Thursday, December 15, 2011

You Might Be A Racist...

I was in WalMart yesterday & saw a guy walking through the store with an HBCU tee shirt on. That stands for Historically Black Colleges & Universities, and the shirt listed all of the members of the HBCU organization. While the shirt itself wasn't offensive, all I could think was, "Damn, if I had a shirt that mentioned Historically White Colleges & Universities, I'd be a racist."

Therein lies the racism double standard. Racism, which doesn't just work both ways but EVERY WAY, seems only to be racism when it's propagated by a white person. If the white person encounters reverse discrimination, reverse racism, or any hostility towards them, whether real or merely perceived, then that's not racism. That's just someone being proud of their race or heritage, and Whitey be damned.

I'm 42 years old, born in 1969. Yeah, I was born after the Civil Rights Movement, and after desegregation, and grew up in a predominantly black neighborhood in the Washington DC suburbs. We all got along just fine with no hard feelings or problems, and no one would know that just a few years before there'd been riots less than 20 miles away. I never experienced segregation or race riots or marches. We were just kids who all got along & played & learned & hung out together at recess.

It's a double standard that we have a National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, but don't you DARE call them colored people, because only they can do that.....and if we have the same association to promote White People, we're racists. One dares not say the word "negro" anymore because it's racist, but those kids don't seem to mind getting scholarship money from the United Negro College Fund. I myself got college money from the US Army because I couldn't find a United Caucasian College Fund...oh, wait; that'd be racist.

Last February, during Black History Month, I ran a particularly successful series of daily posts highlighting heroic, inspirational black Americans throughout our nation's history, while it took the NAACP website several days to start highlighting anyone. How do I know? Because I checked their website DAILY to see when they'd catch up to what a white Conservative Tea Party military veteran was doing. For several days the first thing I saw on the front page of their website was a request for donations. Feel free to blow up the picture below, which is a screen capture I took as late as March 1st, showing that same request for money so that they can keep spreading the liberal doctrine of social justice from the ballot box to the classroom....

Here in Charleston, SC we have an annual event called the Black Business Expo, or more rather Black Expo South, that promotes black businesses locally and brings in famous black business leaders & celebrities and vendors galore....and if there was a White Business Expo the backlash would make Sherman's March look like a Sunday stroll. We have a local Black Pages phone directory.... the local White Pages is all-inclusive, like the Yellow Pages. If there was a Caucasian Pages it'd be racism. We also have a Black News newspaper, which of course isn't racist, although a White Times would be.

As you may recall, I have taken on the issue of racism in the past a few times here at G.D.T.A.I., most notably in April of 2010. Find that little gem right HERE. And as I have said in the past, I am absolutely 100% sick to effing DEATH of being referred to as a racist or potential racist for being a middle-aged, white, Conservative military veteran. I disagree with the current denizen of the White House, so I must be a racist. I vote Conservative so I must be a racist. I served in the United States Army, an Army that according to organizations like the Black Panthers sent blacks to fight Whitey's wars for him, so I'm not only a racist but a likely terrorist too, if the administration is to be believed. I vehemently disagree with the policies and actions of my Representative to Congress, Jim Clyburn, so I must be a racist, despite being a fervent supporter of the Representative from the next district over, Tim Scott. Both are black.

That leads to another ugly facet of this racism thing; black Conservatives are accused of being racists themselves, or Uncle Tom's. I simply cannot fathom why black Americans continue to drink the Kool Aid of the Democrat Party, a party formed by the very people who subjugated & enslaved them. (Oh crap...I said Kool Aid; that's racist). Congressmen like Tim Scott or Allen West, and former Presidential candidate Herman Cain, they get lambasted by the black community for believing in smaller government, fiscal responsibility, protecting our borders, and upholding the Constitution. You know; being Real Americans.

Look, I'm no racist. I hate everyone pretty much the same. I believe in Steve's Equal Opportunity, in that everyone, daily, has an equal opportunity to piss me off and incur my wrath. No one has a monopoly on stupid, or on ignorant. If you're an idiot, I'm gonna' call you out.

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Coffeypot said...

Well, I can honestly say I'm not a racist. I hate everybody.