Thursday, December 5, 2013

Boycott the NFL and the Super Bowl: Support Daniel Defense

Company founder Marty Daniel, a real American.
I'll preface this post by saying I'm not that big a football fan. I seldom watch more than one or two games a season. I really only watch the Super Bowl for the ads. And sadly, an ad that I'd like to see has been denied by the NFL, and for this reason, I'm skipping the Super Bowl this year.

Most ads for the Super Bowl cost advertisers upwards of a million bucks to place. Many cost even more. The average cost of a Super Bowl ad last year was $4,000,000 for a 30-second spot. That's in addition to the cost of making the commercial, and in general Super Bowl ads go for broke on the production value and special effects. Most Super Bowl ads never get aired after the Super Bowl; they're so expensive to make & place that some companies can't afford to keep running them after the initial investment, and in other cases it's more memorable for it to be a one-time only iconic ad.

Note: Yeah, I keep emphasizing the words SUPER BOWL, because the NFL likes to lord it over the media that they own those words and that no one can utter the words "super" and "bowl" together without getting sued and paying them through the nose. The media resorts to saying "the big game" because they fear the NFL and its goon squad of legal attack dogs. I, however, am not the press. I'm not the mainstream media. I don't get paid to author this site. I haven't monetized this site with ads for income and revenue generation because I refuse to be beholden to anyone as I give my opinions and spout my wrath and expose the truth that is the idiocy of the human condition. By & large this species is doomed, but I digress. Since I am a private citizen exercising my First Amendment rights, the NFL and its commissioner, one Roger Goodell, can pucker up while I drop my trousers.

The NFL is all about money. It's not about the football. Football is just the means to an end. The game is just the machination that makes them the money. The league has annual revenues of over $25 BILLION with a capital B. Hell, even Oprah doesn't make that much. The league is powerful, all powerful.  It can decide if you're cool enough to own a team; even if you have the money to buy it you have to kiss the ring (and the ass) to be approved to buy (or sell.). They get to tell team owners whether they can move to a new city or not (yeah, you own the team and pay the staff and players but you can't do anything with your team without our permission...) It's the football Mafia and Commissioner Roger Goodell is the Godfather. He hands out fines for any and all infractions whether real or perceived. If Goodell doesn't like your end zone celebration? Fine. A coach or player or owner expresses displeasure with a rule or the league or anything football related? Fine. You got in trouble off the field for something non-football related and someone out there might think football is bad? Fine. You broke the no cell phone rule to call your wife to tell her you were okay after receiving a possible concussion? Fine. You wore a different color sneaker to raise awareness for mental illness when the official party line was to wear pink for the breast cancer Mafia? Fine. The league makes more money per year from levying arbitrary BS fines than most players earn annually playing the game.

The actual letter fining Brandon Marshall

They'll fine you for throwing a ball into the stands after a touchdown but not if you just hand a ball to someone on the sidelines...they say they don't want people to to start fights in the stands over a ball, but then turn around & fire frikkin' tee shirts from air guns into the stands as if crazed fans already pie-faced from tailgating with a pony keg for 6 hours before the game and six $10 stadium beers by halftime aren't gonna fight over a free souvenir paper-thin too-small shirt that'll shrink to the size of a washcloth after the first run through the laundry? Please.

Oh, by the way...sit down for this one...try not to choke from apoplexy on this one...the NFL is a tax-exempt organization.

I'll wait a second while you digest that. Take a Zantac or two as you swallow the bile. Over twenty-five BILLION a year in revenues TAX FREE. I owed taxes last year and our combined income was less than fifty grand. 'Merica...

Like I said at the beginning, there's an ad I would have liked to have seen this year were I to watch the Super Bowl. The ad was from Daniel Defense, a company based outside Savannah, Georgia in Black Creek. Daniel Defense is a manufacturer but also has a brick and mortar store location nearby in the town of Ellabell. A second facility of the company is just down the road about 40 miles from me in the town of Ridgeland, SC. The company also sellsparts & accessories. The company wasn't trying to go global with the ad, but rather wanted the ad run in 8 regional markets, at a cost of $500,000. And the NFL denied their request. Because they're a gun manufacturer.

The ad features no guns yet Daniel Defense was denied due to the NFL's restriction on advertising of firearms, ammunition and other weapons. The league does allow ads from stores that sell guns and Daniel Defense does have a brick-and-mortar store, but the answer was still no, angering Daniel Defense's director of marketing Jordan Hunter, who said his company made sure no guns were shown in the ad.

"It was my intention to do a commercial that can run on mainstream TV,'' said Hunter, "and that shows we're your next-door neighbors, not fanatics as we're portrayed in the media.''

So, let's take a look at this hideously offensive ad, shall we?

According to the NFL, Daniel Defense cannot submit for commercial time during the Super Bowl because their products do not reflect the message that the NFL wants to send. According to their regulations… “Firearms, ammunition or other weapons are prohibited; however, stores that sell firearms and ammunition (like outdoor stores and camping stores) will be permitted, provided they sell other products and the ads do not mention firearms, ammunition or other weapons.” Despite the fact that the ad does not feature a weapon or a single round of ammunition, the NFL still denied their ad. The League even grasped at straws and pointed out  that the Daniel Defense logo was in fact a rifle, and when the company replied that they would take out the rifle and replace it with an American flag, they were still barred from giving the NFL half a million bucks to fill their coffers.

