Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Conspiracy Theories About Missing 777 Aren't That Far-Fetched

This is the Boeing 777-200ER that disappeared, seen here leaving Paris in an undated photo.

Look, I'm not prone to wild conspiracy theories about contrails or black helicopters or stuff like that. Then again, the notion that the government was reading your emails and hacking your phone and using micro-drones was once a laughed at conspiracy theory too.

There's a jet missing with 239 people on it. Most people think it crashed. Others say terrorists blew it up. I fear it's far far worse.

So what do we know?

Weather was clear. The plane had enough fuel for an eight hour flight, two hours more than needed to get to its destination of Beijing.

The plane vanished around 1:30 am an hour into its flight over an area with spotty radar coverage. One report says the plane turned around. Another report says it was spotted on radar several hundred miles off course. The Malaysian Air Force lost track of the plane over Pulau Perak, a tiny island in the Strait of Malacca.

We have two Iranians who boarded using stolen passports that somehow were missed in Kuala Lampur despite one being stolen last year and one stolen in 2012.

The Boeing 777 is pretty much the safest aircraft flying today.The captain was vastly experienced, with over 18,000 flight hours, and the copilot had over 2800 hours but just recently transitioned to the 777.

The flight's transponder just stopped sending formation as if it was turned off.

Family members of missing passengers are saying they can still see their loved ones' cell phones logged online on the internet and the phones were ringing to voicemail as if the phones were still on and the people were still alive.

Okay...conspiracy time. Flight was headed to Beijing. The Chinese are very hard on their ethnic Muslim Uighur population and the flight originated from Malaysia which is 61% Muslim and neighboring Indonesia is 80% Muslim. A Chinese Muslim terror group has taken credit for the plane going missing but I think that's crap, and the whole Chinese/Uighur connection is a false flag; too obvious.

I don't think it was a mid-air bombing. Where's the wreckage? If it was a big enough bomb to vaporize the entire plane, I do believe surveillance satellites would have noted it. A smaller bomb would have left debris when the wreckage hit the water and may have left time for the crew to send a Mayday distress call. Where are the pings from the emergency beacons in the black boxes?

Yes, people suspected a bomb when that Air France flight from Brazil disappeared en route to Paris in 2009. But that turned out to be a crash after temporary inconsistencies between the airspeed measurements—likely due to the aircraft's pitot tubes being obstructed by ice crystals encountered flying through a storm—caused the autopilot to disconnect, after which the crew reacted incorrectly and ultimately led the aircraft to an aerodynamic stall from which they did not recover.

In the case of Air France 447, it took five days just to find the first floating wreckage. And it was nearly two years before investigators found the bulk of the French plane's wreckage and the majority of the bodies of the 228 people on board, about 12,000 feet below the surface of the ocean.

The Gulf of Thailand, the area where the missing Malaysian plane was last detected, is much shallower, with a maximum depth of only 260 feet and an average depth of about 150 feet. This means a pinging beacon would be much easier to detect by sonars.

Terrorists want their work to be SEEN by as many people as possible, public spectacles, as opposed to something just going missing.The act is designed to cause terror in the affected population, and therefore needs to be public and witnessed.

Personally, I think there was an elaborate inside job to not just hijack the plane but to STEAL it. Bear with me here.

Much to do was originally made of the two Iranian chaps traveling on stolen passports. Everyone is saying they have no terrorist group connections and appeared to be just plain old illegal immigrants seeking asylum in Germany and Denmark respectively, taking advantage of the very open and relaxed asylum laws in those countries. One of them allegedly even had a mother in Germany awaiting him. But what if this was an elaborate ruse? What if your terror cell sent two Iranians on board under the guise of simply being asylum-seekers, two guys who could easily be taking advantage of thebackdoor to Europe through Beijing, two guys with no known previous terror connections so in case they got busted with fake passports there was the plausible deniabililty of no known connections to your terror cell?

Our mysterious illegal Iranians.

Christian Kozel, our Austrian passport owner
Luigi Miraldi, our Italian passport owner.

