Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Surplus Giraffes and Obamacare Death Panels

Marius the Giraffe, days before he was killed.
About a week ago, on the 9th, the Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark slaughtered a 2-year old giraffe named Marius. In front of a crowd of spectators, including children. And then dissected the carcass. And then fed chunks to lions.Why? Because he was, in their words, surplus.

The zoo was concerned that as part of an international breeding program, inbreeding could occur. And thousands of people petitioned to save Marius' life, an appeal that fell on deaf ears. A CNN anchor asked the zoo's scientific director, Bengt Holst, if Marius could simply be neutered or moved to another zoo to avoid killing him. The reply was cold and clinical. "If we just sterilize him, he will take up space for more genetically valuable giraffes." Several zoos volunteered to take Marius in, including Yorkshire Wildlife Park in England, which has a state of the art giraffe house and the capacity for an extra male. Male giraffes mature at around age four but do not mate until around seven, so there was on average a good five years to determine his disposition before the situation of breeding (or inbreeding) would become problematic. However, that's five years of being fed and housed. Besides, as the good Bengt pointed out, there were rules and regulations and protocols to adhere to. (Where have I heard that before?)

So a bolt gun ended his life in a public spectacle. A lethal injection would have tainted the meat, thus spoiling the second half of the event.

When asked if the children in the crowd watching cried, Holst said, 'Just the opposite. The crowd was very enthusiastic and the kids asked good questions." .

After Marius was carved up in front of the crowd, some of him was used for research and the rest was fed to lions, leopards, and tigers. "In this case we would never throw away 200 kilograms of meat.", Holst said.

Holst added that on average, 20 to 30 animals, including goats, antelopes, and wild boar, were culled for the same reason every year at the zoo. "This is the first giraffe. I do not understand the outrage; we are all used to on a current basis of animals being culled in the wild.". 

Look, I understand culling herds in the wild when populations get too large for their local food supply or what not, but this wasn't a wild animal. It's a giraffe (estimates are that as few as 80,000 giraffes of all species are in the wild) in a zoo, and not a simple farm goat (millions everywhere), antelope (hundreds of thousands), or wild boar (a breeding machine nuisance animal in many areas with a shoot on sight order in some). It was killed in front of a throng of people like a vanquished foe in the Roman amphitheater and then carved up in front of kids to be tossed as snacks.

They used a bolt gun to shoot Marius in the head.

The masses gather for the bread and circuses

Carved up like beef at the market.

Casually holding up a hunk on a dead giraffe. Alles in Ordnung.
I understand the circle of life and no one boo hoos over cows that get the same treatment, but cows are bred as food and are a lot more plentiful than giraffes and no one kills them in front of kids before feeding the lions.
Hey, y'know...panda bears are a pain in the ass to breed and serve no real function so why not kill them and feed them to zoo carnivores? Oh, yeah; the Chinese own them all and would lose their minds and do something rash like call in all our debts.

Herr Doktor SS-Hauptsturmfuehrer Josef Rudolf Mengele.

Someone else used to do research experiments and carve up what he considered surplus animals. Dude's name was Josef Mengele. Did lots of experiments on captive Jews. Maybe you've heard of him?  He worked for some guys who had a nifty euthanasia plan called the T-4 Program that saw upwards of 275,000 people murdered by physicians, people judged incurably sick mentally or physically, and therefore not worthy of being a burden on the Volk, and certainly not to be allowed to breed and taint the pure Aryan bloodlines of the Reich. In their eyes they were enforcing "racial hygiene". Either way, someone made decisions on who would live or die based on whether they were of any value to the state. Hey, they were just following orders. There were rules and regulations to follow. and the people in many cases, were happy to see them go, and were just as happy to see the Jews rounded up too.

Fast forward to today, and Obamacare. Government functionaries with little to no regard for the people they are judging are going to determine whether you're going to receive any care at all, and if so, how much. The state is slowly taking over all healthcare and will ration it based upon your value to the state. Too young to work for the good of the state? Don't expect anything. Too old to be of use? Go die, oldster. We'll ration out the care instead to those in their 20's and 30's, those strapping laborers in the proletarian ranks who, ironically, generally are the healthiest segment of the population and require the least medical care.

You think Death Panels are a myth? You think I'm talking out of my ass? How about last year and the ten-year old girl in Pennsylvania with weeks to live who was being denied a lung transplant because of an age policy that said she had to be 12 to receive the lungs? Even the Reichsminister for Health, Kathleen Sebelius, was denying the request to give the girl a chance to live. A government functionary who allegedly works for the people and the good of the people, was deciding to deny care to this child. That, friends, is a DEATH PANEL. A one-person panel, but a panel in practice as well as theory.

The Left and their media puppet cronies are adamant that Death Panels are a hoax, a myth, a fallacy, a flight of fancy created by lunatics like Sarah Palin to smear the Almighty Obama and His Holy Healthcare Edicts. They flood the Internet with article after article denying anything of the sort exists. Hell, do a Google search on "death panels" and all the top searches are from left-controlled propaganda sites like Salon and Media Matters, as well as  the New York Times and Washington Post (come on, the mouthpieces of the Reich Propaganda Ministry?). There's an article at Slate proudly proclaiming that Canada has Death Panels and That's a Good Thing. I read it and I failed to see how it's a good thing for a panel to be able to overrule a family's decision to keep their loved on on life support after doctors said he was beyond saving. I can see reasoning with a family to argue quality of life and suggesting they let their loved one go, but not forcing the issue if the family wants more time and getting a government panel to overrule the family and pull the plug anyways. Then again, in Canada, it's the government taxes through the nose of the citizens that pay for health care, so a burden on the state needs to die. Of course, like any good citizen in a gun-controlled semi-socialist society that takes a huge chunk of your income to pay for everyone's free bandaids, the author had to bring up gun rights and how barbaric we are for having thrown off the British yoke in 1776 rather than just subserviently live under it until receiving a level of independence while still being part of the British Commonwealth and therefore not needing guns. (Yeah, I said it. And I'm half-Canadian to boot, eh?)

Waiting 168 days for breast cancer MRI's? Jesus...my mom had hers done within a few days when she was diagnosed. Her lumpectomy and followup chemo & radiation took less than 168 days. And when she was diagnosed with a cataract & had to have it removed it was a couple weeks, not 141 days. Ironically, my mother was born in Ontario. Maybe that's why people duck across the border to Buffalo rather than wait. People DIE when they have to wait.

By pricing private insurance beyond the reach of consumers to afford and employers to provide, the Feral Government is slowly forcing the nation towards a government health system. Kinda like the one bankrupting economies like, say, Germany and England. The Brits are trying to get out from under national socialized healthcare while we're headed into that abyss pell-mell. And once we're all beholden to our kind & benevolent masters, they and they alone will determine who lives and dies based upon their value to the Collective.

And you and me will eventually end up as surplus giraffes, with a bolt to the skull our end reward for our faithful service to the state, because rules must be followed.

Oh, yeah, before I forget...there's a second giraffe in Denmark also facing death soon. And who has stepped up to try and offer the animal a home? The President of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov. In case you're unfamiliar with Chechnya, it's a dangerous and violent breakaway Russian province filled with Muslims who commit acts of terrorism against Russia (and probably us too) with alarming regularity and astonishing brutality, earning astonishingly brutal reprisals from Putin & Company. The dude owns a lion and a tiger already and swears the giraffe will be well taken care of. Fly, meet spider...How bad do things have to be when a jumped up warlord in one of the most dangerous places on earth is your best chance at survival?

Sounds legit.

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