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Firing Back: A Conversation With a Liberal

Admittedly, I don’t get a whole lot of comments on my blog posts. I have no idea why. I spend a lot of time & effort into crafting my scribbles and it can be seriously disheartening to get zero feedback. Such is life; I know people are busy and I’m a small-time little fish in a rather huge pond of pundits & opinion-givers.
I did, however, get a comment back on June 20th that was a bit of a surprise as the article being commented upon was posted over a month previously, the article about the Obama administration’s use of distractions and smoke & mirrors during the election cycle. As a refresher, see here. The comment riled me & irked me, and I let it sit in my inbox for 3 weeks before I finally decided to post it, since after all I am not a censor and I believe in freedom of speech, no matter how idiotic & misguided it may be. This comment has now earned its own blog post.

The comment is here, in it’s entirety:
Hey buddy. I like the action figure picture of Obama but I was confused by the caption. It was posted a while ago so i'll remind you: "PRESIDENT BARAK OBAMA; I KILLED OSAMA BIN LADIN! Oh, and the Navy SEALs helped a little too."

Are you trying to imply that during the first seven years of the occupation of Afghanistan, the seals weren't doing their jobs? Because I don't think that the seals have changed how they do what they do. The change was at the top and you know it.

God bless the troops, and all of that. But they really can't do anything without good leadership, can they? Here we have a president that has led them to victory from the brink of utter defeat.

The war on terror under Bush: massacre, nuclear bullets, endless fallout, trillions in debt to the chinese. The war on terror under Obama: osama is dead, iraq is nearly stable and saddam is dead, gaddafi is dead, mubarak just died, assad is probably going down this summer.

You can play any kind of mental games you want to convince yourself otherwise but these are the facts.

Where to even begin?

Where exactly have you been for the past year while Barry Sotero, playing the role of Barack Hussein Obama, has been saying “I got Bin Laden.”?  Even the Quiet Professionals of the military’s Special Operations community, began to take umbrage with the constant blathering of the White House about how Obama got Bin Laden, with the connotation being that Barry Himself fast-roped from a stealth helo with a knife in his teeth and dispatched Public Enemy Number One with his bare hands and then went for a round of golf.

I don’t exactly recall a constant barrage of “I Got Saddam” coming from the Bush White House. After that first ill-advised “Mission Accomplished” gaffe, the administration was quite content to put the praise on the warfighters who did the deeds & the dity work and got the required results.

Yes, troops need good leadership, and about the smartest thing Barry has done has been to stand the hell aside and let real soldiers do their jobs. That leadership isn’t coming from the Oval Office, not from a guy whose only real job prior to being the White House Golf Pro was to be a vote-fixer community agitator in Chicago. He’s at least been smart enough to let the generals run the show and continue the Bush Administration’s efforts and policies concerning combat. Barry thought he was gonna bring everyone home in 6 months and when he stepped in and got his briefings he knew there was no way he could keep that promise. Same with Gitmo. Close it in 30 days, huh? It’s still open 4 years later.

Utter defeat?  When, pray tell, have American troops been on the brink of defeat at the hands of rag-wrapped rabble with roadside bombs? 

Have we had casualties? Yes. There are casualties in all wars. Were we defeated when we lost a large group of troops when a helicopter went down? No. It hurt, and it sucked, but we continued the mission. In April and May 1944, the Allied air forces lost nearly 12,000 men and over 2,000 aircraft in operations which paved the way for D-Day. America lost 2500 killed on D-Day itself but we were not defeated. Obama hasn’t led anyone to victory; he just declared “We won” and planned troops withdrawls to coincide with the elections.

Please, tell me what fucking drugs you are on? What’s this drivel about nuclear bullets and endless fallout? We don’t have nuclear bullets. Are you referring to depleted uranium rounds?

Tell you what, sunshine, depleted uranium armor-piercing rounds are in use by between 17 and 20 countries, including Russia & China, who sell their goods to every terrorist organization known to man, and are manufactured by 18 countries. You want radiation & fallout, try Fukishima….or Chernobyl…..or all the toxic sites in China.

Trillions in debt to the Chinese? Yeah, GW Bush spent too much, I’ll grant you that. The Debt rose $4.899 trillion during the two terms of the Bush presidency. It has now gone up $4.939 trillion since President Obama took office. That’s more than 100% growth in HALF THE TIME. Or, roughly, TWICE THE EXPENDITURE. The National Debt also now exceeds 100% of the nation's Gross Domestic Product, the total value of goods and services.

And again, you yourself just gave credit to Obama for killing Bin Laden. You also just gave credit to Obama for killing Saddam. Iraq is nearly stable? Then why do I keep hearing about 30 to 60 people at a whack being blown up by car bombs every few days in Iraq? What did Obama have to do with the death of Khadaffi? He sat back and did damn near next to nothing while leaving the people trying to overthrow Khadaffi twisting in the wind, and you just gave Obama credit for killing Khadaffi. You also imply that Obama toppled Mubarak in Egypt…..and we can all see how well that goat-rope is turning out with the Muslim Brotherhood taking over the government. And I guess you’ll take credit for Obama toppling Assad in Syria too, right?

