Monday, July 15, 2019

The Man Comes Around

If you've been a long-time reader of this blog you'll recall that during the election cycle of 2016,  I was not a big fan of one Donald J. Trump. I was pretty critical of him; hell, I was downright brutal on many occasions. At the time, I simply felt that he was not the right choice to lead the Right, let alone lead the Nation as a whole.

In all honesty, and in the name of transparency, I did not vote for President Trump. I voted instead for Gary Johnson. Why? Like I said, at the time I felt that Trump was the wrong choice and I wanted to try and garner enough support for a third party candidate to get the Libertarians into the debates and be viable. We see how well that worked out for me. Such is life.

Here we are now, two and a half years into the Trump Presidency and I gotta say, I have changed my tune quite a bit. So long as we can keep DJT focused on doing President Stuff and off of Twitter, life is a hell of a lot better than it was in the Reign of Lord Obama.

The economy is strong. The Dow Jones has never been higher at any point in history. Same with the NASDAQ and the S&P 500. For reals, all three closed today at record highs. Jobs are plentiful, unlike during The Reign. Unemployment is way down, in fact it is currently only 3.7%. Gas prices are down. Folks are optimistic.

Not only is North Korea pretty much in check, Trump became the first President with the stones to go there and engage in diplomacy. Sure, Kim Dong Fruit occasionally test-fires his little rockets and sends the Blamestream Media into a hissy fit, but there's a strategy to this, me thinks. RocketMan gets to play with his toys and look like the Big Man on The Peninsula to his poor wretched subjects, and those folks don't know any better when he says they are able to reach DC ten times over when in fact they can barely reach Seoul if the wind is right. So, The Pudgy Dictator looks all badass and saves face but knows full well if he steps outta line he's gonna get his peepee whacked.

We have open dialogue with China. After all the Obama Apology Tours, they've been hit with tariffs but there's not been this scary trade war the media pundits prophesied. Yes, they hit us with tariffs on our goods but it hasn't gotten nasty. Both sides are still talking and working to ease trade tensions.

Despite the best efforts of the vile swine on the Left, improvements are being made to secure our southern borders. Predictably, the Left has been triggered and crying in their soy milk as expected. But hey, don't sneak in illegally like an invasion force. I've covered this issue for a decade-plus now.

Over all, there is a buoyant spirit of patriotism and American pride that I frankly hadn't seen since the Reagan Years, other than the brief periods surrounding Desert Storm and 9/11. It's really a nice change after The Reign to have a President that truly loves this country.

Look, I'm not saying President Trump is the Second Coming of Jesus. I still often cringe at shit he says or tweets. I'm not a complete T-Zombie worshiping at the altar of The Donald, like many folks I know on Twitter and Parler. But I can say that I'm quite comfortable with Making America Great Again, and Keeping America Great. As they say, where we go one, we go all. And as for the 2020 elections, I can safely say I'll be voting for Donald J. Trump this time.

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