Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Million Veteran March in Pictures

Y'know, it's a sad state of affairs when our government, which is allegedly shut down, allows thousands of illegal aliens to gather on the closed Mall in Washington DC to bitch & whine for rights that are for citizens, but when our veterans, my brethren who have served this nation, fought & bled for it, have RIOT SQUADS with billy clubs and fists full of zip ties called out against them...

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here are some images of our veterans gathering peacefully in protest, and then picking up the barricades at the memorials and dropping them off at the White House.

Gas masks for tear gas, and lead-filled gloves to crack jaws.

I'm only following Herr Reischsfeuhrer's orders

The look of panic is kinda pathetic. Bike helmets and ASP batons, just looking for an excuse to swing.

This dude was NOT gonna be deterred or stopped

That cop so wants to steal that phone & smash it


Brooke said...

By pissing with our vets, Obama has pissed with the wrong men and women.

What a state this country is in when our Greatest Generation must save us again!

jay son said...

this is why the government FEARS an armed populace, and why the founders wrote the second amendment.

Unknown said...

Guess you people don't "read and understand" the news. Congress, specifically the house, pay the bills and set the budget. The american people, the 99% along with the vets, pay this bill thru taxes and their lives.
The 1% feel their portion of the taxes are too damn high. But the 1% can buy the congress critters thru "donations" that you and I cannot match, so who gets to the front of the line by cheating? Not you or me. They say their 15% is too much, their lives are worth more, so they should be free from those obligations. The supreme court says yup, and created a 99% slave market.
Their whim is to make a smaller government thru contractors, yeah, right.
Bohner, listens to the tea party, not the libertarian-right tea party, but the real tea party. They are the old birchers, The ones who want everlasting gobstopper war, and were calling for the distruction thru warfare of the rest of the world, that sounds like the entire republican party now. They won't bargin, they won't listen, and most of all they wn't do the job they were elected to do. thats the problems with the parks being closed. I know i'm retired and want to use a public boat ramp, on corp property.

jay son said...

james is apparently retired due to the effects of dementia. holy fuck, i read that three times and still can't piece together a coherent thought.

james, YOUR pRESIDENT is supposed to submit a budget EVERY YEAR for congress to vote on. YOUR pRESIDENT has never done this. he has however increased taxes and driven spending to an all time high.

and by the way, i live by a corps of engineer managed pond, and people were still putting boats in and pulling them out during the harry reid orchestrated shut down.