierson. Thing is, Pierson is Trump’s campaign spokesperson. Now, if I even suspected that one of my people was sleeping with the enemy, I’d fire that person. Instead, he keeps her on staff? And even more spectacularly odd; she’s staying. If my employer’s buddy published a lie about me with his knowledge and consent, one that made me look like an adultering whore banging my boss’s rival, I’m not sure I’d be sticking around. Either she’s in on it or she’s going along because someone has SERIOUS dirt on her even bigger than this.

 And then the Enquirer posts up a story that alleges Ted's father was involved in the JFK assassination and included an alleged photo of his dad with Lee Harvey Oswald in Cuba. Despicable.

1    11.   Trump alleges that he’s gonna punish companies that take jobs to Mexico, and that only he has the wherewithal to fight China on the economic battlefield. I actually went to a Trump even here in South Carolina, out of morbid curiosity and because it ain’t every day when a candidate visits my little town. During said rally, Herr Trumpmeister claimed that Boeing was gonna close their plant in North Charleston and send it all to a new facility in China. It was all I could do to keep a straight face and not laugh. Boeing is *still adding onto and building new facilities* at the Charleston plant, which makes the new and wildly popular 787 Dreamliner. If you’re going to close a facility in a non-union, right-to-work state that gave you a lot of tax breaks and that you’ve already sunk more than a BILLION dollars into, why keep building more stuff there? That big-assed new building alongside International Boulevard they’ve been working on the past six months? I do believe that’s the new paint shop building, so that planes, once built, can be painted in their new owner’s livery on-site instead of flying them to the facility in (I believe) Fort Worth, Texas. 

Enny-hoo….. if he hates Mexico so much and hates China so much, why is all his shit made there? Hey, Donald, either you’re part of the problem, or you’re part of the solution, and I don’t hear a lot of answers that make sense when people ask why your overpriced shit is made elsewhere.  Trump ties? Made in China. A Trump suit jacket? Made in Mexico. Trump eyeglasses? Frames made in……China. And of course, where are the MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN ball caps made? One guess. C’mon, kids, say it with me….CHINA!!!!!!

He’s claiming to be tough on immigration, and illegal immigration was the big issue that first brought him campaign notoriety. However, it appears he’s backtracking a bit with the news that he favors a simple Touchback Policy. That means when we catch you here illegally, we’ll send you home and once you get there, you can just come back because you left. What in the actual fuck? That ain’t exactly a tough immigration stance, sunshine. I lack the time and crayons to explain it to you, and you probably don’t believe me if you’re a hard-core Trumpkin, so go here, because Newsweek ain’t exactly a right-wing Ted Cruz site.

1    12.   Trump loves veterans, huh? I may not like John McCain’s RINO squish ways or his Establishment GOP dumbassery, but I don’t talk smack about his time as a POW. You, however, did, and basically talked shit about anyone who’s ever been a POW. This from a guy who dodged the draft during Vietnam by getting your rich daddy to secure you a college deferment. You did the college thing, like Bill Clinton did. I may not like Al Gore (in fact I detest him) but dammit, he served when he could have gotten out of it.

You have instead had the balls to say you’re as well-trained as any soldier because you were sent to a rich-kid military boarding school as a teen. Look, pal, don’t even try to equate your prep school experience to what we real veterans have earned with our service. And you also had the balls to say in an interview that banging supermodels and dodging STD’s in the 80’s was your personal Vietnam? You, sir, may quietly go fuck yourself in the corner.

Speaking of your love for veterans, of which no one can find any previous history of you supporting veterans charities, let’s talk a minute about that January debate you skipped out of fear of getting your ass ripped open by Ted Cruz, so you canceled out and claimed that you were holding a fund-raiser for veterans. Thing is, months later and no one can find any record of your donations and not a single charity has chimed in to report having received the first red cent from the millions you raised. SHOW ME THE MONEY! Where is it? Who got it? Legit charities keep records. Come on, D; enquiring minds wanna know.

UPDATE: As of Friday, May 20th, questions were still being asked about the alleged $6 million that was raised. Turns out it was a LOT less, and in typical Trump fashion, none of his Best People seem to know exactly how much.

Furthermore, don’t fall for everything you see out there, folks. There’s a picture/meme floating around Facebook that claims to have been written by a Desert Storm veteran who got home because Trump’s personal airline came and got him. And it’s been debunked by Snopes.

