Friday, October 10, 2008

Feel Your Boobies.....please.

Every time I turn around, there's some new pink-painted product staring me in the face, festooned with a pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness. Breast cancer toothbrushes, breast cancer X-mas ornaments, gloves, jewelry, tea kettles, baby strollers, dolls, food processors, standup mixers, sunglasses, rubber bracelets, Spongebob plushies (seriously), cameras, cell phone holders, rolling support walkers, desktop candy dispensers, lotions, license plate brackets, mouse pads, Tic-Tacs, even breast cancer awareness tomato soup from Campbell's. It's almost sickening, actually, how a good and worthy cause is being turned into an excuse to hawk a product. But I digress...

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Please, my dear readers, do your monthly self exams. When it's time, get your mammograms. Early detection increases your chance of survival.

I'm the son of a breast cancer survivor. My mother's cancer was caught at the very eariest stages by an annual mammogram and she's just about two years cancer-free now.
Her own mother wasn't so lucky. Even after a double mastectomy, it matasticized into her pancreas, and that's what eventually killed her a year later. She wasn't all that assiduous in getting exams and what not, and it eventually was her undoing.

So, do what needs doing. It could save your life.

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