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Leftist Rolling Stone gets completely owned on Guns and Gun Control

I've always been a  huge music fan and early on I found a love for reading about music artists and the industry. Maybe deep down I always wanted to be a famous rock star instead of a struggling writer. Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys went from being a music writer to being a music star, but I think most music writers are failed musicians, much like movie critics tend to be failed film makers.

I used to really enjoy reading the latest issues of magazines like SPIN, Alternative Press, and of course Rolling Stone. I used to read Details in my 20s for the music articles rather than the BS fashion crap. I gave up on details when it became just non-stop ads for over-priced suits for underfed guys and there were so many cologne ads the magazine smelled like a whorehouse. I gave up on Alternative Press when alternative music no longer meant Depeche Mode and The Cure and instead meant Pearl Jam and Nirvana. And then there's Rolling Stone....

I always had a love/hate relationship with it...they had a lot of articles on music, but never failed to give terrible reviews to albums I loved and did snarky sarcastic a-hole articles about bands I liked. Eventually I gave up on them when they dropped all pretense of journalistic non-bias and just became a mouthpiece propaganda rag for Liberal views and the Democrat party. Then again, the bulk of the media machine in this country is controlled by The Left or worse.

Kissing up to the Democrats, talking trash about guns, and pushing Pearl Jam. Yeah, I was done.

Recently, Rolling Stone became a total laughingstock when their website did an absolutely RIDICULOUS slideshow listing "The Most Dangerous Guns" . Piss-poor writing, atrocious research (or a complete lack thereof), and total leftist gun-control hogwash. It does, however, highlight perfectly the Left's anti-gun bias and the gleeful willingness with which the mainstream media serves their puppet masters as a propaganda tool.

Look, I've written about gun control before. You know I'm all in favor of responsible gun ownership and the right to self-defense. See that little SEARCH block in the upper left of my blog? Type in "gun control" and the articles will just fly up, probably a good 14 articles or so. To me, Gun Control means using both hands, and safely & responsibly handling & carrying it legally.

The following are actual screen captures from their site. They are painful to read if you're a shooter or can at least rub two brain cells together. I'll throw in some commentary along the way.

Allow me to start by saying that firearms come in two species: Civilian and Military. I make that distinction because machineguns and fully automatic battle rifles are not civilian weapons and in 99% of cases need not be owned by civilians. It's one thing if you're a specially-licensed and trained civilian business operator who owns automatic weapons for rental purposes at a range facility where someone can go, pay a fee, receive training, and be allowed to fire said automatic weapons in a safe, controlled environment at targets. It's quite another if you're just Joe Yahoo who wants to spray a belt of ammo at cans in the backyard. Next, firearms of a civilian nature come in two types: Long Guns and Hand Guns. Pretty simple, right? Long guns fire from the shoulder, and include rifles and shotguns, as well as black powder (ie: muskets). Handguns, also called pistols, include semi-automatics, revolvers, single-shot pistols, and black powder pistols.  However, Rolling Stone managed to screw all of this up so utterly and completely that it boggles the mind. Please click the pics to embiggen them.

Okay....a short stock? What the blue hell is that? Pistols have no stocks. The stock is that piece at the rear of a long gun that nestles into your shoulder. A built-in barrel? As opposed to what? Please clarify this hideously stupid phrase.Nice move on pointing out the popularity of Glock handguns to demonize them. Most dumb-ass liberals think all semi-auto pistols are Glocks. Interesting that your next statistic is how they're popular with law-enforcement, but your readers will just equate them with crime. Also, nice of you to toss out a shooting term like "short-recoil operated" without explaining what that means or offering any other form of operation like blowback...

Revolvers are pistols and pistols are handguns. Just sayin'. I really have to shake my head at the dumb here. It's the cylinder that revolves, not the barrel. This isn't an Gatling gun for Christ's sake. And I'm sure the 46,000 revolvers recovered in 2012 are included in the pistol numbers above, right? And why confuse the issue by talking this nonsense about grenade launchers, shotguns, and rifles with rotating barrels?

Shotguns don't spray. While a shotgun may be able to fire a shot shell that contains multiple projectiles (or "shot", hence the term shotgun) civilian shotguns are not fully automatic weapons. At least you described what semi-automatic means in that one trigger pull equals one round being fired, but you idiots always make every rifle sound like a full-auto weapon that empties a magazine with a single trigger action. You talk about hunting yet don't show a standard hunting rifle, instead choosing to display an AR-platform rifle, specifically the Bushmaster used by the shooter at Sandy Hook. Nice typo, Editor. (an bad fit)

Again, the implication that shotguns spray bullets like a belt-fed machine gun. You also make it sound like the firing action of rifles vs. shotguns is dramatically different. While the design of the cartridges are different, both operate in the same manner, with the firing pin striking the primer, which ignites the gunpowder in the cartridge. The energy expended by the igniting gunpowder sends the projectile(s) down range at the target.

Again...these are pistols. Handguns. Another nice typo (bee linked) I swear to God you only included a fifth type of weapon because it made it a conveniently numbered list at five. And instead of any real information on them, (2000 recoveries but how many murders via small-caliber single shot pocket guns?) you instead roll right into saying anything with a high-cap magazine are assault weapons linked to mass shootings. At least you were honest enough to admit that the definitions for "assault weapons" are numerous and that they are linked to a small minority of murders, you confuse the readers by putting semi-automatic and rapid-fire in the same sentence. Semi-auto means that a round is fired with each trigger pull, not that it is full-auto (or, dare we say rapid fire). It will fire just as rapidly as you can pull the trigger. I've seen master shooters who can fire all six rounds from a revolver just as fast as firing six rounds from a semi-auto pistol.

