Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Skip Syria and just invade Chicago

This is a Tomahawk cruise missile. Don't piss it off.
Well, if the Lamestream Media is to be believed, Nobel Peace Prize recipient Lord Barry Hussein Sotero, Black Jesus Himself, will make good on his blathering "red line" promise to bomb angry brown people in a third world country in between golf games sometime on Thursday.

I love how the media gets to broadcast our intentions so the enemy can prepare. They did it all throughout Iraq and Afghanistan, broadcasting troop movements & deployments and withdrawals and redeployment dates. They tried like hell in Gulf War One too; as a Military Policeman I had to turn away CNN reporters filming the railhead and wanting interviews at Fort Riley when 1st Infantry Division was sending its gear over to Saudi Arabia. If they could have, they would've blown the D-Day Invasion and the A-bomb drops on Hiroshima & Nagasaki by telling everyone we were coming and sparing no details.

Remember, when Navy SEALs and Marine recon elements landed on a beach in Somalia in 1992, CNN carried it live and lit up the beach with camera lights so the Skinnies could better see our troops, who had their night vision blinded by the lights.

AP footage of our boys coming ashore in Somalia in 1992. I'm all for freedom of the press but at what cost?
 So the Syrian government knows we're coming.  And, contrary to popular belief, they actually do have a somewhat decent air defense network sold to them by the Russians.

The bulk of the American people aren't in favor of us getting into yet another shooting war. I'm not exactly sure who the hell it is that we're supposed to be helping. The government under Batshit Asshat is unfriendly towards us. There's nine different rebel groups, and seven of them are in league with Al Qaeda and thus unfriendly towards us. The government denies using chemical weapons against the rebels, of course. Oh, hey, yeah, chemical know, like Saddam used on the Kurds...and like the kind of WMD's we were unable to find in Iraq when we fact were the crux of the reasons Bush gave for invading in the first place...Hey, W, I think we found your missing WMD's!!! Just a decade late and of course Barry will take credit and blame you for anything that goes wrong.

Support for some sort of international military response was likely to grow if it is confirmed that Assad's regime was responsible for the August 21st attack in the Damascus suburbs that activists say killed hundreds of people. CNN reports that rebel officials say more than 1,300 people, including many women and children, died recently as a result of chemical weapons. The group Doctors Without Borders put the death toll at 355 and I tend to believe their assessment.

Question: If the Syrian government is beating the rebels quite handily using conventional weapons, as most reports claim, then why even bother to use chemical weapons in the first place, especially knowing the international outcry will be decidedly negative?

USS Gravely

So we've got four destroyers loaded down with a mix of missiles in their Mk-41 Vertical Launch Systems. The media mistakenly keeps calling them battleships, because the media is stupid and ignorant and thinks all words are interchangeable. Then again the average civilian is also just stupid and ignorant enough to believe them. Remember, every weapon is an AR-15 or AK-47 assault rifle, especially if they're black & scary-looking...So we have the destroyers USS Ramage, USS Barry, USS Gravely, and USS Mahan floating offshore, with a fifth on the way. Each has a mix of up to 90 missiles but some of those are anti-aircraft missiles. That's the beauty of the Mk-41 system; no one knows what's in the tubes. They could have one ship tasked for air defense with nothing but Standard anti-aircraft missiles, and the other three could all be loaded with Tomahawk land-attack cruise missiles (which the media calls Ballistic Missiles, which they are not).

Missiles are stored in vertical tubes under these hatches. Also visible are canister launchers for Harpoon anti-ship missiles and a Phalanx anti-aircraft gun system.

Speaking of Tomahawks, we may or may not also have two submarines, USS Georgia and USS Florida, hiding out over there. These used to be ballistic missile subs but were converted into platforms for Tomahawks, carrying up to 154 missiles each. They also carry detachments of SEALs more often than not. How convenient.

USS Florida off Greece with a Seal support module on her back.

Two of the aforementioned ships, USS Florida and USS Barry, have done this before. Two years ago, when we stuck our nose into Libya's civil war, USS Florida started the attack by launching about 90 missiles to eradicate Libya's air defenses so air strikes could come in after. USS Barry also launched Tomahawks at Libya in 2011.

The problem with cruise missiles is overflight. Even close U.S. allies are uncomfortable allowing American missiles to fly over their territory en route to their targets: Saudi Arabia and Turkey both banned U.S. missile overflights in 2003. Red Sea firing positions would probably require Tomahawk missiles to fly over Jordan, necessitating that country’s permission. By contrast, firing from the Med allows direct access to Syria. But with just 100 miles of coastline and more and more warships arriving, Syria’s waters could get real crowded real quick.

Fewer of our alleged allies are cool with us flying strike aircraft over their territory to bomb folks either. Everyone looks to us to be the world's police force and then hamstrings us, leaving us holding the bag and footing the bill. The Brits are out there with us offshore, though. God love 'em, we can always count on them to have our backs.