1    13.   Guns. Oh yes, we on the Right loves us some guns. Allegedly, Trump loves the Second Amendment. As well he should since he is surrounded by bodyguards with guns, most notably the Secret Service at taxpayer expense. However……I find it incredibly ironic that Trump’s hotels are gun-free zones. Yeah, you read that right. Mister Gun Rights won’t let you carry concealed, or open, at his facilities. Doesn’t seem very pro-2A, now, does it? In 2000, Trump supported the assault weapons ban, too, just like all the liberal Democrats he associates with.

So there’s a good baker’s dozen reasons you should think a little harder about blindly riding the Trump Train.

Look, I get it. You’re disillusioned with “politics as normal”. You’re mad as hell about the way this country has gone to shit over the last 8 years. Believe me; I get it. I’ve been fighting the good fight here at GDTAI for years. But don’t let your anger blind you.

Half of you out there are screaming at the screen, “You fool! If you don’t vote for Trump you’re voting for Hillary!!!! And if you don’t vote at all, Hillary’s gonna win!!!!” Oh, please. Grow up. Ever wonder why no viable, serious third party candidates gain support? Because the media and the two major parties only want you to have an either/or choice, and preferably the choice they have engineered. I’m actually investigating the Libertarian Party, but I honestly haven’t made up my mind yet about my vote, other than that there is no way in hell I will vote Democrat. Ever.

The parties and the media want each election decided and wrapped up MONTHS before the actual voting, even before all the states (and their voters) have had their say in their primaries or caucuses. Gang, the conventions are still weeks away. Why are we so quick to call an election when voting hasn’t started yet and Election Day is still SIX MONTHS away?

Ugh. This Carnival of Fools still has six more months to go? 

Are you not entertained?

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Black Lives Matter...just not to other black people.

A protester with Concerned Citizens of North Charleston curses at AP photographer, Mic Smith (left) for shooting photographs after a press conference in front of City Hall Friday morning. Because peaceful protests matter, yo.
So, a few days ago Charleston made the news again. After being held in solitary confinement for the past 9 months, former North Charleston police officer Michael Slager, charged with murder for shooting an unarmed Walter Scott last year, was released on a $500,000 bond. 

Heads immediately exploded.

Of course, the National Action Network and their ilk with the NAACP and #Blacklivesmatter, had to hold a photo op and publicity stunt press conference in front of the Al Cannon Detention Facility (the county lockup has such a fancy name, no?) to bemoan and denounce the release of Slager until his trial date.

Look, I’m not defending Slager. What he did was indefensible and he deserves to be convicted. They seemed to have forgotten a couple details, though. 

He has been in pre-trial confinement for the past 9 months, held in solitary confinement, and his trial date isn’t scheduled until October 31, nearly 11 months away. So much for the right to a speedy trial. Slager's attorneys had requested a speedy trial, but Ninth Circuit Solicitor Scarlett Wilson filed a 10-page response to that motion, saying a date in the fall would be both reasonable and necessary because she is also working on the case against Dylann Roof, the little turd responsible for the June shooting deaths of nine black parishioners at Mother Emanuel AME Church in downtown Charleston. Hey, two high-profile murder cases full of guaranteed TV time and possible book and TV deals? She ain’t gonna let someone else handle one and lose out….but I digress.

By the time his trial started, he would have been held for 20 months in solitary confinement. Granted, a conviction is a foregone conclusion but any accused person is presumed innocent until proven guilty, and incarcerating the accused for over a year and a half awaiting trial treads the realm of cruel and unusual. According to his lawyer, Slager’s health has suffered while behind bars, as prison food is generally not gluten-free and Slager has celiac disease. You can force entire prison systems to go pork-free to make Muslims happy, but you can't do anything for the gluten crowd.

So, a black judge agreed to bond him out under house arrest, and the Usual Suspects lost their minds. I’m surprised that Judge Clifton Newman hasn’t been called Uncle Tom by the black community and had his home address Tweeted out by Spike Lee.

SC Judge Clifton Newman
 "We want Slager back in jail," said Elder Johnson, State President of the National Action Network, at the news conference, and also called for the resignation of North Charleston Police Chief Eddie Driggers. After all, when Black America is wronged, everyone must resign. I’m shocked they didn’t also demand the resignation of North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey and Governor Nikki Haley. This despite the fact that Driggers and Summey immediately fired Slager and charged him with murder within a couple days of the shooting. They did what they were supposed to do, but just like the situation at University of Missouri, somebody gotta pay…and the university’s president and chancellor both resigned.

