Tuesday, March 20, 2012

An offer that yes, I really could refuse...

Last week I reached into the mailbox and pulled out something so Anti Me that I literally burst out laughing when I read it. Since it was received unsolicited and unexpectedly, I even checked the address on it to make sure it was delivered to the right house or was, perhaps, some asinine mass-mailer addressed to "Occupant".

However, in this case, it may very well have been addressed to "Occupier".

Sure enough, in my hands, was a flyer brochure offering me the opportunity to get my Masters of Education from Cambridge College's National Institute for Teaching Excellence. Odd, since I lack a Bachelor's of Education. In fact I'm a college dropout. But here I was being offered a Master's of Education.

The program? Drum roll, please: Teaching Social Justice.

Ladies & gentlemen, you simply can't make this up. The Leftists and Liberals who run the Socialist Indoctrination Centers we used to call colleges & universities are furthering their agenda by enticing people into a brainwash session in the Cult of Social Justice. I suppose no one fails, and at the end instead of graduation they hold a Tee Ball lunch at Chuck E. Cheese and everyone gets a trophy so no one feels bad.

The brochure is available for your perusal online, the exact same one that I received, although it loses a little of its heart-string pulling effect to see it on the screen instead of feeling that 100% Post Consumer Recycled beige paper in your guilty American 1% Elitist Oppressor lily white callous-free hands.

They invite you to Boston, home of such liberal icons as the Kennedys and John Kerry (rich 1% types) and Hahhhhvvuhd Yahhhd, lovey, for such classes as "Re-Reading Global Oppression" (because America is so evil and we should all apologize for being Americans), "Foundations of Social Justice Education (so you can indoctrinate your future students into the Cult of Liberalism), "Human Brain, Human Learning", to learn the latest techniques in brainwashing & guilt-tripping, and "Multicultural Diversity Issues in the Workplace and Classroom", so you can make the white kids feel like crap and force everyone to wear a burka for the day while singing songs about Obama, Mmm Mmm Mmm....

I wonder if the advertised curriculum Professional Seminars include guest speakers like Bill Ayers or Van Jones? Only the first semester is on-campus; the rest is "distance learning' to get you back into your own community and start agitating the proletariat in your local kollektiv zones. Your open electives can include attending local Occupy riots or registering dead people to vote for Democrats.

And the brochure also advertises something else without actually saying it: Down With Whitey. Well, I guess white women are okay because white men oppress them, and we all know the white man is the root of all social injustice and evil in the universe. Might explain why there are no white men in the brochure. Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians, mostly women, but not a single example of a male Caucasian in this brochure. White Men Need Not apply. You are the Oppressor, not the Oppressed. Everything is handed to Whitey on a golden platter & served with silver spoons.

Somehow I missed the dinner bell on that one...

Of the two graphics in this little piece, one was made in part by me and one is an actual poster that happens to look like a communist propaganda poster. Kinda scary, huh?

Monday, March 19, 2012

In Their Own Words: The Leech Class

This morning, long about 3:15 AM Eastern or so, I was on a quiet dark country road on my way to work. I was listening to RedEye Radio, what used to be called the Midnight Trucking Radio Network, since I just can't listen to all the UFO and Tinfoil Hat stuff on Coast to Coast AM. Anyway, I digress...

The topic of conversation turned to their audio of a clip culled from this weekend's episode of HBO's "Real Time With Bill Maher". In general I have a low opinion of Maher, an unfunny liberal mouthpiece hack, and I was prepared to loathe his guest by name alone: Alexandra Pelosi, daughter of Nancy Pelosi. Yeah, guilt by association, and the rotted crabapple didn't fall far from the tree.

It seems in last week's episode, unwatched by me because A) I don't have HBO and B) I would sooner poke myself in the eye with a scalding french fry, Miz Pelosi in the role of roving correspondent, was in rural Mississippi for the state's Republican Primary and she interviewed only the most ass-backwards stereotypes she could fin in an attempt to belittle Southerners as a whole and Southern Republicans in particular. Well, this week, in some vague attempt to be fair & balanced, she went to the welfare office across from her apartment building in New York City and began interviewing the Leech Class vultures fleecing you and me for free stash.

Stash? Yeah...remember THIS crap?