What if you had the flight crew in cahoots with your terror cell? Both pilots are ostensibly Muslim. Now, I know that that doesn't make them automatically terrorists just by being Muslim but a duck often quacks like a duck. The flight crew could have had tools of the trade squirreled aboard or in brought in their carry-ons. Just today the UK Daily Mail reported that  a convicted terror suspect who was part of a shoe-bomb plot told British officials that he had given bomb materials to a Malaysian terror cell THAT INCLUDED A PILOT.

The two Iranians could have taken over the cabin. How? Well, the plane disappeared at about 1:30 AM, an hour into the flight, when most passengers would likely have been catching some sleep. What if they (and the pilots) donned breathing apparatus and the pilots depressurized the cabin rapidly? This would result in hypoxia and death quickly among the already mostly asleep cabin and the flight attendants could have been dealt with by force if they were cognizant enough to resist before succumbing.

The pilots could then have shut off the plane's transponders, then turned and dropped altitude, taking the aircraft down on the deck and UNDER the already dodgy radar coverage in the area. It's 1:30 am, when it's nice and dark and prying eyes won't be able to see from photo-recon satellites or with bare eyes that a plane just egressed the area. It had fuel enough to reach any number of locations where another cell could be operating a landing field or a terror-friendly nation could have had a military field awaiting their arrival. Could a 777 land on a runway at a smaller airport? Sure, especially if your pilot has over 18,000 flight hours. Could it take off again? Sure...a couple months ago the Boeing DreamLifter, a modified oversized 747, landed by mistake at a smaller airport in Wichita, Kansas and the experienced pilot was able to take off again the next morning. A heavier, older, slower plane than a 777, that was supposed to land at an Air Force base with two 12,000 foot runways and instead landed at a tiny municipal airport with a 6100 foot runway and furthermore TOOK OFF AGAIN fully loaded. In crappy weather, no less.

So, who's to say this 777 didn't hightail it at night under the radar to an undisclosed hideout away from prying surveillance satellites where it is being REPAINTED in the colors of another airline that flies the 777? Nearly 1100 Boeing 777's of various configurations have been built, and nine major airlines as well as a few other smaller airlines operate the craft. You could load this thing with TONS of explosives or biotoxins or (insert scary music here) Iranian-supplied NUKES. Wait a few weeks or months to let the commotion die down. Install a transponder with codes from a DIFFERENT aircraft. Then you fly it to....anywhere? Chaos ensues.

And to make it even scarier, what if the passengers were merely incapacitated and taken hostage? Would a terror cell install TV cameras to show the passengers on a live YouTube stream as they, strapped in their seats, are flown to their deaths?

Of course I'm just speculating. I'm not a counter-terror expert. I'm not an airline expert. I'm just a very suspicious former Army cop who can see way outside the box. My theories could already be unraveling as you read this because the Chinese (3 days after the fact) claim to have spotted three big chunks of floating debris via satellite and an oil rig worker off Vietnam swears he saw the plane crash that night.

I'm probably wrong. I better be wrong. But you have to admit, it's not that far-fetched really.



you and I are sharing the same thoughts. However,...

Who are the Uyghurs? Islamic militants in China who could be linked to missing Malaysia Airlines flight.

There is no evidence or even suspicion from official channels that Uighur militants may be linked to the disappearance of a Malaysian Airlines flight over the weekend, but conjecture about their involvement by some on China's Sina Weibo microblog raised alarm among many other users.

Miket52 said...

What a great way for Putin to keep Ukraine off the front page of the world....

jay son said...

agree. my cell and i have a nuke, but no way to deliver it. but one of the brothers knows a devoted follower, who wants to be a shahed, can fly, and has access to a long range aircraft.

we can even increase the distance it is able to fly by installing fuel bladders similar to the infidels kc 135's.

not an icbm, better. looks like a fedex flight.

yeah it's conspiratorial, but well within the realm of possibilities.

Stephen said...

Some one just find out that god damn plane ... there are many rumors surrounded this missing plane. some one says its crashed, some one says its hijacked, some one say the pilots are culprits and here I read they used terrain masking technology to escape from radars .... and here another story ... how many do we have listen before we finally find that god damn plain?????