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Ferguson is just like MLK's protests? Seriously?

I don't recall Dr. King flipping over any cop cars.
Someone had the audacity to say that the riots in Ferguson, Missouri were just like the marches of Martin Luther King. Please, tell me how? Other than a massed group of black citizens protesting a situation with TV cameras rolling, I see very damned little to compare the two.

Look, by no means am I in favor of cops groundlessly shooting unarmed citizens of any color or background. However I'm also not exactly in favor of a six-four, 300-pound thug committing strong-arm robbery to heist a carton of Swisher Sweets (ostensibly to stuff full of weed) with said thug then refusing to get out of the middle of the street when told to by a cop, so that a confrontation ensues. This escalates into a fight for the cop's gun after Sir Thugsalot rushes the cop and hits him in the face so hard it was originally thought to have caused an orbital blowout fracture. He then rushes the cop a final time, intent on beating him to death, and ends up being shot. The kid's homeboy and robbery accomplice fabricates a story that he had his hands up and was saying "Don't Shoot" when he was actually charging the cop and saying, "What? You gonna shoot me?". Of course the public and media believes Thug #2, who already has an outstanding arrest warrant for Failure To Appear to answer charges in July of 2013 for an arrest on theft charges in June of 2011. In their eyes, a white cop just murdered an unarmed black teen in the street.

Oh, snap!!! An excuse to loot and riot? It's on like Donkey Kong! When blacks kill each other, it doesn't even make the news anymore. But add a white shooter to the mix and it's Free TV's For Everyone!!!!

After all, folks burned down Los Angeles over the Rodney King verdict. The media showed the final few seconds of video in the Rodney King arrest recorded by George Holliday (but not the beginning that showed King resisting arrest and charging a cop after a high speed chase while King was under the influence.) The cops used excessive force in my opinion to subdue him, in my opinion, but King was also at fault and not as innocent a victim as portrayed by the media.

Ultimately, several LAPD officers found themselves criminally charged. There was one mistrial and four were acquitted in a Simi Valley courtroom. The officers were tried a second time in Federal Court and two were convicted of violating King’s Constitutional Rights. They were sent to Federal Prison. Two other officers were acquitted a second time.

When this case was reported, the media chose to edit out the first three seconds of the tape that showed Rodney King rising up from the street and charging at one officer in a clear-cut violent assault. In self defense, that officer struck King with his baton. The jury saw that portion of the tape for the first time in court after it had been deliberately withheld from the public by the media. This short clip gave credibility to the officers, who testified that a major part of the battle with Rodney King occurred before Holliday turned on his camera.

But that was enough for Los Angeles to burn. Whitey had to pay. And pay L.A. did. In the end over 50 were killed, over 4,000 injured, and the monetary cost was over a BILLION dollars.

However,  when OJ Simpson was acquitted after a botched, effed-up circus of a trial for brutally murdering two white folks, no one rioted. In fact, there were threats of riots if OJ was convicted.

I fully expected Florida to be burned off the map when George Zimmerman was acquitted. After all the death threats and calls for violence, most of the nation expected it too. After all, a teen thug that the media portrayed as an angelic cherub was hunted like an animal by a guy who, while half Hispanic, was half WHITE....just as white as President Obeezy, but he's still black in their eyes.

So, the first victim of the rioters and looters was the local Quick Trip. You see, the rumor on the streets was that the Quick Trip was the store that called the PoPo after being robbed. I mean, how dare they call the police after a Strong Nubian Warrior extracted his reparations against The Man for years of keeping him down? So it gets spray painted with "SNITCHES GET STITCHES", and today is an empty burned out shell.

Don't mind my gun. This is a peaceful protest, yo.

Hope he had the keen foresight to steal a corkscrew too.

But justice had yet to be served. Turns out it was the Ferguson Market and Liquor that called the cops. So they shot out the windows and meted out retribution in the form of stolen alcohol, breffist of champions.

The window gets shot out, allowing access to the liquor store to blame for the riots. If only they'd just knuckled under...

Gotta have money for weed, since you can't loot it. So, loot the ATMs and cash registers. That's just simple Ghettonomics 101. Err'body know dat!

And of course nothing says JUSTICE quite like breaking into the local beauty supply store and carrying off armloads of hair weaves. That's just common knowledge. In da hood, err'body know dat!

Looting is hungry work, so stop by Sam's Meat Market and steal a few steaks. It's our Mike Brown Riot Sale; everything must go! Prices will never be lower, because it's FREE!!!! That frees up your food stamp debit car funds to be sold to others for cash so you can buy stuff you can't steal.

Savages, the whole bloody lot of them. I can understand some initial community anger and an honestly peaceful protest to address grievances like civilized rational human beings. However, the standard hoodrat response to being pissed off and not getting your way, especially when you've allegedly been wronged by The Man, is to riot and steal and burn down your community. After all, perceived wrongs can only be made right when you burn your neighbors out of their homes and businesses, and fill your domiciles with flat screens and cases of mawlt ligga, know'm sayin'?