So, Barry is itching to go to war over an alleged attack that left perhaps 500 people dead. While that is, of course, in and of itself a tragedy, it's a tragedy in someone else's country and we have problems here at home. We had 532 murders in Chicago last year and have already hit 300 this year. Maybe we need to invade Chicago for its own good and clean out the government there? We keep saying the Syrian regime is corrupt, but nothing on earth is more corrupt than Chicago politics. The people of Syria are beleaguered and downtrodden, much like 99% of Chicago's citizenry. Those who would like to change the government need supplies and weapons, and the law-abiding citizens of Chicago are unable to own any weapons to defend themselves against thuggery and evil.

Seriously, charity begins at home, so if we're gonna send our troops somewhere to help out people in need, by God we should send in a division to clear out Chicago, and another to Detroit, and then go on to San Fransisco and Los Angeles and New York and, dare we even hope, to liberate Washington itself.
Speeding up the Chicago River to liberate the oppressed masses.....

Monday, August 26, 2013

America's next war...

I thought someone slipped Obama a Nobel PEACE Prize back when he was all Hopey Changey Shiny & New? You know, back before he burned the Constitution and hit the golf links in between mass screwings of the populace...I mean, Gitmo is still open despite his promises to close it. We stayed in Iraq a good long while, we're still in Afghanistan...we have troops in Uganda hunting Kony and people helping the French find Al Qaeda in Mali, we shit the bed in Libya completely, and now we're off the Syrian coast.

However, I think our next war is gonna be just a bit closer to home if people don't wake the hell up and pay attention to what's going on around us.

Like Eric Cartman said on an episode of South Park:

Wait, I can see I've lost a few of you.

This is gonna come off as Tinfoil Hat Conspiracy Theory stuff for sure. So be it. Just hear me out.

The Trayvon Martin incident was simply local news until the Mainstream Media, who is controlled by the Left as their propaganda mouthpiece,  picked up the ball and fomented racial strife nationwide. And when they jury couldn't find him guilty, even after a judge gave them every opportunity by adding extra charges no one agreed on before the trial started, they continued to foment racial tensions.The media actually seemed disappointed that there weren't riots in the streets.

Now they act all surprised when whites start getting murdered, if they even bother to cover the cases at all. In Duncan, OK a white college student from Australia here to play baseball is cowardly shot in the back by 3 kids with ties to gangs, because "they were bored." . Mainstream media only covers it after conservative talk radio shames them into coverage, and then they revel in Australia's calls for gun control in America. Two of Chris Lane's killers are black. Police are trying to say it's not racially motivated because one of the suspects is white, despite the other two kids blowing up social media with their hatred of whites. They just don't want to admit the truth.

In Spokane, Washington, two black teens are in custody charged with the brutal beating of an 88-year old white man, a combat-wounded veteran of WW2. He survived the vicious combat of the Pacific against the Japanese only to be beaten to death with flashlights outside an ice rink as he waited for a friend.

Delbert "Shorty" Belton

The kids who killed Shorty

Two weeks ago in Memphis, TN, 27-year old David Santucci was gunned down on his way to his car. Three black men are arrested but police backpedal at warp speed to say it was a botched robbery and not a racial hate crime. However, witnesses say a car passed Santucci, stopped, backed up, a man got out and shot him through the heart, and then got back in the vehicle and drove away. A single 9mm shell casing was found 10 feet from his body, indicating the shooter never closed in on Santucci, and he retained posession of his car keys, wallet, and cell phone. Robbery, my ass.They don't want to admit racial crime problems a block off of Beale Street, the trendy tourist zone of Memphis.

David Santucci, killed for no apparent reason

His killers were taken into custody within 15 minutes

How about the Homeland Security employee who was running an anti-white racist website advocating a race war? Oh yeah, that didn't make the ABC, CBS, or NBC news broadcasts, did it? Dude was in charge of buying guns & ammo for Immigration & Customs Enforcement, so how much you wanna bet he's been funneling weapons to hate groups? I mean, why not? The DOJ was selling guns to Mexican drug lords after all.

It could all be coincidences, or it could be the beginnings of an organized wave of killings against whites to spark a race war, orchestrated through the White House via gangs and hate groups like the New Black Panther Party. We already know they "hate every iota of a cracker" anyways.

King Samir Shabazz hates you. And me. Especially me.

Either way, the White House is awfully quiet about the nation circling the they manipulate events behind the scenes....because once Amwerica is at war with itself the Islamists can do their dirty work unfettered....

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dear Oprah: Emmett Till is rolling in his grave

You're  racist! And you're  racist! And you're racist! Everyone's a racist! Oh, wait, that's supposed to be You get a car....