A protester with Concerned Citizens of North Charleston curses at North Charleston Police officers after a press conference in front of City Hall that addressed the release from jail of former North Charleston Police officer Michael Slager on bond. Please note that Mister Peaceful Protester is the same guy from above.

And then they turn on their own, as Mister Peaceful curses at Elder James Johnson, State President of the National Action Network, after the press conference, accusing Johnson and other protesters of not being aggressive enough in their protest. Because, well, peaceful protests, yo.

Ed Bryant of the North Charleston chapter of the NAACP said he believes Slager received preferential treatment. Local pastor Thomas Dixon agreed, saying "justice is not for all, but for some with a particular skin." Oh, spare me. Preferential treatment would have been keeping him on paid leave and free (or even on active duty) instead of fired and charged immediately with Capital M MURDER. Solitary confinement isn’t very preferential, unless you look at it as keeping him apart to keep him safe from fellow inmates so he didn’t get shanked in the showers.

"Slager is a threat to the community," continued Dixon later. "I don't care what the judge said." Yeah, sure, and you’ll vilify the judge as a race traitor next. Slager won’t be able to safely leave wherever he’s staying, let alone be allowed a moment without scrutiny, so when is he going to be freely roaming the community at large to kill at will? He has nowhere to go, and nowhere to hide. In essence, his cell merely got larger and more comfortable. He is in hiding, and his Hanahan home, which has been vacant since his arrest last April, was set on fire last night.  Say it ain’t so, peaceful black community? After all, who kept torching black churches in St. Louis to keep racial hatred going? A black dude. Yes. Kinda like the black Muslim who torched his own Houston mosque and the media was quick to blame Whitey but lost interest quickly when the truth came out. Doesn’t fit the Liberal narrative…

The aforementioned Ninth Circuit Court Solicitor Scarlett Wilson says prosecutors can ask to have bond revoked, but said there are no grounds to do so in this case. Bond is generally revoked when the accused does something wrong, and Slager hasn’t been out of jail much more than 96 full hours yet and hasn’t exactly had time yet to screw up.

You tawkin' to ME?
Meanwhile, over on Rivers Avenue in North Charleston, about three miles or so from where Slager shot Walter Scott and about ten miles (maybe less) from the press conference at the jail, 18-year old Larry Grayer and two of his buddies, 18-year-old Deandre Montel Stevens and 17-year-old Aliya Young, went to the Walmart parking lot with the intent to sell some marijuana and then rob the customer afterwards.  The customer, 16 year old Zarmell Polite, and an accomplice got into a gunfight with Grayer and company amidst the attempted robbery. According to investigators, Grayer was shot by Polite and transported to Roper Northwoods Hospital by Stevens and Young, where Grayer later died of his injuries. Digest that a second, will you? Two 18-year olds and a 17-year old selling drugs in the Walmart parking lot and robbing their customers at gunpoint and getting into a gunfight with a 16-year old.
Young and Stevens
Not a peep on this black on black crime from the esteemed black community, just a few miles away. Also not a peep about the 16-year old who killed a 19-year old in a prostitution-related robbery at a local hotel on Christmas Eve. Sure, the article says it was a “date” arranged on (kinda like Craig’s List), but that’s a site that’s primarily only known for two things: escorts & whores setting up meets at hotels where often times the John is robbed and never calls the cops (“I was robbed while committing the crime of solicitation”), and for anonymous hookups for sex. Anonymous hookups don’t have armed backup in the next room, and legit dates meet at Barnes & Noble or the movies, not at Extended Stay America. 

Black lives matter…just not to black people it seems. If they mattered, then all the hue and cry would be focused towards Chicago.

After all, last year was a banner year in The Windy City. Despite the strictest gun laws in the land, there was a total of 2,995 shootings in Chicago, of which 443 were fatal. How is this even possible? President Pooky just Executive Ordered his way to expanded background checks to close the mythical gun show loophole but I guess the background check is a moot point. After all, how many of these street thugs and gang members and various other murderous hoodrats in Chiganistan purchased their firearms legally, through an FFL dealer who did a background check with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and how many had a valid Illinois concealed carry permit?

Likewise in the incident local to me, since these children under the age of 21 could not have legally purchased, let alone possess, the handguns used whilst conducting their equally illegal drug transaction and subsequent attempted robbery-cum-shootout, a background check, or some new draconian gun-control law, would be useless, since criminals don’t obey the law in the first place.
So, while Mayor Rahm Emanuel, formerly Lord Obeezy’s right hand at the Reichs Chancellery, was vacationing in the Socialist Worker’s Paradise of Cuba and getting his Che on with those crazy Castro boys, the first shooting of 2016 left one person injured early New Year's Day in the South Chicago neighborhood. Seriously, it took Chicago FIVE MINUTES to endure its first shooting of the New Year. 