The aftermath...
By bullying people into not talking to the police (ie: snitching) with threats of retribution, by committing acts of violence against neighbors and perceived adversaries alike with no regard to who gets hurt so long as it serves your purposes, by perpetrating and perpetuating a lie by calling yourselves peaceful protesters who have been wronged yet all the while throwing Molotov cocktails and rocks, and sporadically shooting as you steal and burn and pillage, you are no different than terrorist vermin straight out of the Third World.

And of course, here comes the Race Bait Brigade, with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson swooping in to get their faces on TV trying to be relevant. Neither of these clowns ever seem to be in church, and neither are reverential nor revered, and thusly I refuse to call either of them "Reverend". Hard to take Jackson seriously as a man of the cloth when he was shelling out four grand a month in child support for an illegitimate daughter he fathered in an adulterous tryst with a staffer. Sharpton first became famous for making a national case out of a false rape allegation and has been a media whore ever since.

Sharpton started flapping his clamshells immediately.  “I have never in all my years seen something as offensive and insulting as a police chief releasing a tape of a young man trying to smear him before we even have his funeral or his burial,” Sharpton said. “First of all, if this is the young man, y’all quit trying to exaggerate. That was shoplifting, not robbery… Robbery, you break in, stick something up. Shoplifting, you take some cigars. It’s wrong if he did it, but call it what it is.”

Actually, Al, shoplifting is punished as stealing in Missouri. Stealing consists of taking property that belongs to another person, without the person’s consent, or by means of deceit or coercion, and with the intention of depriving that person of the property. Shoplifters are subject to criminal penalties, including jail time and fines, as well as civil penalties. Had he simply pocketed a pack of cigarillos, maybe that would be simple shoplifting. But to shove around the clerk and take by force an entire $50.00 case of them, well, yeah, that's strong-arm robbery. You say they tried to smear him before he could even have a funeral? Well, the blood stains weren't even dry yet when you got there. The TV cameras weren't even set up yet. And as far as never in your life seeing something so offensive or insulting, how about helping Tawana Brawley ruin the lives and reputations of people by perpetuating a fabricated hoax for personal gain? Scumbag.

Hey guys, every weekend in Chicago blacks shoot each other by the dozens and I don't see you sashaying on in to save the day. Detroit is a combat zone. Last weekend there were shootings in every borough of New York City except Staten Island and you were silent. But now that no one in Missouri gives a rat's ass about what you have to say Sharpton is scurrying off to Staten Island (the borough where no one was shot) to lead a march because a black man died there while being arrested by a white cop.

Preach on, Brother Kermit! Preach on!

The family wasn't gonna be be happy with whatever autopsy results were going to come from St Louis County and so they went with a private autopsy starring celebrity pathologist Michael Baden, assisted by some clown of dubious credentials. And when those results gave no real information, the White House figured this would be a great distraction away from all of Obeezy's troubles, and so Attorney General Eric Holder has now waded into the mire to demand a federal autopsy. When the hell was the last time you heard of the Attorney General for the United States getting personally involved in a municipal case in a suburb of 21,000 people? Yeah, me neither.

Someone had the cherries this week in the news to refer to Holder as The Nation's Top Cop. What utter tripe. He's most assuredly not a cop. He's never been to a police training academy course to be certified as a law enforcement officer. Hell, as a Military Policeman 25 years ago I am closer to being America's Top Cop than he is. He's a lawyer, period. Oh, and a bureaucrat. Can't forget that he's spent 90% of his adult life as a government employee. Of course, the first thing Holder does is endear himself to the criminals of the city by saying he knows how they feel because as a black man he himself was hassled by The Man in his younger days.

Things were so bad at your Ivy League school.

This is the same Eric Holder who, as the US Attorney General, sold guns to Mexican drug cartels, resulting in the death of dozens of Mexicans and at least one US Border Patrol Agent. I hold him personally culpable for the death of Brian Terry. This is the same Eric Holder who, as the US Attorney General, did nothing as the New Black Panther Party engaged in voter intimidation against white voters in Filthadelphia as their leadership called for violence against whites. The same Eric Holder, who as the US Attorney General, sat on his thumb while the White House made a scapegoat of a guy who made a very bad YouTube video that was blamed for the terrorist attack in Benghazi where Hillary Clinton and Lord Obeezy left four good Americans to die at the hands of Islamist savages. Meanwhile the guy who made the video was convicted of some charge or other and sent to jail for a year while Clinton rakes in millions from her book deal and Obeezy golfs as the world burns. The same Eric Holder who as the US Attorney General is letting tens of thousands of illegals stream across our borders. Shall I go on?

