Saturday, August 4, 2012

Gun Control means using both hands

Of course it didn’t take long for the radical Left to start screaming again for gun control after that batshit crazy assclown in Aurora shot up that theater. The brass was still clinking on the theater floor and the blood wasn’t even dry when the issue came up and the massacre was being politicized. Don’t take any time to mourn the dead and grieve as a nation; we’ve gotta take away peoples’ guns! We don't need more laws. That's the Liberal answer to everything: More laws, when all you need to do is properly enforce existing laws.

Few things are quite as polarizing as the Second Amendment to the Constitution. The Left sees it as out dated and obsolete and try to circumvent the Constitution of the United States of America (last I checked it was still the law of the land) by piling on laws and regulations and other parlor tricks and chicanery to take away the right of the American citizen to keep & bear arms. And we on the Right fight them at every turn.
Hey, Left: If you don’t like something in the Constitution that lists our rights as American citizens (and, seemingly for illegals and non-citizens as well when you can get away with it) just get enough support and votes to AMEND it. But, you’ll never get either of those so you get Obama or someone else of your ilk to post Executive Orders or other red tape crapola to usurp the Constitution. 

A couple weeks before this event, a guy in gun-controlled Canada shot up a mall in Toronto. In 1982 a guy in severely gun-controlled South Korea killed 57 and wounded 35. Last year in gun controlled Norway it was 77 killed and wounded over 200. Gun control just keeps law abiding citizens from defending themselves.

Yes, I am a gun owner. I believe in responsible gun ownership. I don’t think guns should just be handed out pell-mell to every swinging Richard just because he draws breath. Every gun owner should take some sort of educational class on responsible gun ownership, including safe handling, safe operation, proper disassembly/cleaning/reassembly, and safe storage. I encourage folks to take a Concealed Carry class and get certified to carry for self protection. I’ve handled and carried firearms all of my adult life. At 43, this means that I have done so for more years than I haven’t (25 vs 18). I have yet to go on a spree killing.


And there’s always a but…..

Maybe there’s a few lessons we can take from this tragedy. Admittedly it can be ridiculously easy to buy ammo online. I have several issues of the Cheaper Than Dirt catalog on my desk and they sell all kinds of ammo at very reasonable prices. And in 99.999% of the cases, the buyer is a law-abiding shooter looking for a bargain. 

But why the hell does someone need 6,000 rounds, Steve?

Because they like to shoot. Believe me, if I could afford to shoot more often, I would. Practice makes perfect, and shooting, either just for target proficiency or self-defense, is a frangible skill that deteriorates with lack of use. Some people participate in competitive shooting & require thousands of rounds to practice. Should we look into purchases over a certain amount of rounds? Maybe, but I’m really leery about such things. I don’t like the Feral Gubmint prying into my ostensibly legal activities. I did pass a background check to buy my handgun, so maybe instead of sending Predator drones over American cities to spy on whether someone is smoking in their backyard that money could make a cross-reference database so that before large bulk ammo orders are shipped out they check the buyer against an existing database of folks who passed their background checks? Granted, that won’t help with rifle ammo since we only get a background check for handguns….I am not averse to passing a background check to buy certain types of long guns I suppose. Maybe we should have a check prior to buying an AR-15 or an AK?

NOTE: I never said we should ban those “assault” weapons. Look, you can kill someone with a rock; is a rock considered an assault weapon, then? The Liberal Media thinks everything is an assault weapon.

Banning guns ain’t the answer. Blaming gun makers ain’t the answer. Raising the price of a bullet to a million dollars ain’t the answer, for those of you who acsribe to the Chris Rock theory. (If you’re taking your legal advice from a frikkin’ standup comic, you should be slapped). I know it’s a cliché but guns don’t kill people. They are inanimate objects. PEOPLE kill people, but as a society it’s so much easier to blame our failings on someone else rather than take responsibility. I burned myself on hot coffee; blame McDonalds. I’m a lazy fat-ass; blame fast food and ban trans fats and large sodas. Some asshole with a gun goes berserk and kills people; blame gun makers and heavy metal bands. Blaming a gun for murder is like blaming a penis for rape.
Cars kill more people than guns do; shall we blame car makers? Make gasoline a million dollars a gallon so people can’t drive and kill other people. Well, we’re already on the way to gas prices being that high, so….

I always see people asking “Who needs a thirty round magazine?” Me, and people like me who hate to stop what I’m doing every 60 seconds and reload a magazine. If I’m at the range, and in the groove and hitting the target, I hate having to stop and go spend a couple minutes off the firing line reloading when it took me less than 60 seconds to unload. So buy more magazines, you say? Well, yes, that’s an option. But say a person goes berserk and wants to light up a mall. He could only legally buy 10-round magazines for his AR-15 so instead of a 30 round mag he has 3 tens on him…or since tens are so small he has a pocket full of ten mags. Trust me, it takes about 3 seconds to drop a mag and insert a fresh pre-loaded mag. 

For people who ask me why I would want a thirty round magazine I also ask: If the speed limit is 65 in most states why are car makers allowed to make cars that go 140? Why do some cars have 500hp? You can’t legally drive that fast or use all that horsepower, right?

But who needs a 100-round drum magazine?

Be thankful in a way for that 100-round magazine. The guy in Aurora (I won’t even dignify him by using his name) had a 100-round drum mag on his AR. The kind of Rambo-esque Soldier of Fortune Hollywood asshole accessory that people think are soooo cool….but work like crap. Anyone who knows guns knows they jam all the time & are kinda worthless. I said be thankful because he could just as easily had three 30-round mags with less of a chance to jam and changed them pretty quickly and spent all 90 rounds instead of jamming after just a few. Anyone who knows weapons knows that you never load a mag to full capacity, as that in time weakens the spring and causes jams, and you never store fully loaded mags long-term because that also weakens the springs…you rotate mag use and unload them to keep the spring in proper tension, and to also disassemble & clean the mag & the ammo. Yeah, maybe folks buying a 100-round mag should send up a red flag to the authorities? Don’t outlaw them; let the dumb and the evil buy them, and then have the buyers looked into. Better use of federal employees than frisking old ladies and babies at the airport. 

Seems the shooter was also under psychiatric care, kinda like the dude who killed all those kids at Virginia Tech or that looney dickhead in Tucson. Do we need to keep folks under psychiatric care from owning firearms? I dunno; that’s a helluva question. What about people who finish their care & are said to be fine now? Do they get their gun rights back? What if they are considered okay so long as they take their meds? This can get really complicated really fast. And how do we keep track? I mean, convicted felons aren’t supposed to have guns but most often they do, and then go on to commit more crimes.

Situations like these raise more questions than they answer. All I know is that gun control and taking away my right to self-defense and to recreationaly target shoot is NOT the answer. People who want to break the law will find a way. Look at (liberal) cities like Chicago…NYC….DC…..areas where they control your right to arm yourself….murders are sky high…gun crime is rampant…because criminals don’t give a rat’s ass about the law. Over in the UK, where they control guns and most cops don’t even carry a sidearm, they instead STAB everyone left & right. Knife crime is pandemic in England. Gonna outlaw knives next?

Gun control means using both hands. Gun Control means hitting what you’re aiming at. Anything else is just CONTROL.


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