Sunday, October 12, 2008

Welcome to The Tool Box

Welcome to The Tool Box.

Sometimes you have to let certain people know that they are, in fact, absolute and utter TOOLS.

Most of you tools are Hollywood types with over-inflated senses of self-importance that’s compounded by having an over-active mouth to tell us how great you are, how much you make, how dope you roll.

Assholes like you wear sunglasses all day and all night, indoors or out, in restaurants, in cars, on planes, in interviews on TV sets, in the audience at awards shows, and probably on the toilet too.

You’re the type who gets hospitalized for “exhaustion” when you work maybe 10 hours a week. People who WORK get exhausted, not people who get up at the crack of noon and eat 400-dollar salads washed down with Crys-tallllll and tabs of E. Being exhausted does not require a hospital stay; it requires SLEEP. The same for you asstards who get hospitalized for dehydration. Try drinking something non-alcoholic once in awhile….

Anyways, tools of the world, consider yourself on notice. I’m coming for you.

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