Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dr. Afridi...Paging Dr. Afridi...

I find it exceptionally galling that our erstwhile allies in Pakistan have decided to imprison Dr. Shakil Afridi for 33 years. 


Dude, do you live under a rock? Without the good doctor, Obama The Conqueror would never have been able to kill Osama Bin Laden single-handedly with his bare fists of fury a year ago

Well, maybe not. Actually, Dr. Afridi was a key figure in the raid by U.S. Navy SEAL operators that resulted in the death of Bin Laden. Dr. Afridi was able to get DNA evidence from Osama’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan and relay it to American intelligence personnel, and once it was confirmed to be from The Man Himself, the raid was set into motion.

And how to we repay Shakil Afridi? We blab his role to the Lamestream Media and the Pakistanis toss his ass in jail, where he’s been for, you guessed it, about a year now. The Paks claim that Dr. Afridi was actually imprisoned for allegedly being involved with a radical Muslim extremist group…and the group denies it completely.

A commander from the group Lashkar-e-Islam said that "We have no link to such a shameless man. If we see him, we'll chew him alive." 

Afridi was sentenced to 33 years in prison in Peshawar after he was found guilty of treason last week. The ruling was made under the tribal justice system of Khyber district, part of Pakistan's semi-autonomous tribal belt, since that whole central government thing is pretty ineffective in backwater Muslim Fundamentalist vacation spots like Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Kinda funny that the Paks say Afridi was helping this group out, hot on the heels of a huge Washington backlash against his sentence. Last week a Senate panel voted to strip Pakistan of $33 million in aid packages, a million bucks for each year of Afridi’s sentence, but Senator. Rand Paul of Kentucky said he would introduce a pair of bills next week to take matters further. 

One bill would strip Pakistan, which received $2.1 billion from the U.S. for the current fiscal year, of all foreign aid until Afridi's 33-year sentence is overturned and he's allowed to leave the country; the other bill would grant Afridi U.S. citizenship. Senator Paul, speaking today on the Mike Huckabee radio show, said basically that chopping 33 million from them was like taking 3% away and that he wanted to take away the whole shebang to send a clear message that we are not to be trifled with in this matter. Dr. Afridi’s wife is an American citizen of Pakistani origin, which can only help the matter in the court of international opinion.

But…why the bloody hell are we still giving Pakistan billions in aid? They can claim all they want that they are our allies and that they are in sync with us in searching for Al Qaeda operatives…but we all know that’s crap. They no longer allow our resupply convoys to cross through PakiLand to move needed supplies to troops in Afghanistan. They bitch & whine when our Predator drones lob missiles into their airspace but if they weren’t HARBORING AL QAEDA TERRORISTS IN THEIR COUNTRY we wouldn’t be blowing people up on their side of the fence now, would we?

You can’t tell me they didn’t know Bin Laden was camped out in a multi-building compound next to a military academy. That’s farcical; sheer comedy. And then they acted all indignant when we rolled in to smite him like a cockroach without telling them first (so that they could warn him, no doubt).

                                        Where's Waldo? Ask the Pakistani government...

Look, Pakistan: we only tolerate your asses because you have nukes and were regularly buying F-16s and what not from us. However, we’ve had just about enough of your crap, your harboring of terrorists and your fundamental Muslim extremism. So hand over the good doctor and maybe, just maybe, we’ll throw you some treats. Elsewise, do not pass “GO”, do not collect 2 billion, and go directly to the liberal turds at MSNBC; maybe they’ll care.

Dear China: If you're done copying our drone, can we please have it back?

Y’know, I almost forgot this little tidbit. It seems that last month Iran made mention publicly that it was making great strides in reverse-engineering and copying the stealth drone they recovered from us.
As you’ll recall, a few months ago the Obama Administration ended up with egg not just on its collective face, but was pretty much drenched in egg wash, dredged in flour, and deep fried crispy golden brown when a super-secret RQ-170 Sentinel UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), which is better stated as a stealth spy drone, malfunctioned & crash-landed in Iran. Yeah, that’s a bit of an embarrassment for the administration, who had to admit they were actively spying on Iran, and for Lockheed Martin, the manufacturer of the drone that some had previously dubbed “The Beast of Kandahar”.

Nothing like having a hostile nation parading your military’s biggest secret weapon on live TV. 

Now, I’m not that concerned about the Iranians’ claim that they are reverse-engineering it. Hell, they’ve had 40 years to try and reverse engineer the few F-14 Tomcat fighters we sold them in the early 1970s when the Shah was still in power. Their success rate? Zero. Hell, they couldn't even reverse engineer spare parts to keep theirs flying.