Well, it just gets better...and you'll recall how just a week or so ago I was educating ya'll on the Leech Class and how they operate? Yeah, well, here it is in all its glory. I had to search a bit to find a good copy to embed.

Yeah...I thought my effing head was gonna explode. The video interviews were bad enough, but I finally had to turn it off when they started to compare defense spending to welfare.

Hey, Princess, and your a-hole sponsor too: America's warfighters, the pointy end of the spear, the ones who fight and bleed and sacrifice and die so that you two Liberal Pond Scum can live your wealthy 1% lifestyles, are NOTHING like the vermin infesting the Leech Class, who refuse to work and just expect everything to be handed to them.

Putting the Obama Puzzle Together: An open letter to independent voters

Dear Independent Voters:

I'm hoping that in the upcoming Presidential election of 2012 you'll take a good hard look at the candidates and where they come from & what they stand for. As a Conservative (and former registered Independent myself) I'm of course hoping you'll not be voting Democrat.

Disturbingly, a huge number of Independents (and unaffiliated, mostly disinterested and non-serious voters) just vote for whomever is popular or good-looking or who their friends tell them who to vote for, or whoever mainstream media says they should. (A word of advice; don't take political advice from MTV; those ass hats don't even play music. Can't trust 'em...)

So, if you're still reading and you're an Independent, I'll take it that you really do take the time to learn about a candidate and what they stand for in order to make an educated voting decision. That said, I want to share something with you that I first heard about last week on the Neal Boortz radio program. It was written by Marshall Frank for his website in February, and paints a mosaic of The Dear Leader. A mosaic, as you're all well aware, is made up of many tiles that by themselves may not seem to mean anything but when placed all together in proper order form a complete picture.

Back when The Obamessiah was first Immaculated I did something similar. Feel free to read that, and read this, and put your picture of the Democrat Party and it's President together for your own eyes to see.....

I’ve made it no secret. I believe Barack Obama is a colossal fraud and that his true mission leading up to, and during his reign as president, is far more sinister than most people are willing to believe.

Arguing about the legitimacy of Barack Obama always gets mired in minutia — single issues – because people don’t stand back and look at the big picture. We argue Reverend Wright, or Bill Ayres, or socialism or the suspicious birth certificate, and so on. The left accuses the right of dirty politics. The right accuses the left of protecting a non-patriot.

To understand the real person behind that endearing facade is to know every segment of his life and look at him in a mosaic. Mosaic art is made of many tiles fitted together. Each tile has shapes and colors but no form. It’s those formless tiles that we waste time arguing about because none of them show the big picture. But in order to know the truth we must see all the tiles in place, for then they are no longer just shapes and colors, they show the entire mural of who and what Barack Obama really is.

So let’s start with one tile after another and put them together like a jigsaw puzzle.

1) Obama’s mother had an affair with and married an African-Kenyan, a Muslim.

2) There is also plethora of literature to suggest that Obama’s father was a committed communist at the time he and Obama’s mother were involved in their relationship.

3) Obama’s mother divorced his father, and then remarried to another man who was also a Muslim and citizen of Indonesia.

4) Barack Obama lived mostly in environments dominated by Islam until he was ten years old.

5) Obama’s religion was listed in his Indonesian school as “Islam.” With an Islamic father and stepfather, and registered as an Islamic, it is reasonable to assume he was subjected to Islamic indoctrination and teachings.

6) He went by the name Barry Soetoro during the years he was adopted by his stepfather.

7) After age ten, his mother left the stepfather and Barry Soetoro returned to Hawaii where he was cared for by his maternal grandparents.

8) Obama’s grandparents were known to have strong political/socialist leanings

9) Obama’s close mentor during his high school years was Frank Marshall Davis, an ardent member of the CPUSA (Communist Party)

10) Obama’s roommates during his first two years at Occidental College, California, were Muslims from Pakistan.

11) In 1981, Obama traveled with his Muslim friends to Pakistan on vacation, when Pakistan was in political turmoil and most American visas were not accepted. (This was in addition to a leg of his journey to see his mother in Indonesia) This leaves open the yet unanswered question of what passport he traveled with. (Unlikely it was American)

12) I have found no evidence that Barack Obama ever legally changed his name back from Barry Soetoro

13) There is no evidence that Barry Soetoro, AKA Barack Obama, changed his citizenship back from Indonesia to the United States or that he traveled and/or entered college with an American passport and/or I.D.

