Saturday, October 16, 2010

Perhaps I spoke too soon?

I guess I spoke too soon. No sooner do I give noted blamestream media Liberal hack Keith Olbermann a modicum of credit for keeping his yap shut and toning down his rhetoric, making Chris Matthews the Biggest Liberal Douchebag on TV, then he had to go ahead & open his mouth again.
Hot on the heels of those two whiny cows on The View scuttling off in a huff because Bill O'Reilly showed some spine & didn't let them walk all over him spewing Liberal Crap, Olbermann named Bill O’Reilly the “worst person” in America, calling him a bigot and an Islamophobe. Hell, all O'Reilly did was tell all those assclowns the truth, that on 9-11 we were attacked by Muslims. Sure, it's a pretty simplistic way of stating it but it's not an untrue statement. Behar and Goldberg just threw a tantrum because someone stood up to their bullying bullshit. Olbermann plays the part of a seagull, flying in, squawking and shitting all over the place and adding nothing of substance, before flying off again. Oh, and he of course took a shot at Glenn Beck in the process, someone he usually refers to as the worst person in America.

Then again, every night he declares a new worst person. Short attention span, or just lame and trite?

You know it's bad for the Left when Saturday Night Live mocks you. Lately they've been taking potshots at Obama and Olbermann himself was parodied by none other than Ben Affleck. They say Glenn Beck is prone to histrionics but Olbermann has him beat hands down.

The Daily Caller once reported that members of the left-wing discussion group Journolist think Keith Olbermann is a “predictable,” “unfunny,” “misogynistic,” “pompous,” “shtiky and rude blowhard.” Hundreds of members–Liberal blamestream journalists, Leftist professors, the liberal intellectual elitists– and no room for the lockstep ideological bootlick who hosts a nightly, primetime show on a major (albeit failing and imploding) cable news network? HAH!

Hey, Chris Matthews, is THAT homo erotic? Or just a LibTard paying homage to its master?

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Brooke said...

I just love your rants. They couldn't be any more spot-on!

Olberman should fire his current script writer and hire a new one; maybe he could get some fresh material that way.