You try to quote & cite facts…instead you quoted bullshit liberal talking points.

Nice try. Now go away.

Oh, wait, before that hard doorknob crushes your tender ass…..

I need to once again revisit a famous Obama picture that Libs love to post on Facebook…the Donuts picture….where they give credit to Obama for killing Bin Laden and Khadaffi (look, I hate the “G” spelling of his name, so let it go, people), prevented a depression, and didn't screw up a hurricane, etc....

Look....we already covered the Osama & Khadaffi shit....the economy is in SHREDS. Look at the effing economy, stupid, and tell me he's improved it. This, by the way, is the economy he inherited from a DEMOCRAT-CONTROLLED Congress, the same Congress that was in power through the majority of Bush's Presidency. Remember, kids, Congress controls the purse strings.......and as far as this hurricane shit goes....

The Democrat Governor of Louisiana (Kathleen Blanco) and the Democrat Mayor of New Orleans (Ray Nagin) screwed up Katrina. Bush sent in FEMA afterwards, like he was supposed to do, and FEMA had to pick up the pieces the idiots in charge left behind. FEMA is a small, low-staffed group that MANAGES the emergency afterwards...
And really, let's take a longer look at Katrina, shall we? FEMA, who I did criticize afterwards for their bad handling of the relief trailers, is a MANAGEMENT agency. Y'know, the best way to explain this is to directly quote author John Ringo from his most excellent book The Last Centurion:
There were not tens of thousands of dead. There were no riots or rapes in the Superdome and people were neither starving nor "out of water." They were being rationed, which the fuckers that were complaining thought was starving, but that's not the same thing. But let's look at the Evacuation Plan.
Okay, Nagin was a total fuck-up and never even tried to initiate it. He'd never looked at it, despite a fucking hurricane being headed for his city which, by the way, was below sea level. So calling him a fuck-up is insulting fuck-ups. But there was a Plan.

The Plan was to use school and city buses to evacuate all those who were "transportation challenged." Whether Nagin used it or not was sort of a moot point, though. People had forgotten little details. Such as, there was no emergency call list for the drivers.

In any group that does emergency response, from the military to cops and even including child services, there is a call list. Generally it's a call tree. Person at the top gets a call. He or she calls three people, then starts getting ready to head in. Those people call two or three people lower than them and start getting ready. Assuming more or less equal transportation distances, the bosses get to work first, which helps in most cases.

There was no such phone tree for bus drivers. So there was no real way for anyone to get ahold of them in an emergency. Oops.

Drivers had never been told that they were supposed to drive people out in an emergency. So they weren't exactly sitting by the phone if there had been a phone tree. They had jobs and cars. They were packing to leave or already gone.

And that was the last point. The order to get out was sent out before any thought was given at all to the "transportation challenged" plan and even the evacuation order was more of a bow to reality; the roads out of New Orleans were packed (by among other things the bus drivers) when it was given….

Look, in a local major disaster like that, FEMA wasn't even supposed to be up and running for seventy-two hours. Three days. That was after they were requested by local authorities. But on day two, hell with the skies barely clearing, people were asking "Where is FEMA?"

FEMA doesn't actually have all that many full-time employees. Disasters, by their very definition, don't occur all the fucking time. So most of its response specialists are contractors who do other things, or are retired and hang out, waiting for the next response.
They had to be called in. People had to go in and find areas to set up. It take stime. Even then, they don't do most of the work. They coordinate the work. More contractors, and military, and local government do the actual work. Federal Emergency Management Agency.
Asking "where is FEMA" in a disaster is like asking "Why aren't the managers here?"
The managers are important, don't get me wrong. But they don't get the bodies cleared.

Well, that pretty much sums that one up, without even mentioning the Democrat Congressman "rescued" by the National Guard who went to his house to fetch almost 100 grand in cash from his freezer...

 The hurricane Obama "saved" us all from was Irene, and what he did was to continue playing golf on vacation until the storm cut it short...since he stayed on vacation during the previous week's EARTHQUAKE on the east coast. And where the hell was he last week, when a huge storm front labeled by some as a "land hurricane", devastated the mid-Atlantic coast, killing dozens and left millions without power in 100-degree heat for DAYS? Off playing golf again.

Spare me your bullshit. Facts are facts, after all, aren't they?


Anonymous said...

This is your wife saying Damn I love the man who wrote this. I'm glad you speak your mind and tell it how it is. Love you

Unknown said...

Thanks for telling it like it is Steve. I came to this sight for a shiny toy guns review and stayed for the dialogue. Actually heading to the carolinas for my transfer. Glad I am gonna be in an area where people are more down to earth then the left coast. Keep it up man!

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

James, by all means stay in touch. Sounds like we have a LOT in common.