14) Following Occidental College, he enrolled in Columbia University and later Harvard. To this day, Obama does not explain why he — this “transparent” president — refuses to release any college/university records regarding his registration, finances, passports, birth records, school papers, writings, grades — nothing.

15) Despite many Columbia U. enrollees interviewed from that period, same major (political science), including George Stephanopolous, no one remembers Obama on campus or in class.

16) The former president of Manhattan Borough, Percy Sutton, a prominent attorney, (now deceased) revealed in 2008 that in the 1980′s, Obama was being supported and promoted by notorious radical Muslim cleric Dr. Khalid Al-Mansour who acted as an in-between for a wealthy Saudi named Al Waleed Bin Talal. The Saudi was interested in helping Obama get into Harvard. Sutton wrote a letter at the Al-Mansour’s request to help the Saudi, Bin Talal, get Obama into Harvard.

17) Raised by atheists and Muslims, never a Christian, Obama strangely becomes a Christian and joins the Trinity Christian Church headed by anti-American, Marxist, racist, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, in 1988. Obama not only attended this church for 20 years, he was deeply involved in its activities. Note: Being labeled as a “Christian” strongly helps achieving political power, certainly more than atheist or Muslim.

18) 1992, Wright presided over the marriage of Barack and Michelle Obama. However, there is no record that can be found of a prior relationship Obama had with any other women, until Michelle. No past girl friends.

19) Obama becomes deeply involved in Chicago politics, primarily mustering blacks to register to vote.

20) In 1991, Obama graduated law school and began writing his biography, “Dreams Of My Father”, an autobiography which is published in 1995. But why? Curiously, he’s a young man who has yet to accomplish much of anything significant, but he writes and publishes an autobiography?

21) Obama was instrumental in assisting the Jew-hating leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrahkan, in formulating the Million-Man March on Washington in 1995.

22) With very little, or no experience as a practicing attorney, Obama decides to run for state senate. He is hand-picked by then state senator, Alice Palmer (D-IL), to succeed her as she runs for the U.S. congress. Palmer wrote for the Communist Party newspaper, “People’s Daily World” and had appeared in the Soviet Union to attend the 27th congress of the Communist Party in 1986.

23) 1995, Obama’s political career for the Illinois State Senate was launched by communist advocate Alice Palmer at the home of William Ayres and Bernadine Dorn, known anti-American Marxists/Activists, and past terrorists. Obama also shares a table and worked closely with terrorist Ayres on the board of directors of the Woods Foundation

24) During his seven-year tenure as a state senator, Obama voted “Present” 129 times, thereby avoiding a left/right stand on selected issues.

25) Obama developed a close relationship with radical Islamic professor, Palestinian, Rashid Khalidi, who he associated with at the U. of Chicago. In 2000, Khalidi held a fund raiser for Obama during his failed bid for the U.S. Congress.

26) Obama runs for and wins U.S. Senate seat in 2004. Almost immediately, he hits the ground running for president.

27) During the campaign, Obama is endorsed by many radical organizations, including the American Communist Party, while Palestinians in the Middle-East form phone banks to raise money for his election. Gaddafi refers to Obama as a Muslim.

28) Obama’s half brother Obongo “Roy” Obama is a Luo activist, militant Muslim and Marxist.

29) Obama’s Kenyan cousin, Odinga, whom Obama later supported in his quest for political power, is an avowed Marxist and militant Islamist dedicated toward establishing Sharia (Islamist) courts in Kenya.

30) After his election, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit says that Obama privately told him in confidence, “I am a Muslim.” (As reported in Israel Today, May 2010)

31) During his first trip as president to the Middle East, Obama speaks passionately to the Egyptian assembly, lauding his early life in a Muslim land….claiming that Islam has always been a great part of the American experience. (?)

32) During an interview on TV, Obama misspeaks: “John McCain has not made an issue of my Muslim faith.” To which George Stephanopolous corrects him, “You mean, your Christian faith.” (How many of us have made such a slip?)