Let's 80s vintage F-14 Tomcat, a Vietnam-era F-4 Phantom, and a Russian-built MiG-29, circa 1990. Last I heard, Iran sold the MiGs to China for nuclear weapons help.

Nah…I’m more worried that as soon as the dust cleared on the runway where The Beast landed, the Chinese were all over that drone like ants on a sugar cube, and those little bastards will have it reverse-engineered in no time flat. This I find exceedingly worrisome.

China is already test-flying their own home-grown stealth fighter to rival our F-22 Raptor. Most sources still claim it to be a generation behind the Raptor but now they have a brand-new stealthy toy  to work with, along with the modified MH-60 Blackhawk helicopter that the SEALs used on the Bin Laden raid…can’t forget that our Pakistani “allies” boxed up our stealthy whirlybird and let China have their way with it by the time Osama’s blood dried on the walls.

Obama even asked Iran to give it back. I’m sure Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is still laughing over that one. So are the Chinese.

                         "Get this, Hugo...he even asked me to give it back! What an assclown!"

The Sentinel drone looks an awful lot like a miniature B-2 bomber, so I fully expect our communist buddies to be actively building their own when they aren’t shipping us plastic-tainted pet food, lead-painted toys, and a few hundred million iPhones.

And yet, the mainstream media just kinda glossed over this and no one is asking the White House about this anymore….instead they’d rather ask about whether Mitt Romney bullied a guy in 1965 and make cute jokes about how Obama says he smoked so much weed that his last two years of high school were a blur.

Hope. Change. Fail.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

This year instead of writing something for Memorial Day, I'm going to share something written by my good friend from high school, Tommy McQuade. The son of a Navy veteran, Tommy is a hero in his own right, a career firefighter who just this week worked to put out a fire on the nuclear submarine USS Miami at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, Maine.

Memorial Day is not about car sales and deals at the local giant home repair store. And while we celebrate this weekend as the opening of the summer season, with a car race at Indy and burgers in the back yard, remember WHY we have a Memorial Day in the first place. It is to remember the 1.3 million Americans who have died in the service of this nation against enemies both foreign & domestic since this nation was founded.

An old man looks out among the rows of white marble and remembers faces, names, friends and buddies. A mother weeps silently as she looks through a picture album, remembering the laughter and smiles, first fishing trips and Cub Scout meetings. A father remembers playing ball and first driving lessons. A son wears a set of dog tags, reminders of a father he never got the chance to meet. A daughter tearfully recites a poem about what it means to be a hero. Red and white flags with blue stars hang in windows, gold stars affixed to some.

The reasons for enlisting are many and varied; family tradition, a challenge, the desire for something better, a sense of duty, or simply a chance to get an education they may otherwise never be able to afford. Some never see combat, others volunteer for it. All gave us a blank check, made out to "The American People", and the amount stating "Up to and including my life".

Every soldier, sailor, Marine, or airman that sees combat is forever changed. They are never again that innocent that went off to boot-camp, that write home about lousy food, endless drilling, or how much of a bastard their drill instructors were. They all come home a little broken, some with scars so evident, others with scars inside, scars no one who hasn't walked in their boots will ever truly understand. Since 1776 Americans have given their lives in defense of freedom, to defend our shores, our liberties, and our freedoms. To protect "The Great Republic" so that it "shall not perish from this earth". Some coming home to be buried by their loved ones, some interred on foreign soil, others lost at sea. Some whose identities are "Known but to God".

As you enjoy your bar-b-que this weekend, have that cold beer around the bonfire, or splash around at the beach keep this in mind: This is Memorial Day Weekend. This is a time to remember those soldiers, sailors, Marines, and airmen who went and sacrificed a little bit of themselves so you could enjoy the freedom that you have to protest, to turn your back on them, to turn the channel, to rewrite history so all the dirty, ugly, repulsive things can be sanitized so no one has their feelings hurt. This weekend is about our men and women who wear and have worn the uniform of OUR armed forces.

Don't ever forget that.

Amen, Tommy. 

I also want to share a video I made last year, a video that has become my most-commented upon video by far (some with controversy but mostly supportive and even thankful) and also my most viewed, at over 216,000 views.

In Their Own Words: Even more conversations with Liberals

In the past I have written a few times about actual things that Liberals say, from my perspective, and by that I mean actually reading their conversations on Facebook. Most of the conversations I am about to post are a year old, as I had forgotten what folder the screen captures were placed in. I have blocked out names for privacy reasons except in one case, but I assure you, the rhetoric and hateful speech is very real.