So we have a violent sport where huge men battle each other brutally, a brawl verging on fisticuffs, and often ending with broken men forced to retire after just a handful of seasons with debilitating injuries, including brain damage that the League has glossed over for decades without much in the way of helping the victims until recently when the media started calling them out on it...and they wanna bitch about an ad that focuses on self-reliance, and the responsibility of watching out for one's own family, THAT SHOWS NO GUNS.

Of course, whiny liberals will snivel as they so often do and cry about how guns kill people, like this whiny sports blogger who berates the ad as "implicitly selling guns", and that evil guns killed over 19,000 people in 2010. Instead, the NFL chooses to rely on ads for beer and soda and chips and candy, a talking baby encouraging you to risk your money playing the stock market and a website domain company that uses scantily-clad women as their gimmick.

If you look at the 2010 leading causes for death in the United States firearms does not even enter into the top 10. The top three are heart disease (597,689 deaths), cancer (574,743 deaths), and lower respiratory illness (138,080).

The leading cause of heart disease is inactivity, being a lazy lagabout sloth, and many Americans are guilty of such. Inactivity say from, watching football on TV all day on Sunday drinking beer and eating wings & pizza? Another cause of heart disease is say eating fatty foods, such as those served by the billions by NFL advertisers McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, and KFC. And beer ain't exactly a health food, despite those strong & virile Budweiser Clydesdales or the word "Light" after the word "Bud".

Soda consumption is also on the list of factors which contribute to not only obesity but heart disease and diabetes, both of which claimed over 650,000 lives in 2011. However, the NFL has granted PepsiCo extensive advertising time for the 2014 Super Bowl, despite the health warnings against soda consumption. It also does not help their case that both Butterfinger and Mars both have secured advertising space, because candy is also oh-so-good for you.

This guy will die from NFL approved diseases long before worrying about getting shot by a legal gun owner

There's always a lot of car ads during the Super Bowl despite the fact that motor vehicle accidents claimed the lives of 34,000 people in 2012, which is more than firearms are able to take credit for.

Yeah, pretty sure this wasn't caused by a gun.

How about Comcast, the giant national cable provider? They happen to own NBC Universal, who happen to be a big carrier of NFL games during the regular season. NBC, the National Barack Channel and parent of LeftWingNutjob network MSNBC, and employer of Bob Costas, the aging hack who likes to mouth off during games about social issues like, say, gun control...? Comcast, after acquiring NBC earlier in 2013, extended their newly acquired company's policy of banning the advertisement of firearms or ammunition in any program that goes through a Comcast box. Oh, and also they own Telemundo who also happens to be an NFL carrier, extending a liberal leftist message to our nation's burgeoning Hispanic population who prefer to be entertained in their native tongue instead of English.

Comcast also happens to have donated over $300,000 to Barack Obama’s reelection campaign. And we all know how Presidizzle Obeezy feels about the 2nd Amendment and its application to modern day America, the America he wants to fundamentally change.

So perhaps Comcast, being the second largest media conglomerate in the world in terms of revenue and a large carrier of NFL games, put the pressure on the NFL to deny Daniel Defense their air time to further their own liberal agenda, maybe even at the behest of The One Himself, Blessed Be His Name, Lord Messiah Obama the First? 

During last year's Super Bowl, a regional ad in the DC area was aired by uber-liberal former NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg's Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a firearm-related ad. But Daniel Defense is being denied the same right with their ad. The big difference in the two ads is that Bloomberg's ad actually mentioned guns and the Daniel Defense ad does not. In fact, the Daniel Defense ad, as you saw above, does not even show a gun, save for the silhouette of one contained in their logo, which they offered to change. Furthermore, Daniel Defense also aired an ad in the Georgia television market during the 2012 Super Bowl without complaints from the NFL. Just sayin'...

The man in the Daniel Defense ad is portrayed as a man home from active military service, a chord that rings with millions of veterans, many of who aren't far removed from the war zones themselves. Wars though not started by the current President but have continued through his entire administration despite his campaign promises five or six years ago to end them immediately. More American troops have died under this President than died under his predecessor that he blames for everything he fails at. The same guy who left Americans to die in Benghazi and sold guns to Mexican drug lords, guns that killed a Border Patrol agent. The same guy who drone-strikes people all day as he shines his Nobel Peace Prize. The Left thinks all us veterans are murderous thugs and terrorists, so a commercial that ecourages you to be self-reliant and responsible and exercising you Second Amendment rights with a legally-owned weapon instead of cowering and waiting for the government to save you from actual murderous thugs with illegal guns, thugs who voted for the current Leftist regimes...that commercial simply cannot be seen.

Support Daniel Defense. Boycott the Super Bowl and the NFL. Hit 'em in the wallet. And while you're at it, encourage your Congressional reps and Senators to look into why a $25 billion business pays no taxes.


jay son said...

ski, this is really excellent reporting, again. i wish more people would see this AND comment on it and other works you produce.

i'm still going to watch the game, but i will be calling my congress critters and ask why the no fun league gets a pass on tax day.

and i can not support daniel defense, as you KNOW i am anti gun.

good points and a great article just the same.

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

Anti-Gun, my ass. You're one damned dirty ape away from being Chuck Heston.