33) Obama has hired one at least one devoted communist to be a part of his Czar team, Van Jones, who has since resigned. Many others are questionable. His 38 czars are not vetted by congress and supercede many of the functions normally within the purview of cabinet posts.

34) Obama has employed devout Muslims with connections to the Muslim Brotherhood in his White House staff and within the Department of Homeland Security. These people have access to the inner workings of our government and the highest of classified information. The top aide to Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, is a devout Islamic woman with family connections to the Muslim Brotherhood and Sisterhood.

35) Obama ( and Eric Holder) do not permit the mentioning of Islam in any references to terrorism. Mentioning Islam in terrorist training for federal officers, is banned. The military’s Fort Hood massacre report — where 41 people were shot — does not mention Islam, or terror, or the Muslim shooter, Nidal Hassan, anywhere in the report, despite the obvious motivations. Eric Holder, when questioned in congress, will not acknowledge the existence of Islamic terrorism. Janet Napolitano is under orders to avoid the use of terms like “war on terror” or “Islamic terrorism” and instead, call it “Man-Caused Disasters”

36) Every act/decision of Barack Obama before and during the so-called Arab Spring has been to the advantage and support of the notorious Muslim Brotherhood, including the removal of Mubarak of Egypt, Gadaffi of Libya, the leader of Tunisia and now the effort toward removing Assad of Syria. In all these places, the Muslim Brotherhood is now rising to power. Interestingly enough, Obama did not call for regime change in Iran when their citizens took to the streets to demonstrate in 2009 and 2011.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s formative documents, and their many secret manifestos recovered by law enforcement agencies since, show — unambiguously — that their goals are to spread Islamic caliphates, and Sharia law, across the western world, to conquer from within, using deception and infiltration. This is a known fact to those who endeavor to pay attention.

Get the picture?

These are but the highlights, to keep it short. A more detailed list of horrors regarding Barack Obama could be found in any number of books, including:

1. The Manchurian President, by Aaron Klein

2. Radical-in-Chief, by Stanley Kurtz

3. Muslim Mafia, by P. David Gaubatz

4. Culture Of Corruption, by Michelle Malkin

These books are crammed with researched and documented facts, not off-hand right-wing opinions as some might claim. See for yourself.

In this article, I chose to omit any references to Obama’s legitimacy for holding the office of president in order to avoid distractions from the focus of this mosaic. There remains cause for many doubts in that areas as well, not limited to just the birth certificate.

The focus of this mosaic is simple: Obama’s highest of priorities are tied to a surreptitious socialist/communist revolution and his strong leanings toward Islamist causes, and perhaps, he is a non-acknowledging Muslim himself.

To those who are inclined to vote for this person in November, I ask:

Is he worth the risk to America?

I could list dozens of links to support all the items listed above, but that would consume another two pages or more. People reading this who want to know, are welcome to use Google just like I do.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The only thing you're entitled to is a swift kick...

It's gotten to be where I hate shopping on the first Friday of the month. Unfortunately, the wife & I generally do our weekly grocery run on Friday nights, grab a bite on the way home, & eat while we catch up on stuff we recorded on the DVR during the week & had no time to watch. We have no time to watch the shows live because we're working our asses off to provide not only for ourselves but also to support the reason I hate shopping on the first Friday of the month....

That's the big shopping day after all the welfare checks & food stamps are in and the vultures descend upon the stores.

Half the time my local store is half empty of things I'm looking for by the time I get there; the vultures know when feeding time is & swarm the place before I arrive. The stores allegedly stock up for the Welfare Shopping Sprees but like locusts, they get there & empty out the store before us worker bees can get there for the scraps.

Look; I'm not a total ogre. Some people really do need the help. I have no problems with the folks who are on The System for a temporary helping hand. However, I cannot abide by the Leech Class who views welfare as a career move. I'm against the people in front of me in line at the checkout loaded down with steaks and cases of Coke and packs of crab legs and $5 boxes of Sugar Frosted Everything paid for with food stamps, while I'm buying off brands and clipping coupons to save three bucks on my total bill so I can almost buy a gallon of gas for my tank so I can go to my job and support the Leech Class...a perpetual cycle.

