Sunday, September 2, 2012

I love it when comments come 4 years later...

Obviously, this blogsite of mine is a labor of love. I don't get paid to write or give my opinions. I don't even pimp it out with advertisements. Would I love to be a paid opinion-giver? Sure, but until then, I have a day job and this is my side hobby. I do, however, wish I had more comments on my articles sometimes.It can occasionally be disheartening to spend several hours sometimes putting an article together in my sparse spare time and then getting no feedback on it. Sure, we all love the validation of a pat on the back, but sometimes even a dissenting opinion still lets me know folks are reading. I get traffic, mind you, lots of it actually, but seldom do I get real comments. Such is life.

That said, I just got an anonymous comment from someone who came across an article I wrote FOUR YEARS AGO, on August 2, 2008. In said article, I praised Jon Voight for his outspoken criticism of then-candidate Obama. It was refreshing to see a Hollywood Conservative.

Last week, Jon spoke at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. Something tells me that my new commenter was actually trolling the Interwebz for articles pertaining to last week's speech and came across mine by accident. Regardless, this is what I received:
Anonymous said...This plays well to the crazies, but what about the people who actually know what socialism is, or who know that Obama is seated well to the right of Richard Nixon on the political scale?

And this was my response:

 Are you seriously holding Richard Nixon up as the paragon example of a Republican to compare against B-Hussein the Obamessiah? At least pick someone alive, instead of a disgraced criminal from 50 years ago. And are you speaking from experience as a Socialist? 

I don't exactly consider myself a crazy. I'm really not even remotely close to being "fringe" on the Right. I'm not religious, I have no problem with gays, I don't have a stockpile of ammo in a bunker with food for a year waiting for the Zombie Apocalypse, and I haven't eaten at a Chik-Fil-A in a looooong time. But I do want Obama out of the Oval Office. Period. End Quote. Thanks for reading, though. I appreciate the comment even if I disagree with you.


innominatus said...

My blogging experience is the opposite of yours. I have diddly crap for traffic. Unless one of the "big guys" throws me a link, SiteMeter only shows about 30 hits a day, and the built-in blogger stats are usually around 120.

But I get decent comments. A real weak stinker post will get me 4 or 5, and a strong post will get me a dozen or more, with my record being in the 30s. (But that's only because a couple commenters were arguing with each other.) I haven't had commenters pitch a zero-comment shutout in a couple years.

I'm not really sure why that is. I can only guess it's 'cuz I'm a commentaholic on other peoples' blogs and they return the favor.

jay son said...

i will have to un-friend you for your refusal to stock pile munitions and freeze dried chicken sandwiches.

you still get crazy hits on the octo porn story right?

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

Like I always say, if I had a dollar for every hit that article got I could live far more comfortably. Hell, I should tag every single article I write with "octopus porn" and watch the hits go crazy.