Somewhere outside Chicago, the body of Emmett Till is spinning in his grave like a top. If you live under a rock and don't know the name, young Mr. Till, aged 14, was visiting relatives in Mississippi from Chicago when he was brutally murdered for allegedly whistling at a white woman. And I mean brutally. His killers kidnapped him, transported him to a barn, beat him and gouged out one of his eyes, then shot him through the head and disposed of his body in the Tallahatchie River, weighing it down with a 70-pound cotton gin fan tied around his neck with barbed wire. His body was discovered by boys fishing, and retrieved from the river three days later. The treatment of the body and the funeral was a horror show, so dreadful that I won't go into it and you can go read about it yourself.  I felt so bad for his mother.

Till with his mother in happier times.
So, when Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman after beating Zimmerman's head into the concrete, Oprah Winfrey claimed that sweet baby Trayvon was the Emmett Till of our generation.


Young Mr. Till was kidnapped at gunpoint two days after the alleged incident by avowed white supremacists in a racially-motivated pre-meditated act, tortured for hours, and then murdered and dumped. The Martin incident took only a couple of minutes, was NOT pre-meditated, was NOT racially motivated, and was not a Stand Your Ground case despite race-baiters and gun-control jihadis claiming otherwise.

Meanwhile, Oprah has an agenda to push, claiming her Boo Hoo Victim status, learned at the right hand of Race-Baiting, America-Hating "reverend" Jeremiah Wright, who also taught Obama how to hate. Oprah is claiming that a clerk in a store in Switzerland refused to let her look at a handbag because she couldn't afford it. And by couldn't afforded it, Oprah claims it's because she's black.

Oh, yes, indeed. Not just any handbag, but a $38,000 handbag. Roughly a year's salary for many  Americans, and Queen Oprah could piss it away on a purse like the rest of us might buy a bagel and coffee. The owner of the shop vehemently called Oprah out on it, denying it and stopping just short of calling her a liar, demanding Oprah speak to her directly and publicly about the incident. The clerk, an Italian girl on loan to the Zurich shop from its sister boutique in even more upscale St. Moritz offered to show Winfrey cheaper bags in an effort to show a complete range of bags, according to the shop owner.

Shop owner Trudy Goetz with the ridiculously overpriced bag. She wants Oprah's ass for lunch.

I'm pretty damned sure you don't get to be a sales clerk in a shop that has the balls to charge $38,000 bucks for a frikkin' purse by treating shoppers like shit, Oprah. Get real.

Winfrey claims that she no longer wanted to look at the bag after finding out the cost anyways, yet still raised a ruckus, and even had the temerity to say she almost called her friends Tom Ford (the bag's designer) and Jennifer Aniston (whom the bag is named after) from the store, as if a purse maker or a namesake could forcibly rectify things to her liking. What an imbecile.

NOTE TO OPRAH: If I don't find a steak to my liking I don't threaten to call the farmer who raised the cow. You've lost touch with reality living in your Ebony Tower.

You make $77 MILLION dollars a year. I'd like to make even $77 thousand. You flew your private jet to Switzerland to attend the ultra-private exclusive wedding of Tina Turner (coincidentally the shop owner was a guest too), and you were looking at a $38,000 purse. And you think that an Italian chick in a Swiss boutique is guilty of American-style racism...because everyone's a racist when you have a movie to promote, right Oprah?

Whoa. Wait. Whaaaaaat?

Oh, yes, boys & girls. Oprah needs her name in the news to promote her new movie The Butler, which just coincidentally starts around the time of the the slaying of Emmett Till and ends with Forest Whitaker's character in Obama's White House to show how far we've come....tell you what, sister, we obviously haven't come very far because YOU WON'T LET IT PROGRESS PAST 1954 MISSISSIPPI. You play the victim card and the race card and the Woe is me, Whitey keeps me down card....Bitch, please, you're worth over a BILLION dollars so can the sob story. Limousine Liberals like YOU are keeping ME down with taxes and Leftist politics. How's that grab you?


Oprah has pulled this shit before. In 2005, when she (Gasp! Surprise!) had another movie to promote, coincidentally dealing with racism, Winfrey accused a store in Paris of racism. Gotta love free publicity at the expense of another, no? Check this article at Pat Dollard's site for more on that incident.

So I believe this was planned. Just by listening to Oprah's own statements it sounds planned. "Believe me, usually sales people rejoice when I come to them in their business. It is very unusual that I'm not really involved when in a boutique. Outside, people usually press their noses flat against the windows to see me shopping.' She went on: 'I was the only person in the store. I had dressed myself up extra special because I know that things can get very snobby in these kinds of stores. The employees first check out what clothes you're wearing. Therefore I chose a Donna Karan outfit - and even washed my hair even. So nobody could mistake me for a homeless person who got lost in the store."

You're used to people kissing your ass when they spot you, and you made sure you wore a Donna Karan outfit that likely cost more than my monthly food budget and wanted to be confronted by a snobby sales clerk and racially profiled as homeless, because obviously all blacks in Zurich are homeless, right?  By your own words you make a racist statement. Or were you pissed off because you weren't immediately recognized as The Benevolent Queen of All Blackness?

