Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We interrupt this election to bring you these important distractions...

Distractions and hypocrisy; film at 11.....

How do you know when your re-election campaign is in trouble?
A: Your name is Obama
B: Your economy is in the crapper
C: You resort to clouding the issues with distractions, smoke & mirrors, and hypocrisy
D: All of the above

Wow...they are really circling the wagons at the White House in frantic mode, terrified of getting trounced in November. The distractions started early & often, anything & everything to take peoples' minds and attention away from a dead economy and a dismal failure of the administration to do anything positive.

To try and use the anniversary of the death of Bin Laden as the kickoff for your re-election campaign is a desperate move. "I got Bin Laden!", you didn't. Stop saying you did. All you did was give the go-ahead order. The SEALs of DevGru (or what everyone keeps calling Team 6) got him. Pretty much the *only* good thing that happened on your watch, other than giving the go-ahead for another team of SEALs to waste those Somali pirates a couple years back. But face it, Obie... people are tired of hearing you take the credit as if you rode in on a magic unicorn and slew him yourself.

The War on Terror is over and you declared victory, huh? Tell that to the families of troops still being killed by the enemy overseas, bucko.

Pander the Hispanic vote by declaring war on states like Arizona and South Carolina for policing illegal immigrants that your administration refuses to even call illegals.

Then the smoke & mirrors of the Left trying to get people to rise up against the Catholic church with the birth control issue, and using the whole Sandra Fluck-Up episode to declare that the Right has a War on Women in a bid to score the Women Vote. Blatant pandering...

Oh, yes...Evil Republicans, stay out of my uterus unless it's to pay for my birth control and abortions!!!!

Truly masterful playing of the Race Card to say that if you had a son he'd look like Trayvon Martin. Gotta try & save the Black Vote, right? 

And then Joe Biden screws the pooch and says you support gay marriage. First of all, why does this make the news now like you've had some sort of epiphany when the news never covered the fact that former Vice President Dick Cheney previously spoke publicly in favor of gay marriages & unions over 3 years ago, as his own daughter is gay? And getting Newsweek (who helped you sink Bachmann) to put you on the cover as The First Gay President? Brilliant. More blatant pandering to win the Gay Vote. Now, the problem you're gonna have is that most black voters don't support same-sex marriage so by pandering to one group you could lose the other.

And trying to portray Mitt Romney as the Robber Baron for the New Millennium to get the Middle Class Disenfranchised Vote? Wow. There's just a few problems with that.

Yeah, sure, he's a top hat & monocle away from being the Monopoly Man. He's worth over 250 million bucks. But look at the Hollywood elite that you surround yourself with and the gazillionaires who support you? Warren Buffet, estimated worth $47 BILLION. George Soros, your puppetmaster? About $20 billion. Oprah Winfrey? Over $2.7 billion. You bitch and bitch and bitch about the wealthy when you're wealthy and surround yourself with rich people. Your little private army of hippies in Occupy Wall Street? What would they have to say about Joe Biden's fundraiser dinner held at a private residence a couple weeks ago on Sullivan's Island, a very ritzy beachfront area across the river from Charleston, SC? That was only $10,000 a plate. The dinner you just had at George Clooney's house (and he's only worth $160 million) went for $40,000 a plate and was poised to raise you $15 million. You have another fundraiser coming up on June 6th at the home of the creator of the ridonkulous show "Glee", a bargain at just $25,000 a plate, to further lock down the gay and liberal Hollywood vote.

FOR THE RECORD: I have supported gay marriage and my gay friends for years. Here, here, here, and here,  for a start.

You have an anti-Romney attack ad out now that portrays Mitt as a vampire who sucked jobs away after a steel plant closed. The plant in question, GST Steel in Kansas City, had been purchased by Romney's former company, Bain Capital. The ad shows former employees bashing Romney as Evil Incarnate, but you fail to mention that the company folded about TWO YEARS after Romney left Bain Capital to fix the Salt Lake Olympics. Yeah, Romney was no longer in charge at Bain when this happened. And the current head of Bain Capital, Jonathan Levine? He's a big Obama supporter who bundles together hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations to the Obama campaign. Bundlers are, in campaign finance speak, folks who get around the campaign finance laws that limit contributions from any one individual by gathering contributions from many individuals in an organization or community and present the sum to the campaign.

A little hypocritical don'tcha think?

            Tony James and Jonathan Lavine, private equity people supporting The Obamessiah...

Hmmm, should you really call Romney a vampire? That might send Twilight and True Blood fans to his campaign....

And after further pandering the gay vote and the Hispanic vote with a fundraiser at Rickey Martin's house, we end up at the home of Hamilton "Tony" James, head of Blackstone, another private equity company just like Bain. So, on one hand we bash Romney and Bain Capital and take money from Bain and its ilk with the other? Wow.

Here is the response to that ad by the Romney campaign. Interesting that it too uses a steel company, an industry that has been unbelievably volatile this past decade. I worked for a steel building manufacturer for a couple years in the early 2000s and speak from experience.

And then there's the whole episode over raising the interest rates on student loans...sure, make it sound like the evil Republicans wanna double the rates to get rich off the backs of poor students studying art history...blah blah blah. Look, the rates only went down on LAST YEAR'S loans, not from years before LAST YEAR and if the rates go up, the payments only go up about SIX BUCKS a month. You're starting a pissing contest over SIX BUCKS a month, six bucks that these morons spend DAILY on supermegaventi triple espresso double caramel mocha macchiato drinks at Starbucks as they snag free WiFi and talk about how oppressed and downtrodden they are in their North Face parkas, typing on iPads and iPhones and Macbooks. Gotta pander for the a-hole liberal knowitall college kid vote...

And then dredging up some forgotten incident from 1965 from where Mitt, who doesn't even remember the incident, allegedly cut the hair of a classmate as a prank? A classmate who may or may not have been gay, and has been dead for several years from liver cancer and can't speak on the subject himself, just to further pander to gay voters? That's just lame. Should Mitt now retaliate by bringing up that you used to eat dogs as a kid growing up in a foreign country raised by Muslim communists? I'm sure the PETA voters will love that.

Obama in 2009: "If I can’t fix the economy in three years, you can call me former President Obama......"


See ya'!!!!

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patentleatherkicks said...

Hey buddy. I like the action figure picture of Obama but I was confused by the caption. It was posted a while ago so i'll remind you: "PRESIDENT BARAK OBAMA; I KILLED OSAMA BIN LADIN! Oh, and the Navy SEALs helped a little too."

Are you trying to imply that during the first seven years of the occupation of Afghanistan, the seals weren't doing their jobs? Because I don't think that the seals have changed how they do what they do. The change was at the top and you know it.

God bless the troops, and all of that. But they really can't do anything without good leadership, can they? Here we have a president that has led them to victory from the brink of utter defeat.

The war on terror under Bush: massacre, nuclear bullets, endless fallout, trillions in debt to the chinese. The war on terror under Obama: osama is dead, iraq is nearly stable and saddam is dead, gaddafi is dead, mubarak just died, assad is probably going down this summer.

You can play any kind of mental games you want to convince yourself otherwise but these are the facts.