Saturday, September 1, 2012

Someone handed me a Leftist propaganda leaflet...

The other night while I was bringing dinner to my wife up at her work, a fellow came in and was asking directions to the Tuskegee Airmen’s monument in town. For those unaware, my sleepy little village in the South Carolina Lowcountry was once home to a training airfield for the pioneering black airmen of World War Two, and there’s a small memorial & monument up at the airfield for them.

She gave the fellow directions, and after he thanked her he started to leave but then turned around and handed a little photocopied sheet to her, me, and a couple of her customers. I fully expected it to be some religious broadsheet from the JW’s, the LDS, or some other missionary-esque sect, but it was worse…far, far worse. It was a homegrown propaganda leaflet that basically compared Mitt Romney to the Devil and urged me to vote for The Dear Leader Himself, Barack Hussein Obama, Blessed Be His Name (Obamahu Akbar!)

Take yourself a gander here at this little gem of uneducated propaganda. This self-styled Joseph Goebbels should have done some fact-checking before shelling out dough at Kinko’s to copy this crapfest. No, wait…probably copied for free on the taxpayer’s dime at a local school…..

Let’s go through this, shall we?
1.      Please make copies and pass them out. Translated: I spent my benefit money on other things and can’t go to Kinko’s, and I need more Kool Aid Drinkers to help me spread the lies.
2.      Mitt Romney is for the Rich Only. Really? Seems to me like he’s for America and a better economy. If he was just for the rich he’d say “Screw you, I’m just going to stay home & be rich”. It's only okay to be rich if you're a Hollywood Democrat Liberal, right?
3.      ROMNEY IS WORSE THAN BUSH!!! How do you know? And how is he worse than Bush? Worse at what? Give me some facts, dude. Oh, wait; you CAN’T. And besides, when has a Leftist ever been bothered to use facts?
4.      You, Your Parents, Grand Parents, and Children will SUFFER. Um,my grandparents are all dead and I have no children. My folks and I are already suffering from Obama’s failures and the failures of the Left. Or are you threatening us? We’ll suffer if we don’t do what the Left says?
5.      Many Seniors and Children Might Die. From what? How? Why? They may not die.We all die eventually, but grandiose fear-mongering is just stupid. Um….many might die if Obamacare goes into full effect. I’m sure that’s what you meant, right?
6.      Because He Wants to: Oh, wait, this awkward sentence fragment goes with #5 and is supposed to preface 7-10.
7.      Cut Medicare. Really? What about the $760 MILLION in Medicare cuts included in Obamacare? Riddle me that one.
8.      Cut Social Security. Dude, SS is already broke. More people are ON it than are paying INTO it.
9.      Cut Food Stamps. I detect a theme here. You’re scared shitless that someone is going to end all your freebies and benefits and handouts and entitlements, right? Obama has put more people on food stamps than anyone in history. It’s also the most mismanaged and abused benefit program I know of.
10.  Raise Taxes on the Middle Class. Really? I do believe the man is in favor of tax breaks for everyone, including the middle class, whereas Obama wants to tax everyone to death, all the while redefining what “rich” is to justify it.
And this next section of crappery just SLAYS me. He also:
11.  Might start another war because of conquering/uneasy/uncertain personality. WTF? Where are we getting this from? Where in your vast medical expertise do we get the clinical diagnosis that Romney has a conquering personality? WTF is an uneasy or uncertain personality? How about Obama keeping the war in Afghanistan going after he said (just to get elected mind you) that he would bring the troops home? What about his weekly drone strikes(not that I’m against them when necessary)? He sent “advisers” into Uganda to help their civil war. He helped the rebels in Libya overthrow Khadaffi. He;s sitting still in an uneasy & uncertain fashion while Assad kills his own people in Syria. He just sent Marines to Guatemala to fight drug traffickers. Shall I go on?
12.   Will not protect Hispanics’ rights. Oh? I was unaware that Hispanics had special rights that differed from those of other Americans. Or are you using the word “Hispanic” to mean Illegal Alien? Are you trying to stir up something with racist undertones by implying that all Hispanics are illegals? Illegal aliens don’t get the same rights as American CITIZENS…unless Liberals are in charge and just hand out everything to everyone pell mell. And you are aware that Romney has family roots in Mexico, and his father was born in Mexico to American missionaries?
13.  Will cut student loans. Well, the government under Obama took over the student loan programs, so that means that under Obama they just kept handing out more & more money to students to go further into debt. Look, colleges are out to make money all the while claiming that they are there to educate kids. Making it easier for kids to go further into debt before they can get good jobs entices colleges to jack up tuition so kids go farther in the hole paying tuition….most graduates leave college with a mountain of loan debts and no jobs. They end up paying out more in loan repayments than they do in mortgages. Making it more competitive to get student loans might just cause schools to compete for students and thus reduce tuition to bring people in. Maybe not. I’m a dropout so I dunno. What I do know is that the government need not be in charge of student loans.That’s a STATE problem not a FEDERAL one.
14.  Will stop meals on wheels. I think it’s a great program. Shouldn’t it be a private nonprofit not run by the government but rather a part of the private sector? Look at other non-profits that help the needy. Goodwill, for example. If we do it the Leftist way, folks will be getting free clothes from the government too. The American Red Cross…should the Feds dole out blood to people? The government simply cannot afford to spoon-feed every single citizen from cradle to grave. I know it sucks but reality sucks. Cuts and restructuring gotta happen. I’m not saying eliminate it, but rather let it become its own entity.
15.  VOTE NOVEMBER 6th Reelect President Obama. Oh, I’ll be voting alright, but not for him. No way in Hell.
16.  Call, facebook, email, or text your FRIENDS-NOW. Because propaganda leaflets are toilet paper and birdcage liners.
17.  Take 2 additional people to the voting booths with you. How about bringing two registered voters with you? No? Just people, huh? Who cares if they’re registered voters or not…just bring them. We’re Leftists; we’ll let dead people vote. God forbid anyone be allowed to check their ID. That’s racist. Besides, showing up in strength might intimidate people into not voting against Obama, right? Just as the New Black Panther Party. But that’s not racist….
18.  Also Watch MSNBC 6PM EST; 5PM CST. Are you mothereffing kidding me? I wouldn’t watch that Leftist network if you paid me. And at 6PM, that means you actually think I’d watch AL SHARPTON’s show? Are you HIGH? A known liar and self-serving race-baiter & media whore? No freakin’ way, pal.
19.  Over- Aldorso. Because, of course, we gotta have the reverse in Spanish. Look, if you can’t speak English, you can’t read the ballot, but that’s what you want, right? Politically-ignorant people who get fed the line of “Senor Romney, bad, Senor Obama, good”. If you can’t read the ballot, you shouldn’t be voting. 

Nope. No way. I cannot in good conscience as a loyal citizen of the United States of America, vote for him.

As for me:      ROMNEY/RYAN 2012….To save America. To save ourselves. To save the future.


The Born Again American said...

Obviously this moron didn't see "2016"...

Deb Olvey said...

Unbelievable there are still so many of them out there!

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

Deb, living here in semi-rural South Carolina, I am deep in the heart of Clyburn Country and surrounded fully by Obama Zombies. It is frustrating to say the least.