Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Six Hundred Million Dollar 404 Message

How can The Supreme Leader B-Hussein claim to have a "laser-like focus" on jobs when he farmed out the 600 million dollar boondoggle website for Obamacare to a Canadian company? Not just any Canadian company, but the Montreal-based company that had already screwed up websites for the healthcare in a couple of Canadian provinces.

Bear in mind, if any one of us in the private sector spent three years on a project that was an abject failure, we'd be fired.

Three years and it barely works, if at all.

This website cost more than it did to start Facebook. More than it took to start Twitter. More than Spotify or Linkdin or Instagram. More than eBay or Amazon. And these websites routinely handle millions of users daily.

You mean to tell me we couldn't find someone here in the US of A to build a functioning website?

Hope & Change, my ass.

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