Friday, February 9, 2007

No Love For Darfur

No Love For Darfur…

You know why we won’t go into Darfur to help the war-ravaged genocide victims of a brutal civil war? It’s not because we’re tired of a long, drawn-out, and sometimes pointless war in Iraq. It’s not because we have our resources tied up chasing Osama Bin Fucktard in Afghanistan’s caves. It’s not because the National Guard is busy trying to keep Pablo from smuggling the other 735 members of his immediate family over the border to pick our tomatoes and dig our ditches. Darfur is Darfucked because of this:

Those people don’t buy anything we make, or make anything we buy. If Halliburton could turn a buck off of it, we’d be there tomorrow. However, there’s no oil we can pump off, no diamonds we can pillage, no gold or other metals….it doesn’t even make good tv. Sorry Darfur….ask the French. They’d love to get involved. They might not even get their asses kicked too badly.

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