Even TMZ thinks you're full of crap. So hang it up already. Go back to your mansion and preen. Hopefully some local Chicago thugs won't mug you when you come down off your high horse long enough to go visit Emmett Till's grave and apologize to him. He's buried over in Burr Oak Cemetary in Alsip. But why would I know that? I'm just a racist white guy.....

Has Ashton Kutcher grown up?

All of you in the cheap seats, stop voting Democrat....
 Suddenly the conservative world, the blogosphere, and even large chunks of the Leftist Lamestream Media are all aflutter over the speech Ashton Kutcher (oh wait, sorry...Chris Kutcher) gave the other night at the Teen Choice Awards. Glenn Beck verily wet himself and cried on the air.

It was heartfelt. It was humble. It might have been lost on the hordes of screaming teeniebopper girls in the audience, but it definitely showed that Kutcher has grown up a bit and may be moving past the juvenile hijinks of "Punk'd" and at age 35 looking to be taken more seriously.

One of the first things he said in his speech was “I feel like a fraud.” I can appreciate the humility in that, basically saying he's deep down just like you and me, that he’s no better than any of us despite his fame & fortune. Now, any half-wit with the inclination could Google the man or check his IMDB listing and learn that his given name is Christopher and that when he started acting started using his middle name, but folks are acting like this revelation is tantamount to learning who really killed JFK.

But what is being lost on those applauding his use of his given name is why he said it in the first place.  He knows he’s still the Chris he grew up as and talks not about his life as Ashton but about a few things he learned from his life as ‘Chris’. He talks about the grocery store job he had, the job carrying roofing shingles, the dishwashing job he had and the custodial job he had growing up. And then he said something that continues this thread of humility: “I’ve never had a job in my life that I was better than.” That's quite refreshing to hear from a successful actor and celebrity and is actually a positive message for teens to hear.

It's good for kids to hear someone talk about hard work and opportunity, being thoughtful and generous to people, that it's good to be smart, and to build a life instead of just living one.

This is an interesting change from the Ashton Kutcher who in 2009 was part of an obnoxiously touchy-feely Progressive love fest video where, attached at the hip to then-wife Dummy Moore, he and a couple dozen other celebs promised to serve the new Lord & Master, Black Jesus Himself, Hussein Sotero, King Obama the First. Seriously, the video is nauseating, starting with The Annointed One blathering about patriotism (from one who hates America) and responsibility (when he blames everything he does wrong on everyone else from Bush to YouTube video makers), and his minions go on about healthcare for the elderly while Obamacare kills MediCare, pushing the Green agenda while they fly private jets to exotic vacations, pushing an anti-slavery message without saying where those slaves are and by doing so race-bait the ignorant masses of America into staying focused on the slavery here that ended 150 years ago.

I wonder how some of those celebs are feeling today about their Messiah? Half the couples featured all smiling and happy are split up now. Is Jason Bateman still only flushing after he craps? Hey, Diddy, did you finally remember to turn off the lights? I hope so, with your 4 mansions, 8 million dollar Manhattan apartment, a yacht, Gulfstream jet, and fleet of cars. That's a lotta lights to turn off when most of the country is trying to keep their lights turned on. I have a hard time taking orders on how to live a frugal life from limousine liberals whose Dear Leader used one of the MV-22 Ospreys attached to HMX-1 (the Marine Corps helicopter squadron assigned to Presidential flight duty) to carry his mothereffing DOG to his latest golfing vacation at Mecca's Vineyard.

HMX-1 took delivery of a pair of MV-22B Osprey tilt-rotors in the customary dark olive green paint scheme back in May to replace their aging CH-46 Sea Knights

Hopefully, Chris Kutcher has come over to the Right from the Dark Side. If so, welcome aboard.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Rodeo Clowns and more Fake Racism BS

Seriously? You're joking, right? This has gotta be a prank....where's Ashton (I mean Chris) Kutcher? Are we being punked?

A rodeo clown wears an Obama mask and the entire universe falls apart? Get real, people.

Rodeo clowns have often used funny masks of political figures over the years. Just sayin'.

However, a rodeo clown has been banned from the Missouri state fair, FOR LIFE, for wearing an Obama mask. The head of the state's rodeo clown organization has resigned over the episode , and now the morons who run the fair are demanding that ALL rodeo clowns for the fair be forced to undergo sensitivity training, saying it will require that before the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association can take part in any future state fair, “they must provide evidence to the director of the Missouri State Fair that they have proof that all officials and subcontractors of the MRCA have successfully participated in sensitivity training.”.  And that head of the MRCA? He may lose his day job as superintendent of the Boonville School District. The district announced Monday it will ask an outside investigator to determine whether he was involved in any “inappropriate conduct” during Saturday’s bull riding event.


What in the hell is wrong with you people? And by YOU PEOPLE I mean blacks with a victim complex and the Democrats who eat it up.

Why is it okay for a black rodeo clown named Leon Coffee to wear a Hillary Clinton mask at rodeos and no one says a word?

