Monday, April 30, 2012

I smell the Occupiers from here...

Well, we knew this was coming. We knew that during the months leading up to the election that these cockroaches would come scurrying out of the woodwork again.

They provide a distraction from the dismal failure of the Obama Administration. They provide a rallying point for Socialists, Marxists, and various other Liberal offal. They provide a boo-hoo sob story to help the Mainstream/Lamestream/Blamestream Media demonize the Right, Capitalism, and a Free Market Economy (ironic since the Left absolutely worships rich Hollywood types while vilifying successful business people).

But yeah, the Occupy Wall Street Assclown Parade is due to kick back off again tomorrow. No one should be surprised, since tomorrow is May 1st, celebrated as May Day all through the Socialist world...May Day is a national holiday in many countries around the world and is typically celebrated with marches and street demonstrations by working people,according to Socialist propaganda outlet Mother Jones, but has not been as widely observed in the United States. Maybe that's because we're not a socialist country (yet), you dolts.

So the OccuTard Movement is calling for tomorrow to be a General Strike, encouraging the masses to walk out of school and work and refrain from banking and commerce.Over in Denver, where the state is overrun with hippies and their ilk, Occupy Denver plans to rally on May 1st at Civic Center Park and march around Denver. Later in the afternoon protesters will return to Civic Center Park for activities for adults and kids, live music, food and teach-ins for the rest of the day at the park. Yes, a day of wandering the streets disrupting people working hard to provide the Leech Class with their government handouts, and then followed by indoctrination classes and the ritual singing of Kumbaya.

Marissa Holmes, an Occupy Wall Street organizer, was quoted as saying "May Day will be the big kickoff of Phase 2 of Occupy. I think we'll see a lot of people in the streets taking more militant actions than they had in the past."

In other words, our resolve weakened as soon as it got cold out and we realized that despite our cool North Face parkas and copious hot Starbucks by the gallon, we lacked the resolve and fortitude to protest past Halloween and just went home to our parents' basements till it warmed up a bit and Soros started paying us again.

Also, note that she said people would be taking much more militant actions... that, my friends, is the thinly veiled threat of violence. That's the admission that these vermin intend to turn the streets of our cities into Euro-style G-6 protests. So get ready for a long summer full of dirty cretins pissing in parks, raping each other when they're not too stoned to move, shitting on cop cars, and pushing old ladies down flights of stairs. Think I'm kidding? Look 'em up...all the violence at Occupy Oakland (I even linked you to the left-wing MSNBC no less)...the guy taking a dump on the cop car....Occutards pissing on a cross at the church that took them in....scumbag Occupiers throwing blood, piss, and crap on food carts in San Diego who wouldn't give them free food....rapes in several locations that OccuScum blow off by saying "Rapes happen...".....Dolores Broderson, age 78, from Detroit, who was pushed down a flight of stairs by Occupy DC dirtbags...demands for free stuff at the expense of charities to help the downtrodden....

Listen up, Pond Scum. Go home. Take a freakin' shower. Stay off the weed. Lose that crappy Me First Entitlement Attitude and go get an actual job; there really are jobs out there that you think you're too good to do. Quit expecting me & mine to pay your way. Quit bitching about the dreaded 1%, the business people who keep this nation moving forward despite your efforts to turn us into a Third World socialist nanny state while you worship dickhead celebrities who are even richer than the Wall Street people you hate. Quit being hypocrites whining about corporate greed as you steal my WiFi to blog your rhetoric on a $1500 MacBook while you guzzle $9.00 coffee and listen to NPR on your iPod Touch and ask Siri where the nearest Abercrombie is on your iPhone 4S.

Well, well, well....Perhaps if you idiots in Detroit would vote in someone besides liberal socialist Democrats you might get somewhere instead of voting the same idiots in year after year. Maybe you should move to a state that pays better. Maybe you should learn to spell the name of your state's Governor too, stupid.

 Victim , my ass. Pull up a mattress next to Sandra Fluke, princess. Maybe you should have thought about how you were gonna pay for college before you went to your expensive school to study Art History. You also can't spell "field". That's $40,000 wasted. You're better off whoring.

                                         Amen, sister. We're the 53% who support the 99%.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

More of the Entremanurial Spirit

As you may recall, I used the term "entremanure"a long time ago here at Global-D to describe people making money via what I consider bullshit means. I also used it a couple days ago when talking about the people making money on the back of the Trayvon Martin case in Florida, namely those making all the bootleg tee shirts & hoodies...

Well, kids, this one took the cake for me when I spotted it. I'm sure you'll agree. Granted, it's a month old now but sometimes I'm a bit slow...I have a day job.

This ad circulated on Facebook for Bentley's Lingerie Lounge in Greensboro, NC. How trashy is it to use the name & likeness of a dead teenager in Florida to fill your night club in North Carolina? Sure, you probably thought you were honoring his memory by crassly offering free admission before 11PM with an empty bag of Skittles and free wings till 10:30. I'm sure the under-aged Trayvon would be pleased to know the club has the sexiest entertainers in NC and that you could get a Blue Motorcycle or Long Island Iced Tea for just 3 bucks in his memory.

The owner of the club claimed no knowledge of the promotion and canceled the event. Not exactly sound business acumen to allow an outside source to promote events at your club without your knowledge...just sayin'...

I think this tribute to young Mister Martin is much more touching, from students at C.H. Terrell Academy in Augusta, Georgia.

The war on terror is over...did we win?

So, it's come to my attention that The Dear Leader declared recently that the War on Terror was over.

Really? Did we win? Where's the parades? When did the Taliban and Al Qaeda surrender? Was there a victory celebration?

Last I checked, we still had troops overseas fighting & dying in war zones. Last I checked, we were on a higher alert status due to the anniversary of the death of Osama bin Scumbag. Last I checked we had TERRORISTS in custody at Gitmo that still need to be dealt with who should have been fed to the hogs long ago.

Sounds like crap to me; the kind of crap that empty suits say in an election year...

You declared the war on terror was over when it will likely never be over, because there are still Taliban and Al Qaeda left alive to reform, regroup, and retaliate. The Taliban is laying low because you morons in the White House told them when we're ostensibly leaving, so why should anyone waste resources on fighting us openly when they can just wait us out & take over once you flip off the shining lights on the hill? Buffoons, the bloody lot of you.

Saying that the war on terror is over without the enemy surrendering means YOU have given up. YOU have surrendered. This is worse than Bush saying "Mission Accomplished" when it had barely begun. At least he, goofball though he was, was declaring victory prematurely. You assclowns are unable to do even that. You just want it all to go away, the war you swore you were gonna end when you were elected and are still fighting 4 years later. Dude, we EXPECT broken promises and lies from you. You've made an entire administration out of them. But this blatantly disrespects the thousands of American and Allied troops who have died in this war.

I call on you, and your party, and every decent American out there to go directly to this link and pay your HEARTFELT respects and gratitude to those who have sacrificed all of their tomorrows for our today. I generally view the New York Times in disdain as liberal fish-wrap but this time they did it right & proper. This interactive link is absolutely amazing & powerful. Go...scroll over the names. Stop and pull up pictures. Look at the faces who died to keep us free. This war ain't over...and the Radical Islamists will remind us of that in short order despite your weak-assed declarations.

 I purposely searched the database at the link for one person in particular, a Marine I met in the spring of 1988 as I was on leave between Military Police School and my new unit in Germany. At the time, Jeff Bohr was a Corporal assigned the Marine Corps Security Force Company, Naval Submarine Base King's Bay in Georgia. You can read all about Jeff's valor in combat here.

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