Someone I know who is a very reliable source (but wishes to remain anonymous) is a manager at a local convenience store where EBT/SNAP/Food Stamp cards are accepted. The amount of infuriating crap she sees on a regular basis is astounding, and I have been there to witness some of it as well. Things like Leeches coming in and loading the counter down with bag after bag of chips and bottles of soda for their kids (I'm talking like 25 bucks of stuff) and paying for it with the EBT card, and then using cash for their Leech Trifecta: lottery tickets, packs of Newports, and 22-ounce Icehouse beers.

Different states allow different things to be purchased on EBT, and one of the oddball things that South Carolina seems to allow is Red Bull. Most energy drinks in this store are not allowable, but there is either a glitch in their system or the SKU code for Red Bull really is allowed. So yeah, you can go load up on Twinkies, a bag of Doritos and a big ole' can of Red Bull on the taxpayer's dime. The receipt generated by the EBT swipe machine says how much the user (who doesn't have to show ID so you have no way to prove whose card it really is, and these Leeches share their cards with friends, family, and fellow rabble) still has left on the card....some receipts left behind show over 350 dollars routinely well into the month. One receipt had over NINE HUNDRED DOLLARS on it, over twice what my wife and I spend on groceries with our budget.

By now you've probably seen the infamous receipt on the web from Angeli's Country Market up in Menominee in the Islamic Republic of Michiganistan. If not, the receipt found in the parking lot lists an ungodly amount of goodies, all paid for with the Michigan version of an EBT card, called a Bridge Card. What was purchased? Five cases of Diet Mountain Dew, eight lobster tails, and a pair of Porterhouse steaks. In all, $141.78 in food stamp money. Just to be safe, I verified the veracity of this item at UrbanLegends.com, and yeah, it happened. What's worse, upon further investigation it turns out the buyer didn't just buy this shit for a big dinner, but instead SOLD the items for a profit to other people.

We've turned Entitlements into a cottage industry.

Retailers are knocking themselves over to become authorized EBT spots. The most popular sign in retail windows now is "WE ACCEPT EBT". One of our local knockoff Dollar Store-type places just put up a giant 8 foot tall by about 12 foot long EBT/SNAP sign in the front window, with stores now competing for food stamp business.

Even pizza joints are cashing in. The chain Papa Murphy's was the first I'd heard of specializing in "take & bake" pizza, where they prepare your pizza but do not bake it, and you take it home & toss it in the oven. Since it is "home made" and not prepared food, it qualifies for EBT. And now in Obamerica, where folks are too broke to buy pizzas, even my local corner shop is offering Take & Bake EBT specials to make up for lost revenues.

So many upscale houses in suburban subdivisions were going unrented & empty that it's now very common for these houses to be turned into Section 8 housing, with the Section 8 rent checks going directly to the landlords instead of going to the Leeches who would often just piss away the money and not pay the rent. So it's a win-win for the landlords; their house gets rented out instead of lying fallow, and they get their money directly from Uncle Sucker, and if the Leeches mess up the house, they bill Uncle.

I keep hearing ads on the radio for free cell phone service for folks on welfare. You get a phone & 250 free minutes. In order to qualify you gotta be on The System. My wife & I drop over a hundred sixty bucks a month on our phones and we still have minutes left over from our shared 550.

I already told ya'll a few months back about the chick in the local Dollar Tree store who kept staring at me when I popped in to get a box of Cream of Wheat (hey, it's The South; they eat grits here, not Cream of Wheat, so I have to search all over for it) and then held up the line with her whiny kids as she paid with her EBT card, and kept on giving me the stink-eye as she strapped them into a $45,000 BMW sport ute & drove away.

The rate of fraud in this Entitlement Society is outrageous. It's an entire underground second economy. Folks collect illicit benefits and sell them or trade them for profit or for sex or for drugs. Years ago in Maine I worked for awhile in a special social services program helping folks who were on The System. In Maine, in order to get your TANF benefits, they made you get some sort of job to supplement the assistance. My program helped them to get reliable inexpensive used cars via a low-interest $5000 loan through a national bank. Most of the folks I helped were decent folks who needed honest help, and most got off the system within a few months. But some were just Leeches. I figured out certain things real fast: many of these folks had a Post Office box first of all. That's so their caseworker couldn't ask the mailman if someone else was living at their Section 8 townhouse and sharing the bills, like a live-in boyfriend. In general they had big screen TVs, PC's and Playstations from RentaCenter, premium cable packages and internet. At the time, I only had a laptop because work issued me one, and I had no cable at my place. Many of them were living better than I was and I was there to help them.....and in some of the remote fishing/lobstering towns I went to, many of the folks crying poor had new pickups & snowmobiles & 4-wheelers in the yards, because they worked under the table for cash tax free on fishing boats with no way to trace it.