Why is it okay for rich Hollywood actors to wear masks of four white presidents as they rob banks in a movie and no one cried racism?

It was perfectly, it was CELEBRATED in the liberal media whenever someone burned or hung an effigy of Bush, or even Palin....but no one called it racism.

No one said a word.

No one investigated this a-hole

Where was the DOJ?

Where's the FBI?

Where's the Secret Service? Or at least the Grammar Nazis....

HBO: "Oops, our bad..."

It's okay to bash Romney; he's a rich white guy

This guy spent his welfare check on puppet supplies?

Hang a Palin effigy under a burning McCain and call it "art".... in West Hollywood you get applause

And no one found this offensive. Gotta love the peaceful tolerant Left
 Why? Because as always, it's okay to crucify the Right and, more appropriately, do what you want against anyone white, with no repercussions, but the NAACP has to call for the DOJ, FBI and the effing Secret Service to investigate and prosecute this incident. I mean, there's no legitimate threats against this nation for them to investigate, right?

Monday, August 12, 2013

Answering hate mail from a Belieber

I think I've made it fairly clear that I am not exactly a fan of Justin Bieber. In fact, I find him repugnant and would be delighted to no end if we just deported his narrow ass back to Canada instead of letting his spoiled, privileged, bratty-assed punk self reside here in luxury. I knew it was just a matter of time before one or more of his pre-pubescent fans got their diaper in a twist over my previous articles (found here and here) and threw a hissy fit.

This morning in my inbox I found not one, not two, but THREE comments on one of my articles from a little girl named Ashley McCombs. (Don't like me using your name, Ashley? Then don't include it in your comments sent from your Google+ account.) Judging by the profile picture she looks about 13 or so.I think her parents must be exceedingly proud of her foul mouth and her teachers must be proud of her atrocious spelling and grammar. Here are all three of her comments verbatim:

U guys are all butholes leave him alone he is the best person ever I LOVE YOU JUSTIN!! Love, A BELIEBER< 3
 You all need to shut the fuck up,like leave justin alone he never hurt anyone of you so why are you all talking shit about him justin bieber is not a "twit" or a "dushbag" he is an INSPIRATION he gives kids all over the world hope, and tells them to never give up on there dreams and to always work hard, just because he did some stupid things in his life doesn't give u the right to Judge him because the truth is all teenagers do stupid things just like u guys Prob. Did so I think u should stop talking shit about him and start saying good things about him because he is a really good person. Love, A BELIEBER < 3

All of u are dumb asses like shut the fuck up like u all think that your perfect but nobody is in this world just cuz he is famous doesn't mean he has to act like a stuck up little bitch,he is a teenager let him act like one every teenager does this,I'm pretty sure all of you guys have done stupied things in your lifetime so leave him alone it's not like he ever hurt anyone of you SO STOP TALKING SHIT ABOUT HIM HE IS THE MOST INSPIERING PERSON EVER IN MY EYES HE GIVES KIDS HOPE AND TELLS THEM TO NEVER STOP BELIEVING,AND TO NEVER GIVE UP ON THERE DREAMS!! I love u justin I will always be a BELIEBER < 3

You poor, deluded child. If you're being given hope by a a dick of this caliber then I weep for the children of the world. Are you inspired by a guy who bullies a woman as she works out in a gym and spits in her water bottle? Yeah, that happened back in January. It seems your hero likes spitting on people. Why, just last week he was spitting on his fans, fans just like YOU, from a balcony in Toronto.

Real mature, assclown
 Of course, his representatives deny it. This is because he pays them large sums of money to cover his ass when he acts like a dick to people.It's their job to cover for him and deny any wrongdoings. They covered for him two weeks ago when he went apeshit on a DJ at an Ohio club that he accused of taking a picture of him. His bodyguards illegally seized the man's phone and illegally went through it and found no pictures, but that didn't stop Bieber from talking shit about the guy's parents and then spitting in his face. And this is the guy you worship? You look up to a little prick who sends bodyguards to steal peoples' property and illegally search it, something not even a cop can do without a signed warrant from a judge, and even when they find nothing, still accuses the man, insults his family, and then spits in his eye?

Your parents seriously need to put a foot in your bony little ass, kid.

Douchebag Alert
Yeah, your hero is usually too pussy to fight his own battles and sends in his goon squad to attack people, but as long as he has all his posse with him he doesn't mind kicking a man when he's down, like a couple weeks ago when Justin and Company attacked a guy during an argument over a couple of women Justin was taking back to his hotel room. Unlike you, these women were grown adults, aged 24 and 32, and really, there's only one reason two adult bar waitresses, one of them probably closer in age to your mom than to your age, were headed to a hotel room with a celebrity. I'm not sure if they've covered the birds & the bees at school yet, Princess but he wasn't buying them hot cocoa at the hotel restaurant. How about the married chick he was out with when he stiffed the crew at the skydiving place in Vegas and didn't pay?