Part of the problem one encounters with ignorant liberal media types is that they know nothing about guns nor do they want to. To them, guns are evil and scary and no one should have them but when they need help the first person they scream for is a cop with a gun. To them all guns are the same, and they care not a whit to learn proper gun terms or understand how they work, or even who can legally own what.

The above picture about the barrel shroud deserves an explanation. The McCarthy in question is Representative Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY). On the April 18, 2007, episode of MSNBC's program Tucker, Tucker Carlson interviewed McCarthy about the Virginia Tech massacre and her proposed reauthorization of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban. He asked her to explain the need to regulate barrel shrouds, one of the many provisions included in her bill. She did not directly respond, instead stating it was more important that the legislation would ban large capacity "clips" (see above pics) of the type used in the Virginia Tech massacre and that the class of guns chosen prohibited by the law were those used by gangs and killers of police officers. Know what? The killer at Virginia tech had 17 magazines for his weapons. Most of them were 10-round magazines, though some were fifteen. Any idea how long it takes to change a magazine? I can do it pretty damned fast. With practice you can drop one and insert another in about 2 and a half seconds. And more cops are killed by handguns than so-called assault rifles. When Carlson pressed her twice more on the question about barrel shrouds, she admitted that she did not know what a barrel shroud was, and incorrectly stated, "I believe it is a shoulder thing that goes up." . This is the same New York Liberal Democrat suing 70 companies around Long Island for potentially causing via asbestos her treatable form of lung cancer despite being an avid smoker for 40 years. These people have no shame.

It's amusing in a Schadenfreude kind of way to see her futile attempts to dodge the question, and her even more futile flailing around for an answer. It's also a prime example of the insufferable arrogance of people who propose to regulate things of which they have absolutely no understanding and to propose penalties for infractions--to try to send people to prison for ten years, for committing a "crime" that the lawmaker cannot define.  For the record, a barrel shroud is a covering attached to the barrel of a firearm, that partially or completely encircles the barrel which prevents operators from injuring themselves on a hot barrel.

The comments that the article received were priceless. Once word of the inane nature of the list got out, gun owners flocked to see for themselves just how ludicrous it really was. These are actual screen caps from the comments.

Liberal media types care not a whit if they get it wrong. Their readers are for the most part completely gun ignorant and fear that which they don't understand. Last year when lone gunman Aaron Alexis went on his killing spree at the Washington Navy Yard, the below picture was what ran in the New York Daily News:
But there's a problem. It wasn't the same gun. Not even close. Alexis smuggled in a disassembled Remington 870 Express 12-gauge shotgun and used it to kill his victims. He eventually began using a Beretta 9mm pistol he took from a security guard he'd killed. At no time during the incident did he have in his possession an AR-type rifle like the one shown in the picture, but they had two priorities with this sensationalized headline: Get people to read their rag by invoking a previous mass killing, and to demonize those scary black guns.

Nope...not the same gun.

When properly and responsibly handled by a trained and licensed law-abiding citizen for self-defense, weapons save lives. Sometimes the mere presence of an armed citizen can deter a gunman without further shots fired like at the Clackamas Mall shooting in Oregon, or several other incidents where an armed citizen kept a situation from getting worse. Just this week in suburban Philadelphia a psychiatric patient pulled out a gun at a hospital complex and opened fire on his caseworker and psychiatrist. The caseworker was killed, and though wounded the doctor was able to draw his own personal firearm and return fire, ending  the attack before it could escalate further.

Guns save lives, but don't tell that to the gun control zombies. Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg thinks anyone who owns a gun is a lunatic. This from a Limousine Liberal Elitist who lives in a palace guarded by armed security as he spews his crap. Same guy who didn't want you to drink soda or eat salt. It's that babysitting nanny-state mentality of the Left that gets people killed.

Yeah, I do have a right. And I have a right to drink all the mother effing soda I want and eat all the mother effing salt I want.
Way to go, New Jersey. Stay classy. And while you're at it, maybe find out why it took over thirty minutes for an ambulance to get to the mall where the Friedlands were carjacked.

Keep up the good work, Libs. Make sure you keep citizens unarmed and defenseless. Make sure you have lots of Gun Free Zones that act as a beacon to criminals who know that they can kill at will and no one will fire back. Make sure law enforcement is out writing chickenshit tickets for parking offenses to generate revenue for the city coffers instead of actually fighting crime. Make sure you crow about stronger gun laws when you don't enforce the ones already on the books. Make new laws that drive gun manufacturers out  and take jobs and tax revenue away from  your blue states. Keep on ignoring an Attorney General who sells guns to Mexican drug cartels that are used to kill Americans. Sit back and watch your constituency in heavily gun-controlled Third World cities like Chicago and Detroit and Baltimore kill each other off every weekend over which gang controls the crack deals on which corner. You're Liberal Democrats; it's what you do.

And Media, make sure you keep running erroneous sensationalized crapfests. It keeps the mindless sheeple afraid of scary black guns and ostracizes law-abiding gun owners. Make sure you get it all wrong, or at best half true on a good day. You're the Lamestream Leftist Media; it's what you do. At least when you're not covering the latest Miley twerk or Kardashian whatever-the-hell-Kardashians-do.

Practice what you preach, Liberals.....

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