The time I spent in that job was during the Clinton years, the years the Dems claim were all Milk & Honey & economic prosperity. They claim that EvilBoosh (tm) cocked it all up all on his lonesome. So, pray tell, why is that The FoodStampPresident, The Obamessiah Himself (Blessed Be His Name) has seen the use of assistance & food stamps rise exponentially during his reign? Because Dems love to keep the Masses suckling the teat of the Feral Gubmint. They get to be the kind & benevolent providers and the Leech Class laps it up and keeps voting Donkey.

Some states want to start making their assistance recipients receive drug tests in order to get their benefits. The Left and the Leech Class cry bloody murder over it. They also bitch & moan when states start calling for a stop to benefit debit cards cards being used at casinos, strip clubs, liquor stores and bingo halls. WHAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

Yeah. It happens. Happens in such Liberal bastions as Colorado and of course, the Democratic People's Republic of California. It's also been documented in New Jersey and North Carolina.

Boy, the Left really hates when you refer to the Dear Leader as The Food Stamp President. They tried to make Newt look like a monster for pointing out the TRUTH. When damn near a quarter of your population is on some sort of assistance, from food stamps to welfare to Medicaid to free heating assistance to free cell phones to free school lunch to....hey, wait a second....I damn near forgot the Free Lunch deal. In many places the Left has kids getting free breakfast, free lunch, free after school care with a snack, free summer lunch, and are trying to get free dinners in there too because they seemingly only get fed by the government, despite the frikkin' food stamps their parents are receiving. Or are the parents only buying THEMSELVES steaks & lobsters and letting the kids eat at school? Nothing would surprise me anymore.

And then there's THIS idiot. Amanda Clayton wins a MILLION dollars in the Michiganistan lottery....lottery being played while she's on assistance, mind you, and after Uncle Sucker takes his graft off the top of the already slashed lump sum payment, she's left with half. Still, 500 large is better than pocket lint.... and she was STILL collecting food stamps, after buying a new car and a new house. No one cut her off nor did she offer up the windfall, and when confronted by reporters simply stated she thought someone would cut her off but then figured it was okay since she had no income but had bills to pay because she had two houses.

Remember this in November, people. This country is circling the drain because of Leeches and Donkeys and people who expected Obama to pay their mortgages and give them free gas for their cars.....and gas is now twice as expensive as it was when this assclown stole the country from us. Hope? Change? EPIC FAIL.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Go Fluck Yourself.....

fluke - parasitic flatworms having external suckers for attaching to a hostfluke - parasitic flatworms having external suckers for attaching to a host

"Without insurance coverage, contraception, as you know, can cost a woman over $3,000 during law school."
-- Sandra Fluke, "law" student, feminist, activist, left-wing fruitbat, in "testimony" at House Democrat mock hearing

So, I took it upon myself to do some investigative reporting...after all, Democrats love to think we on the right are too stupid to actually research something. So, Miz Fluke, or Fluck, or however you pronounce it, maybe I can save you some cash.

I found Ortho Tri-Cyclen lo 28-day birth control pills at birthcontrolbuzz.com for $93.00 for 6 packs. That's 186 bucks for a year if my math is right, not 3000 bucks. The more expensive Yaz 28-day was $352 for the year. One could REALLY splurge & get a year’s supply of Seasonique for just under $1100. That’s still not three grand.

At walmart.com a 36-pack of Trojans is $9.04. Her 3000 bucks can get her 331 packs, or 11, 916 condoms. In a 365 day year that allows her to have sex 32 times a day. Sounds slutty to me, but what do I know? I'm just a guy. Worse, I’m a college droput, knuckle-drag former soldier. I’m her version of the AntiChrist.

There once was a liberal named Fluck

Who thought all Republicans suck

So she sends me the bills for her birth control pills

Why should I pay so she can get fucked?