Your hero's tour bus was stopped at the US/Canadian border and officials found dope inside it. Boy Wonder wasn't on board but this also isn't the first time his bus was found loaded down with drugs. Hw was kicked out of a Chicago nightclub last month too for underaged drinking. Yeah, your hero is a stoner and a drinker. I bet your parents are so proud of your choices, Ashley. What'll they find in your diary or hidden in under your bed?

And finally, what the hell causes a 19 year old boy to show up at his grandmother's door buck-ass naked with a guitar over his junk and sing to her? That's creepy. And it's just as creepy that his grandmother blew it off.

Seriously, little girl...stop worshiping this douchebag and focus on your schoolwork, because really, you need some grammar and spelling help. You say he's a normal teenager doing normal teenage things? If this is normal then we are doomed as a species. And remember to think twice before messing with your elders and your betters.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Brutally Honest Discussion on Race

We live in a divided America. As much as everyone wants to say it's divided by race, it's more realistic to say we're divided by beliefs. Black and white conservatives get along just fine, because we see past race and focus on the core beliefs and values that truly make up a person. Liberals focus on superficialities and use fear and race as a means to divide and control their minions. The Left weakly attempts to call us out as bitterly clinging to guns and religion (items in the Constitution that were guaranteed as rights by our founders, and Constitutional items are things that true Americans see as part of one's character) while the Left clings bitterly to the idea that all blacks should vote Democrat, any blacks that vote conservative are Uncle Toms, and that whites should always be blamed for anything bad that happens to blacks, because personal responsibility for one's own actions is a foreign concept to them and only Mother Government can save us all. Racism and allegations of the same is now used as the ultimate argument-ender. Losing an argument? Cry racism and blame someone else.

Some people, like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, make a damned tidy living playing the race card and then hiding behind their status as alleged men of the cloth. However, Jackson is a known adulterer and Sharpton first got famous promoting a case of rape that the victim lied about.

Ever since that sad, tragic night when the names Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman entered our national spotlight, empty-suit talking heads yammering in front of TV cameras have been talking a great line of crap about how we need an honest dialogue on race in America. They themselves never actually start the dialogue or contribute to it in any way, but they bluster and pontificate as if they're solving the problem single-handed. Black leaders calling for an honest, open dialogue come across as race baiters and whites calling for it come across as kissing ass to be politically correct and ingratiating themselves so as not to be seen as racist. "Hey look at how not-racist I am! We need a dialogue!". Then they drive their Mercedes back to their lily-white gated community where the only black faces they see are on TV.

Remember, Zimmerman crawled in through a window and murdered sweet baby Trayvon as he slept in his crib.
 Note: I don't call myself a European-American. I'm a white guy and I'm an American of mixed Anglo-Slavic heritage. I don't use the term African American. I have a guy down the street whose dad was Air Force and they were once stationed in Morocco, so since his brother was born in Morocco that makes him, a white guy, African American, right? Actress Charlize Theron was born in South Africa and is a naturalized American citizen, so she's African American. I heard a black guy from England filling out a questionnaire once and under race they wanted him to put African American. He refused, stating that he was neither African or American. We're Americans, black and white. Period.

African American. For real.

I've pretty much had it with being labeled a racist for committing evil crimes like being a middle-aged white conservative, or disagreeing with the Progressive Liberal Marxist in the White House, for not rioting over the Zimmerman verdict or wanting to lynch an acquitted man. I'm tired of being fed a line to attempt to make me feel guilty for being white. I'm tired of being fed the boo-hoo story of how Whitey keeps the black man down. I'm tired of the double standard that says everyone can make fun of Caucasians with impunity but if you make fun of blacks it's racism. You can call white folks every derogatory name in the book that exists, from Honky to Cracker, and it's all supposed to be perfectly acceptable, but the entire world will come crashing down upon your white head if you ever even uttered a slur against blacks in your lifetime. And twenty-five years later, folks will make it front-page news and destroy your means of income. Just ask Paula Deen.

I'm not defending Paula Deen; her over the top syrupy accent grates on my nerves and I'm pretty sure she ladles it on extra thick for TV audiences hungry for the stereotypical southern accent who don't know any better. She spent all that time, money, and effort trying to get Obama elected and re-elected, and his tolerant peaceful understanding voter base wants her nailed to a cross and set alight. Liberals readily eat their own.

I was born in Washington DC a year after there were huge racially charged civil rights riots in the nation's capital following the assassination of MLK. The riots, in fact, canceled my mom's birthday party. Up the road in Baltimore there were more riots, and riots in Chicago. Amazing how folks in liberal strongholds love to riot when they don't get their way, but I digress....I grew up in a predominantly black neighborhood and the schools were completely integrated. We all got along and played together like kids should. Just a few short years after the riots and us kids were blissfully getting along. At 14, I moved to Maine, and admittedly it wasn't exactly racially diverse but no one treated the few black students at my school any differently. I served in the Army with troops of all colors and religions and backgrounds. We trained together, we ate together, we lived together, We all bled green.

