Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First Hand Eyewitness Account of Palin Bashing: A Conversations With Liberals Exclusive

I don't advertise it, butI've been known to associate from time to time with Liberals. We generally avoid political discussions for obvious reasons, lest things become ugly.

What with all of the discissions here this week about hate speech, and of vitriol and rhetoric (half of the ignorant turds on the left tossing those words about this week probably had to go look them up) there's been no shortage of prime examples of hypocrisy from the Left, and no shortage of examples of Leftist finger-pointing, Palin-bashing, Beck-bashing, and general-purpose debauched chicanery.


Most of us have been bringing these stories to light not from a first-person eyewitness account but from researched Google searches, news articles, and what we heard on the radio, myself included. Today however I stumbled across Palin-bashing as it happened, live on Facebook. The ringleader is a known flaming Liberal, a known hater of Beck, and frankly I wonder why I even associate with him anymore. We've known each other nigh on 25 years but have little in common these days it seems. I think I mostly keep him on my friends list just to observe the Liberal in its natural habitat.

Rather than copy & paste the conversations I witnessed on his page, because the Left could always say I just made it up, I opted to screen-capture them and just edit out the names & pictures (we all know how sue-happy the Left is) so you can see it in all its original glory. And withour further delay, I bring you average everyday Liberals amongst themselves.

A little while later they opted to stir the pot some more....

Part 2 of the above conversation....

Oh yeah, feel the love. Feel that kindness. Feel that famed Liberal tolerance. To hell with her and screw her feelings....and I really love the assertion that Sarah Palin has blood on her hands. Last I checked she wasn't there in Tucson with a gun in her hand, nor was the shooter a fan of hers.

And these are the so-called cultural elite, our Ivy-League educated wunderkinds. The kinder gentler more cerebral souls, if you believe their own hype and self-aggrandizement.

That's okay....we know the truth. They may ignore facts & rational thought, but we know the truth.


jay son said...

love how obie let this go on for 5 days, and now wants us all to play nice and get along.

FUCK THAT, and what was with all the weird cheering and applause, at the "memorial"?

Brooke said...

Is there anything more hateful, violent and dividing than a prog?

I think not.