Sunday, January 20, 2013

Something new to read

Who's got your back? I do.

When I first started this blog I struggled for a long time to find my niche, not so much my voice but more rather what exactly the focus of my writing would be about. As you well know by now most of my writing is Conservative Politics and commentary on The Stupid People of the World but I often stray off the map and venture into music and culture.

Back in the olden days when I was in that struggle phase, I made a somewhat weak attempt to start what I had hoped would be a regular feature on the site, that of me doling out helpful advice to guys on how to look decent without spending a lot of money, and just general handy tips on getting by in today's hectic world.

It failed. I don't think either article I posted ever really got read, and was certainly never commented upon by anyone. Ergo, the idea died almost in utero.

Fast forward six years and I've exhumed the body, hooked up the electrodes, and resurrected the zombie.

Yes, indeed, ever the glutton for punishment, I have started a second blog site to regale you with my wit and wisdom. I am your Virtual Wingman. Who's got your back? I do.

The new page is called The Savvy Guyde, a guy's guide to being savvy without the overbearing condescension of most advice pages, without the hefty price tags associated with most lifestyle publications, and without the overglossed underfed pretty-boy fashion rag attitude.

I'll be covering a lot of topics in upcoming articles like tips on shaving, especially shaving your head bald without shredding your scalp, how to pack a Go Kit for you single guys out there (hey, I was single once too), the tricky subject of The Man Purse, proper accessories for your wardrobe, and even the occasional recipe for guys who can burn water. Trust me, I have a single buddy my age in Florida who laments almost daily his inability to do anything in the kitchen besides bake a boneless chicken breast. I'm no James Beard Award chef, but I'm pretty handy in the kitchen.

By no means does this signal the death of Global Domination Through Applied Inactivity. I've spent six-plus years building this place up to almost 700,000 hits and a couple hundred readers. I'm not gonna drop that modicum of success just to work this new project. This just means I have to work twice as hard as before.

So, please wander on over and take a gander at the new page. Feel free to follow it too. Love me and make me famous.


jay son said...

please tell me you are wearing something under the apron while in the kitchen getting in touch with your inner woman.

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

You assume I have an apron...I cook like a real man, bro; I just wipe my hands on my shirt & keep truckin'.