We all bleed green.

I spent several years back in Maine, even farther north in the state than I'd lived before, and yeah, it was overwhelmingly white. I could honestly go a month without seeing black folks. It was kinda weird but not anything I really thought about. It was just a basic fact; there just weren't a lot of black families in the Bangor area. In 2000, I moved in South Carolina....and the town I live in is about 60% black. We're one of only two white families on the block, actually. And now, 13 years after moving here, I've actually discovered some interesting differences between blacks & whites in my area.

First, there's Live vs. Stay. When I ask where someone resides, I ask "Where do you live?", I tell people that I live over off Sidney's Road. My parents live is a subdivision over in Appian Landing...When black folks ask you, they ask where you stay, ie: "Where you stay at?" and they'll tell you, "I stay over in North Charleston and my baby momma stay in Goose Creek.". I find this interesting, this "live" vs "stay" thing. To me, a stay is a temporary thing, as in "I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night" but I live in my home on a permanent basis.

Okay, so let's go to the store. When I come to a crosswalk in front of a WalMart, I slow down & stop like a good citizen. I've found in my experience, especially here in my town, that white shoppers will often stop to ensure you're stopping so as not to get run over, and they often walk faster to cross without holding up traffic. Not so with many black patrons, who I have found will more often than not slow down, take their sweet ass time, and look at me with a glare that basically says I dare you to hit me. In fact, I often just get dirty looks from many blacks I encounter here in the South no matter the situation. The mere fact I exist makes me the object of scorn.

When I go to the store or anywhere with a public parking lot, I just pull in nose-first and then back out later. About nine out of ten times when I see black folks pull into a spot, they back in. Around here, when the average young white kid wants to show off he gets a pickup truck with mud tires and bumper stickers for Browning and Salt Life. The average black kid showing off has monstrous wheels worth more than the Crown Vic painted up like a bag of Skittles that's riding on them, and you can hear the stereo 3 blocks out.

All backed in

Pretty sure a white guy owns this
And yes, by all means, tell us what size those wheels are too. Because we care.

While I see white guys on sport bikes and the occasional black guy on a Harley, by and large black folks prefer tricked out sport bikes and white guys prefer loud Harleys. Here in South Carolina, we have the annual Bike Week that caters to custom chopper and Harley owners regardless of color, but there's also a Black Bike Week that caters to just blacks regardless of bike style. That's not racist much, is it?

Bike Week at Myrtle Beach, all Harleys and custom choppers

And Black Bike Week is all about sport bikes

This enterprising fellow has the best of both worlds, a blinged out chopper. Pretty wild combo.
 I'm not a fan of NASCAR but a lot of white folks are. They'll get a ball cap with their favorite racer's number and main sponsor logo on it, or maybe a tee shirt. What they generally don't do, however, is wear those expensive NASCAR logo jackets. Blacks wear those almost exclusively even if they've never seen a single race in their lives and couldn't tell you what driver is associated with the logo and number on their jacket.

I can count on one hand the number of white people I've seen wearing one & have fingers left over.

Speaking of ball caps...Oh, boy, the ball caps. Everyone, black or white, loves a ball cap to show their affinity for a favorite sports team. Give a white guy a ball cap, and nine times out of ten the first thing he does is grab the sides of the bill and roll them inwards, or in some cases wrap the bill around a soda/beer can and rubber band it overnight to get the proper curve in it. Lots of whites will also wear a ball cap till it falls apart; in some circles a faded cap with a small rip in the fabric on the bill is a proud symbol of being a longtime fan from way back. Conversely, it seems that if you're black, the object of the game is to keep the hat looking like it just came off the rack at Lids at the mall. The bill is flat enough to land a plane on. The official NFL/MLB/NBA stickers, and all other factory-applied stickers, remain in place, never to be taken off.


It's like you lose street cred if the stickers come off.

Conditioning and breaking in a ball cap takes effort

Even the Pope rolls his brim

Oh heavens no.Never remove the stickers....unless you're white. We all need to know your hat size.

Okay, we get it. It's a new hat and it's authentic, not a knockoff from the flea market vendor stall. On another note, it sure is bright here indoors with those sun shades on, no?

It's summer and it gets hot here in SC. I wear shorts, like most people. As a white guy, my shorts come about even with the bottom of my kneecaps. Shorts, by definition, should be shorter than pants. Black guys, however, refuse to wear shorts that come up past the lower shin. They barely go past the tops of their socks, or in some cases they wear tube socks that are up UNDER the bottom of the pants. These are no longer shorts, but longs.

Yeah, those are so much cooler in summer. Your ankles thank you.

Seriously, you look like an idiot.

YOU LOOK STUPID. Just sayin'.

