Thursday, February 7, 2002


Overweight? Underweight? Tired? Can’t Sleep? In pain?
Try new DAMITOL!!! Made from a special all-natural sucrose polymer, DAMITOL may not be for everyone. Consult your doctor. Do not take DAMITOL if you are pregnant, nursing, may become pregnant, have ever been pregnant, ever thought about being pregnant, or know someone who has ever been, will be, or thought about being pregnant. In tests, certain side effects occurred such as abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, rectal bleeding, pus-like discharge from the eyes, spontaneous abortions, and certain sexual side effects such as an inability to achieve orgasm ever again and festering sores comparable to genital warts. Discontinue use if symptoms persist. DAMITOL…when you have to take SOMETHING….

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