The Left accuses those of us on the Right, we Conservatives and Tea Party folks, the Libertarians and Republicans, of being hate-mongers, violent animals, and far worse. But their own words condemn them for who they are and what they the pics and blow them up to read them better.

Here we see my friend the ScreamingUberLiberal praising everything Obama has ever done. I mean, how delusional can one person be? Appointing socialist activists to the SCOTUS, Obamacare, wasting BILLIONS of dollars to buy GM, keeping people on unemployment over two years after screwing up the economy so bad that no one can find work, etcetera......

Even the Screaming Liberal had to call out a fellow Lib for claiming Bin Laden was a CIA operative. It galls me the crap the Left believes...

Oh yeah, gotta quote the Liberal Bible, the NY Times, and claim the Right is banning books while letting the evil rich get richer (unless the rich people are Liberals too; then it's okay...)

To the Left, it's okay to keep raising the debt ceiling and spend money we don't have, because it goes to benefit THEM and their Entitlement Hungry Leech Class. To fight against raising the debt ceiling is a childish game and if the Right wants some austerity then we're throwing tantrums and they've given us everything?

No one is allowed to speak the name Bush unless it's to demonize him. And the Right was all about giving respect due to the SEALs without compromising their identities & operational security while Obama took all the credit for killing Osama with his bare hands.

All I had to read was "Russ is a progressive"...and that was enough......

Palin Derangement Syndrome at its nastiest....all because their hero Steve Jobs died and needed to be hailed as the Second Son of God.

And speaking of Palin Derangement Syndrome, it takes a low-class, sad bastard to make a Facebook Group devoted to making fun of a kid with a developmental disability because you hate their mother. I personally reported this group as offensive to get it taken down.

Of course they all worship the Occupy scumbags. Here's a bigger version of the graphic:

Funny thing is, it's actually all opposite from the truth. The media regales the Occupiers as heroes. Sure, Fox covers the Tea Party evfents because the Lamestream Media won't. The Koch Brothers may support the Tea Party but the Occupy Movement is funded by George Soros, and Hollywood assclowns like Michael Moore, Bette Midler, and others have donated hundreds of thousands to keep them going in their squalid camps.

Screaming Liberal had a HUGE crush on Weiner and worshiped him until his dong showed up on Twitter. After that things got kinda quiet....

But Gingrich was her own personal Anti-Christ, to say the least....

                                  Sheep + People = SHEEPLE. Follow the herd...

                                                      OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!!!!
Why hasn't the US Attorney General been brought up on charges after Operation Fast & Furious?

This is crap. The poorest, most crime-ridden areas are in areas controlled by The Left and are historically strong bastions of Democrat voters, legal or not, living or dead..........

                         This needs no further explanation, because it really cannot be explained.

If the guy had dispersed when the cops came & said to disperse, he could have left unhurt. Personally I think the guy was attacked by Occupy agents in order to give them a martyr who was from the military & make them look better while demonizing the cops. If the guy was at a Tea Party rally, the rallyers would have given him the popsicle & the massage, since we respect veterans, and the cops would never have been called in the first place.

These people just do not get it. Raising taxes on the rich causes them to move their companies and stuff overseas and costs American jobs. Because these are the people who CREATE jobs (not the government) and when you try to take 50% or more in taxes from people they will just go somewhere less confiscatory and leave your asses behind....

That's right....Conservatives hate labor. Christ, you a-holes act like none of us have jobs and are all independently wealthy. Meanwhile, ask your union bosses where all their money comes from....the dues that keep going up and up and up (not your wages, just the dues) and that money goes to fund their political ambitions.

Common decency? The Left has no common decency, only violent rhetoric. See all the above posts.

                                         At least you admit your people are lazy caterwaulers.........

And a bigger look at the graphic from above:
Because Obama killed Bin Laden with his bare hands and by the sheer force of his own will stopped the hurricane (oh, wait, he stayed on VACATION and GOLFING while the hurricane hit....)

This next one is a scream. The poster hates Republicans with a violent vengeance and thinks we all owe her free healthcare, free contraception, free everything and that she can't get a good full time job with bennies because of some vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

She wants a gun (in Chicago, where honest citizens cannot own a handgun for self-defense but the gun crime is through the roof) in order to kill Republicans who won't give her free stuff.

 And as long as they have the Almighty Starbucks to fill their fancy little coffeemakers, they're happy.

 Unable to even comment on someone digging up a garden weed without wishing death upon Tea Party people. And again, they call US violent?

And finally, if you had ANY doubt whatsoever that these leftist vermin want to turn our country into a communist pile of FAIL, here is all the proof you need: