Saturday, March 10, 2012

The only thing you're entitled to is a swift kick...

It's gotten to be where I hate shopping on the first Friday of the month. Unfortunately, the wife & I generally do our weekly grocery run on Friday nights, grab a bite on the way home, & eat while we catch up on stuff we recorded on the DVR during the week & had no time to watch. We have no time to watch the shows live because we're working our asses off to provide not only for ourselves but also to support the reason I hate shopping on the first Friday of the month....

That's the big shopping day after all the welfare checks & food stamps are in and the vultures descend upon the stores.

Half the time my local store is half empty of things I'm looking for by the time I get there; the vultures know when feeding time is & swarm the place before I arrive. The stores allegedly stock up for the Welfare Shopping Sprees but like locusts, they get there & empty out the store before us worker bees can get there for the scraps.

Look; I'm not a total ogre. Some people really do need the help. I have no problems with the folks who are on The System for a temporary helping hand. However, I cannot abide by the Leech Class who views welfare as a career move. I'm against the people in front of me in line at the checkout loaded down with steaks and cases of Coke and packs of crab legs and $5 boxes of Sugar Frosted Everything paid for with food stamps, while I'm buying off brands and clipping coupons to save three bucks on my total bill so I can almost buy a gallon of gas for my tank so I can go to my job and support the Leech Class...a perpetual cycle.

Someone I know who is a very reliable source (but wishes to remain anonymous) is a manager at a local convenience store where EBT/SNAP/Food Stamp cards are accepted. The amount of infuriating crap she sees on a regular basis is astounding, and I have been there to witness some of it as well. Things like Leeches coming in and loading the counter down with bag after bag of chips and bottles of soda for their kids (I'm talking like 25 bucks of stuff) and paying for it with the EBT card, and then using cash for their Leech Trifecta: lottery tickets, packs of Newports, and 22-ounce Icehouse beers.

Different states allow different things to be purchased on EBT, and one of the oddball things that South Carolina seems to allow is Red Bull. Most energy drinks in this store are not allowable, but there is either a glitch in their system or the SKU code for Red Bull really is allowed. So yeah, you can go load up on Twinkies, a bag of Doritos and a big ole' can of Red Bull on the taxpayer's dime. The receipt generated by the EBT swipe machine says how much the user (who doesn't have to show ID so you have no way to prove whose card it really is, and these Leeches share their cards with friends, family, and fellow rabble) still has left on the card....some receipts left behind show over 350 dollars routinely well into the month. One receipt had over NINE HUNDRED DOLLARS on it, over twice what my wife and I spend on groceries with our budget.

By now you've probably seen the infamous receipt on the web from Angeli's Country Market up in Menominee in the Islamic Republic of Michiganistan. If not, the receipt found in the parking lot lists an ungodly amount of goodies, all paid for with the Michigan version of an EBT card, called a Bridge Card. What was purchased? Five cases of Diet Mountain Dew, eight lobster tails, and a pair of Porterhouse steaks. In all, $141.78 in food stamp money. Just to be safe, I verified the veracity of this item at, and yeah, it happened. What's worse, upon further investigation it turns out the buyer didn't just buy this shit for a big dinner, but instead SOLD the items for a profit to other people.

We've turned Entitlements into a cottage industry.

Retailers are knocking themselves over to become authorized EBT spots. The most popular sign in retail windows now is "WE ACCEPT EBT". One of our local knockoff Dollar Store-type places just put up a giant 8 foot tall by about 12 foot long EBT/SNAP sign in the front window, with stores now competing for food stamp business.

Even pizza joints are cashing in. The chain Papa Murphy's was the first I'd heard of specializing in "take & bake" pizza, where they prepare your pizza but do not bake it, and you take it home & toss it in the oven. Since it is "home made" and not prepared food, it qualifies for EBT. And now in Obamerica, where folks are too broke to buy pizzas, even my local corner shop is offering Take & Bake EBT specials to make up for lost revenues.

So many upscale houses in suburban subdivisions were going unrented & empty that it's now very common for these houses to be turned into Section 8 housing, with the Section 8 rent checks going directly to the landlords instead of going to the Leeches who would often just piss away the money and not pay the rent. So it's a win-win for the landlords; their house gets rented out instead of lying fallow, and they get their money directly from Uncle Sucker, and if the Leeches mess up the house, they bill Uncle.

I keep hearing ads on the radio for free cell phone service for folks on welfare. You get a phone & 250 free minutes. In order to qualify you gotta be on The System. My wife & I drop over a hundred sixty bucks a month on our phones and we still have minutes left over from our shared 550.

