Sunday, April 25, 2010

More "peaceful protesting" from the Left

Huge thanks to Gary at Midnight Radio for this.

Hypocritical bastards that they are....calling Tea Party people an angry mob, yet here they are on video in Arizona attacking a guy who was being escorted out of the protests for being a dick.

See. Libs? I can call out a guy on the Right for inciting this. The dude is alleged to have been hurling insults at the people picketing against making illegal immigrants, well, illegal. And the protesters, claiming that the Right is all white racist Mexican-haters, went after him, and as he's being escorted away by the police, the liberals did what liberals do: they rioted. Nothing says Peacenik Liberals like a good old fashioned riot where they chase down a lone agitator and attack the police, throwing water bottles en masse, and their spokes-student wants to pass it off as youthful exuberance. It started off as a peaceful protest, and all it took was one kook to set them off. I blame the kook for inciting it, and I blame to protesters for resorting to their standard behavior when they don't get their way. They start off peaceful enough at the G-8, the G-20, the G-anything, the WTO, you name it...and then they turn into a rabid mob.

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