The victim, a 34-year-old woman, was inside a residence at 12:05 a.m. last Friday when a bullet came through the second-floor window and grazed her hand and going through her finger, police said. She was taken to a local hospital in good condition.

The bullet was apparently fired by a reveler who was celebrating the New Year by shooting into the air, much like in peaceful cities like Baghdad, Beirut, Benghazi, or any gathered group of celebrating savages. The way they waste rounds in the Middle East celebrating, I should order my ammo there instead of trying to track down what little I can find here. But again I digress…

A little over two hours later, Chicago had its first homicide of the year. Police say the victim was a 24-year-old gang member who had been arguing with another man inside a bar when it spilled out into the street. The other man pulled a gun and shot him in the chest, then fled, police said. Business as usual.

Hours before the city's first reported murder, the Chicago Police Department released new crime numbers for 2015. The statistics show there were more than 50 more homicides last year than in 2014. So, things just get Progressively worse (progressive, get it? I made a Liberal joke!) and the black community only gets involved if a white guy, especially if it’s a white cop, is the shooter. Case in point: the meltdown after the release of dash-cam video that shows the fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald, 17, by Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke. Again, an inexcusable shooting, at least to the extent of how many rounds were expended. Seemingly, Van Dyke pulled up to the crowded scene and was practically firing as soon as he exited the vehicle. To catch you all upon what happened, allegedly:

Shortly before 10:00 p.m., police were called to investigate a report that McDonald was carrying a knife and breaking into vehicles in a trucking yard. When officers confronted McDonald, he used a knife with a 3-inch blade to slice the tire on a patrol vehicle and damage its windshield. McDonald walked away from police after numerous verbal instructions from officers to drop the knife, at which point responding officers requested Taser backup, according to radio recordings. 

Van Dyke was on the scene for less than 30 seconds before opening fire and began shooting approximately six seconds after exiting his car, from a distance of less than 10 feet away. The first responding officer stated that he did not see the need to use force and none of the at least eight other officers on the scene fired their weapons. McDonald was shot 16 times in 14–15 seconds, expending the maximum capacity of Van Dyke's weapon. Video of the shooting shows that McDonald fell to the ground after the first shot was fired, after which Van Dyke stopped firing for a moment, then opened fire again when McDonald moved, knife still in hand. 

Hmmm, he moved. Shit, bodies on a morgue slab can sometimes twitch. That doesn’t mean the coroner has to stab the corpse again to make sure it’s dead. You had at least eight other officers around, none of whom had fired a shot (leaving at least 128 more rounds to fire at the suspect, plus the other 15 in Van Dyke’s gun), so go up and kick the knife away and subdue the suspect on the ground. Anyone who’s watched an episode of COPS has seen five burly officers dogpile a subject on the ground. 

According to the Cook County Medical Examiner's Office's autopsy report, McDonald was shot in his neck, chest, back, both arms, right leg and had a graze wound to his left scalp. Nine of the 16 shots hit McDonald's back and he was shot even as he lay on the pavement. Toxicology reports later revealed that McDonald had PCP in his blood and urine, which can definitely give bursts of frighteningly superhuman strength when a subject is being subdued, but the dude dropped on the first shot.

Bad shoot by the cop? I’ll go with that. But did you know this happened well over a year ago? And the family had already been paid by the city and the city swept it all under the rug because it was an election year and Comrade Rahm wanted to stay on his Iron Throne. Reports say that the video of the shoot was buried and that camera footage from local businesses were confiscated and even destroyed. Not the first time this cop has been investigated and people were paid off over it, either. Not the first hinky shooting by a Chicago cop, no way. 

Does Chicago have a leadership problem? Yup. Does Chicago have a crime problem? Double yup. Will those dumb bastards keep voting Democrat and blame Whitey for everything? Triple yup.
After all, black lives matter, just not to other black people.

 Of course, I'm pretty sure I must be some sort of heinous racist for pointing out shit like this. And if you're BLACK and point out shit like this, you're a traitor or an Uncle Tom. I'm sure that insurance agent Fred L. Davis has gotten a ration of heat over his billboards in greater Memphis.

Oh, and if you want to ever keep up with the Chicago crime reports the same way I do, keep track of the action at Hey Jackass. This site is AMAZING.