This of course leads me to Sagging. To "bust a sag", one wears their pants pretty much cinched under their ass cheeks with their boxers showing. It's a custom started in prisons to let convicts know whose ass was open for business so to speak. Now all the cool ghetto kids wear their pants this way. Granted, it's not just a black thing; some white kids wear their pants like this and they look equally as stupid.

When I go to a Chinese place, I like to change it up a bit. Some spicy General Tso's Chicken, Crab Rangoons, some Lo Mein, and I love sushi & sashimi at Japanese places.... for some reason all I ever see black folks around here order is pork fried rice and chicken wings. Seriously? You have Hunan, Szechuan, Cantonese, Mandarin, dozens of menu choices and exotic dishes, and you get what amounts to fried chicken and rice? That ain't Chinese food. That's chicken & rice with MSG added.

All over the world, classically-trained Chinese chefs are crying.
 When it's hot and sunny out, I wear a hat. Since I shave my head, sweat will often bead up on my head and I will use a cloth to wipe it away. Locally, black folks will just wear a towel or wash cloth draped over their head in lieu of a hat. Hell of a fashion statement.

When I use my cell phone, I hold it up against my head for the duration of the conversation unless I put it on speaker & lay it down while my hands are occupied doing something else. Almost daily I see black people yelling into the phone in front of their faces like a walkie talkie and then hold it up to their ear for the reply before placing it back in front of their mouths again to continue loudly talking before hanging up without saying goodbye.

Thank you for sharing your conversations with us.

When I go over to someone's house, I generally call first to see if they are even home, then I pull up, get out of the car, and knock on the door. My black neighbors drive me nuts with their people pulling up and simply beeping their horn until either the door opens or the driver realizes no one is home. Could be 7AM. Could be midnight. Could be 3AM. Doesn't matter if someone might be asleep or the peace is being disturbed. They just pull up, often with some form of bass-heavy gangsta rap vibrating the windows, and blow the horn rather than get out of the damned car and knock on the door.

Family is very important to most black Americans and I find that a wonderful quality to be admired. But t-shirts?

Everyone loves a family reunion. Seeing folks you might only see once a year as we've scattered across the country, catching up, reminiscing, taking pictures. At least, that's how my people do it. Black families take reunions seriously, and will make tee shirts like this is a concert event. They'll also make tee shirts for funerals. I even saw one memorial funeral shirt with a photo of the deceased in the casket. It was surreal to say the least. As we differ in life, so we differ in death, even to the point where around here, there are funeral homes that only have black clientele and some only have white clientele. Growing up I never knew there to be racially divided funeral homes. And around here,whites go to the cemetery in the traditional black hearse & limo and blacks go the opposite, opting for white hearses & limos.

What's in a name? Lots. White folks looking to be unique tend to give their kids names that are usually family surnames like Landon, Kaden, Braden, Grayson, Tanner, Hunter, etc. Black folks just invent names, like Ladanian, Keyshawn, Trayvon, LaShonda, Jacquetta, Kawana, or LaQuesha. Oddly enough, Hollywood types of both colors just use whatever the hell comes to mind, like Peaches Honeyblosom, Pilot Inspektor, Ivy Blue, and North West.

And lastly, if a cop needs my help and asks me a question, I'm going to answer truthfully to the best of my ability, both as a proper law-abiding and upstanding citizen and as a man who was once in law enforcement myself. Most white folks I know will do the same thing. To be honest I think that most black folks would too, but there is a pervasive phenomenon in black society where it doesn't just frown upon cooperating with the police but actively discourages it through threat of violence and grievous bodily harm. To them, if you talk to the police you're a snitch, and snitches get stitches as the phrase goes. Last week three black teens beat a white kid to within an inch of his life on a bus for telling authorities at school they tried to sell him drugs but the mainstream biased media ignored it... Last month in a local Walmart a black family was in front of me at the checkout and the father, a guy in his mid to late 40s, kept giving me a dirty look after I read his tee shirt that said "I don't talk to cops because I don't speak Pig Latin". Hell of an example for your kids, there, homes.

Again, I'm not intending to stir up racial hatreds. These are just random observations from my daily travels, from living in a 90% black neighborhood, from working with a crew at work that is 80% black, and from being a middle-aged white guy in South Carolina who happens to pay close attention to what goes on around me. I'm sure that to my black neighbors, all the things I have observed are perfectly natural and normal everyday occurrences and that most of the things I do are odd in their eyes. So be it.

Just remember, the man who said he wanted his kids to be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin? He was a Republican, not a Left-leaning Democrat. And the Klan was started by Democrats.

"There is a class of colored people who make a business
of keeping the troubles, the wrongs and the
hardships of the Negro race before the public.

Some of these people do not want the Negro
to lose his grievances because they do not want
to lose their jobs.

There is a certain class of race-problem solvers
who don't want the patient to get well, because as long
as the disease holds out they have not only an easy
means of making a living, but also an easy medium through
which to make themselves prominent before the public"

Booker T. Washington
Educator, author, orator, and
advisor to Presidents of the United States.