I already told ya'll a few months back about the chick in the local Dollar Tree store who kept staring at me when I popped in to get a box of Cream of Wheat (hey, it's The South; they eat grits here, not Cream of Wheat, so I have to search all over for it) and then held up the line with her whiny kids as she paid with her EBT card, and kept on giving me the stink-eye as she strapped them into a $45,000 BMW sport ute & drove away.

The rate of fraud in this Entitlement Society is outrageous. It's an entire underground second economy. Folks collect illicit benefits and sell them or trade them for profit or for sex or for drugs. Years ago in Maine I worked for awhile in a special social services program helping folks who were on The System. In Maine, in order to get your TANF benefits, they made you get some sort of job to supplement the assistance. My program helped them to get reliable inexpensive used cars via a low-interest $5000 loan through a national bank. Most of the folks I helped were decent folks who needed honest help, and most got off the system within a few months. But some were just Leeches. I figured out certain things real fast: many of these folks had a Post Office box first of all. That's so their caseworker couldn't ask the mailman if someone else was living at their Section 8 townhouse and sharing the bills, like a live-in boyfriend. In general they had big screen TVs, PC's and Playstations from RentaCenter, premium cable packages and internet. At the time, I only had a laptop because work issued me one, and I had no cable at my place. Many of them were living better than I was and I was there to help them.....and in some of the remote fishing/lobstering towns I went to, many of the folks crying poor had new pickups & snowmobiles & 4-wheelers in the yards, because they worked under the table for cash tax free on fishing boats with no way to trace it.

The time I spent in that job was during the Clinton years, the years the Dems claim were all Milk & Honey & economic prosperity. They claim that EvilBoosh (tm) cocked it all up all on his lonesome. So, pray tell, why is that The FoodStampPresident, The Obamessiah Himself (Blessed Be His Name) has seen the use of assistance & food stamps rise exponentially during his reign? Because Dems love to keep the Masses suckling the teat of the Feral Gubmint. They get to be the kind & benevolent providers and the Leech Class laps it up and keeps voting Donkey.

Some states want to start making their assistance recipients receive drug tests in order to get their benefits. The Left and the Leech Class cry bloody murder over it. They also bitch & moan when states start calling for a stop to benefit debit cards cards being used at casinos, strip clubs, liquor stores and bingo halls. WHAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

Yeah. It happens. Happens in such Liberal bastions as Colorado and of course, the Democratic People's Republic of California. It's also been documented in New Jersey and North Carolina.

Boy, the Left really hates when you refer to the Dear Leader as The Food Stamp President. They tried to make Newt look like a monster for pointing out the TRUTH. When damn near a quarter of your population is on some sort of assistance, from food stamps to welfare to Medicaid to free heating assistance to free cell phones to free school lunch to....hey, wait a second....I damn near forgot the Free Lunch deal. In many places the Left has kids getting free breakfast, free lunch, free after school care with a snack, free summer lunch, and are trying to get free dinners in there too because they seemingly only get fed by the government, despite the frikkin' food stamps their parents are receiving. Or are the parents only buying THEMSELVES steaks & lobsters and letting the kids eat at school? Nothing would surprise me anymore.

And then there's THIS idiot. Amanda Clayton wins a MILLION dollars in the Michiganistan lottery....lottery being played while she's on assistance, mind you, and after Uncle Sucker takes his graft off the top of the already slashed lump sum payment, she's left with half. Still, 500 large is better than pocket lint.... and she was STILL collecting food stamps, after buying a new car and a new house. No one cut her off nor did she offer up the windfall, and when confronted by reporters simply stated she thought someone would cut her off but then figured it was okay since she had no income but had bills to pay because she had two houses.

Remember this in November, people. This country is circling the drain because of Leeches and Donkeys and people who expected Obama to pay their mortgages and give them free gas for their cars.....and gas is now twice as expensive as it was when this assclown stole the country from us. Hope? Change? EPIC FAIL.


jay son said...

someone should look to see if amanda bought her winning ticket with state or federal assistance money, then seize whatever is left and cut her off.

it is tremendous fun to buy chicken as the welfare queens buy surf and turf meals. only way to change the system is to throw ALL the bastards in washington out.

by the way amanda is at least the second person in my MICHIGAN to pull this shit, since OBIE has been in office.

Anonymous said...

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

I'm calling bullshit on USA Today, a slanted Liberal Media publication. Obama has put 14.2 million on food stamps in 3 years and while it was 14.7 under Bush, he was in office for 8 years. Fuck, by the end of 8 years that socialist bastard will have it at 30 to 35%.... Nice try but survey says we're NOT convinced. Take your fish-wrap with you when you leave.