Saturday, March 10, 2007

An Open Letter To FEMA

Dear FEMA:
Please suck my ass. I was hoping that the beat-down you received after the debacle surrounding the mishandling of Hurricane Katrina would have knocked some sense into you. I almost felt bad for FEMA, seeing you get roasted daily in the media for botching everything, when others should have shared the blame with you, like Governor Kathleen “The National Guard are Mine” Blanco and Mayor Ray “Chocolate City” Nagin, not to mention Congressman William Jefferson, who used a military convoy to go find his house & retrieve belongings, to include almost $100,000.00 in his FREEZER. Homeless refugees everywhere, and thousands of trailers were sitting in a field in Arkansas in storage, awaiting uses that never came. Then you shook things up within your organization once the director resigned. You revamped yourself and were ready to handle the next crisis situation in America.

I call bullshit

I just found out that those thousands of trailers are still sitting in that field in Arkansas, while about 160 miles away in the same state, dozens of families are homeless after tornadoes blew their town off the map. Families in Alabama are likewise homeless after tornadoes hit their towns just last week. However, FEMA is selling/auctioning those trailers through the Government Service Administration’s website, and recouping about 40 cents on the dollar. Wow…the American taxpayers bought those trailers for FEMA at full-pop, because no one, and I mean no one, sells anything to the federal government at a reasonable price ($400.00 toilet seats, anyone?). Now these unused trailers are being practically given away at a 60% discount to anyone with space in the driveway, and the American taxpayer is getting HOSED, and needy citizens whose lives were devastated by storms are crammed into makeshift holding tanks.

So much for your shot at redemption, asshats.

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jms1 said...

I just like the word "asshat".