Other forces are at work in Ferguson too. Never ones to let a good crisis go to waste, the Democrat Party and George Soros have had the balls and bad taste to set up voter registration booths in Ferguson, likely promising more Obama Phones and other goodies to the hoodrats to sign up under the Donkey Party. The New Black Panther Party was there, whipping up mobs to chant for the death of the officer involved. And there are genuine communist agitators on the scene too, according to articles at The Missouri Torch website. And in the background of one photo taken at a protest riot, you can clearly see the words "ISIS HERE" on a t-shirt being used as a banner, referring to the same Islamist terror group beheading Americans overseas while Obeezy golfs, and buries alive or crucifies Christians who don't ascribe to their twisted religious bent.

Voter registration booth set up right next to where Mike Brown was shot. Stay classy, Democrats.
Are you asshats inviting them here or telling us they've already arrived?

These riots and protests have been going on nightly for over two weeks. By now there shouldn't be anything left to steal or burn so I suspect they should peter out soon. Then again, for many of the participants it's not like they have jobs to go to so this is exciting and fun. People have been coming in to town from other areas to riot and loot and get in on the action. When the locals couldn't control the situation, they called in the State Police, and a curfew was enacted that was not only immediately ignored, but was almost immediately lifted as some dunderhead claimed it had worked to effectively control the situation. And when the staties proved ineffectual at doing anything more productive than watching the pretty glow of the Molotovs,  Governor Nixon called in the National Guard, who barely had time to show up and tour the carnage before being sent home, having accomplished who-knows-what for the expense of having been deployed.

Ah, yes, Governor Nixon....a Democrat in a tight spot hoping to stay in office, so he opens his cake hole and calls for "a vigorous prosecution" of the officer involved, this before the investigation is completed or a grand jury has turned over an indictment. The officer has yet to be charged with any sort of crime, and the Governor is calling him guilty. What an idiot. He also had an attack of the Terminal Dumb and said that releasing the store surveillance video of Mike Brown robbing the store before he was killed "besmirched" Brown's character. No, you imbecile...robbing the store and then assaulting a cop besmirched his character. You're as stupid as Sharpton is.

At least he did the right thing in leaving St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCullough in charge of the investigation despite calls for McCullough to recuse himself because in 1964 his police officer father was murdered and because in 2000 he did not prosecute two officers involved in a shooting. The man has been the county prosecutor since 1991. That's 23 years. The city's defense attorneys have nothing but glowing accolades for McCullough as being tough but fair. I can't help but wonder if Nixon is just leaving him in place because he's a fellow Democrat. And of course, Democrat or no, the NAACP is against having him as prosecutor because he's white. That's par for the course. No shock or surprise there. Down with Whitey.

The Governor is also a bit flabbergasted at all the military-grade equipment that law enforcement was using in Ferguson. In fact, he said he was thunderstruck. I find this a tad hard to believe with any credulity since he is the one who helped local police departments obtain surplus military gear. Of course, all the snivelers on the Left who know absolutely fuck-all about what constitutes military vs civilian law-eforcement equipment said there were tanks on the streets of Ferguson and were boo-hoo all over the media about the militarization of the police.

Well, tell you what. Tanks have big cannons in a turret and ride on tracks. I saw a single MRAP-style armored truck in Ferguson coverage and a couple standard SWAT vans. And riot control gear looks pretty much the same for civilian cops as it does for Military Police. A visored plastic helmet, a plastic shield, and gloves. The idea is to protect your officers from harm against the rioters seeking to harm them. And when the rioters are throwing rocks and Molotovs and occasionally firing at people, you effectively have a combat zone on your hands.

This is, indeed, a tank.
That, friends, is not a tank.

The more I think about it, it's not so much the militarization of the police as it's been lately the policification of the military, turning a fighting force into a police peacekeeping force. And all you Democrats in power were cool with the police and Homeland Security getting this gear to keep all the Tea Party people in line, so STFU.

The Governor isn't the only political idiot frothing at the mouth in Ferguson. Local state Senator Maria Chappelle Nadal has been stirring the pot at every turn in Ferguson, possibly with an eye for higher office and what better way to endear yourself to local Democrats than by by re-tweeting racist tweets and sending F-You tweets to the white Governor (a fellow Democrat no less, but allegiance to one's race supersedes even allegiance to leftist ideology) for not doing enough to kill the white cop who's to blame.

The ignorant-assed media makes my skull ache. This guy from HuffPo has been catching grief for days now for mistaking earplugs for rubber bullets. I almost choked on my morning can of Kick Start when I saw this.

And really....way to spellcheck the town name.

Of course, the general public at large is kinda stupid too. This is a shining example. Put down the crack pipe.

If you haven't gotten it yet, kill yourself.

So spare me the sob story about how the peaceful protesters in Ferguson are just like the civil rights protests led by Martin Luther King. Last I recalled, Dr. King's marches were indeed peaceful affairs, free of Molotovs and looting and half-naked thugs with pants down past their asses. People were quiet and indeed peaceful, and wore coats and ties like respectable citizens. That sound you hear is King rolling in his grave at the antics of the people he worked so hard to gain civil rights for.

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Well done. I'm a moderate and I can usually find plenty to disagree with while reading ANY article, as well as grammitical errors. I could not find an example of either in this lengthy post. It's as if you're a rational person that thinks.