Thursday, April 1, 2010

What am I listening to?

It's no secret that I despise commercial Top-40 radio. I make that point known every few weeks or so when I review the latest offerings of pop radio, and generally shred them.

In the car I usually listen to talk radio, for three reasons. Firstly, I'm by myself in the car most of the time & can listen to talk without fear of annoying a passenger. Secondly, it educates me and stimulates my cerebrum. It keeps me on top of the fluid situations of the day. And lastly, it keeps me awake. Remember, I get up at 0230AM for work and leave at 3AM. If I just listened to music, it's way too easy to just mentally tune it out and nod off into highway hypnosis, a sure way to end up in a ditch or wrapped around a tree. With talk radio, I have to pay attention to the discussion and keep alert, wrapping my mind around what the host is saying and formulating my own thoughts on the matters.

Now, at 3AM, one would think I'm listening to that mainstay of night-time talk, the tinfoil hat conspiracies and ghosts and aliens and what not talked about on Coast to Coast AM. You know, the Area 51 stuff first made popular by Art Bell and then taken over by George Noory. I listen occasionally but a lot of what they discuss there is what I consider kook-fringe stuff like alien abduction, remote viewings, and ghosts. Instead, I've started listening to the Midnight Trucking Radio Network, a really great conservative show hosted by Eric Harley & Gary McNamara out of Dallas & syndicated nationwide. I found them by accident about 4 months ago on, of all things, AM-760 WJR out of Detroit. Yes, Detroit; I'm picking it up from almost 700 miles away.
Once I get into Charleston I usually lose the feed, though not always, and switch over to All Night With Jason Smith on ESPN. Sure, the only sport I truly follow is hockey, but I like to stay up on things so that I don't sound like a dolt in a sports-related conversation. I find 99% of all sports talk to be excruciatingly dull but Smith delivers a fun, offbeat, laid back show without coming across as a pompous know-it-all.

During work hours (4AM to whenever) my radio time is limited. Occasionally I work alone and blessedly my MP3 player has an FM receiver built-in, so I'll often listen to my local FM talk station's morning show for news updates & stuff. I'm friends with the hosts on Facebook so it's not like I'm listening to strangers but rather spending the morning with folks I know. (Big shout out to Kelly Golden & Kyle Mercier at 94.3 WSC!)

At 9AM, it's Glenn Beck when I can. I know, it's kinda cliche and I'm anything but cliche. Beck is polarizing and the Left despises him. I think he's funny as hell most mornings, and very engaging. He's sincere, almost to a fault. His crying jags are melodramatic and he's a bit religious-preachy for me at times. But I really enjoy his show and actually prefer it to Rush Limbaugh.

Speaking of Rush.....I've always had a love-hate relationship with Rush. I started listening in the mid-90's and found his whole "America Held Hostage: Day (whatever )" intro to the show during the Clinton years was melodramatic, and his blatant ass-kissing of Newt Gingrich got old fast., always referring to him as "Mister Gingrich" in a smarmy hero-worship tone. At times he sounded like the Joseph Goebbells of the GOP, a mouthpiece for the Republican Party who would blindly agree with anything with an "R" after their name. However.......

Since Obama was coronated, I've buried my hatchet with Limbaugh. He's a lot funnier now, and I think the humor is what's warmed me up to him again. It's not so much that he's toned down his rhetoric, but that it's no longer just rhetoric to me. He declared war on a hostile adminsitration hell-bent on destroying the nation, and he's spot-on with his observations. We've got a lot more common ground now, and I listen to him on my way home, especially since he's up against Ryan Seacrest's sugar-coated crapfest on pop radio. My only real beef with Rush's show now is one that I've always had: his callers. Oh my GAWD what a sycophantic bunch of ass-kissing idol-worshipping goobers. The first 30 seconds of every call is a verbal fellatio session full of plattitudes and ball-fondling. Then he feigns humility, humbly thanks them, and then they drone on with some obvious point or other. I listen to the monologues and such and then flip the station when he takes calls.

After Rush, the fun continues. There's a brilliant show syndicated out of Tampa that you should check out. The Schnitt Show, hosted by Todd Schnitt, is funny, irreverent, insightful, and well worth the listen. If he's not carried locally for you, he's also on XM/Sirius on the Extreme Talk channel.

I don't listen to Hannity, mostly because no one locally carries it and because I can only listen to so much "serious" political talk in a day. I can't get past Michael Savage's voice; sorry. Likewise, I trouble listening to Mark Levin. I know most of you love the guy but his voice grated on me the few times I've been able to catch his show. Dude's a genius, and I liked what he had to say, but my local stations don't carry him and, well, the voice thing..... is not all Talk Radio for Steve! No way!
I'm a music fan, and I do listen to a lot of stuff. And just for you guys here's a look at what I'm currently keeping stocked on the MP3 player. Most of it is 80's & 90's New Wave & Alternative, and for the bulk of you it'll be bands you've never heard of. That's okay; I like being different.
10,000 Maniacs—More Than This
A Flock of Seagulls—I Ran (Razormaid Mix)
A Flock of Seagulls—Space Age Love Song (Razormaid Mix)
A Flock of Seagulls—The More You Live The More You Love
A Flock of Seagulls—Wishing (Extended Mix)
Adam Ant—Ant Music
Adam Ant—Prince Charming
Adam Ant—Stand and Deliver
Adam Ant—Strip
Adam Ant—Wonderful
Alice Deejay—Better Off Alone (Original Mix)
Alphaville—Forever Young (Club Mix)
Apollo 440—Don’t Fear The Reaper
ATB—9PM (Til I Come)
ATB—Too Much Rain (United DJ’s Mix)
Barenaked Ladies—Brian Wilson (live)
Barenaked Ladies—Jane (live)
Barenaked Ladies—The Old Apartment (live)
Belouis Some—Round Round
Benny Benassi—Satisfaction
Big Head Todd & The Monsters—Bittersweet
Black Lab—Time Ago
Blank & Jones/Robert Smith—A Forest
Bloodhound Gang—Mope
Bloodhound Gang—The Bad Touch
Blur—Boys and Girls (Pet Shop Boys Remix)
Book of Love—Modigliani
Book of Love—Tubular Bells/Pretty Boys & Pretty Girls (Ivan Ivan Medley)
Book of Love—You Make Me Feel So Good
Brandi Carlisle—The Story
Breaking Benjamin—Breath
Breaking Benjamin—The Diary of Jane
BT—Blue Skies (Album Mix)
BT—Never Gonna Come Back Down (Eric Kupper Mix)
Camouflage—Love Is A Shield (12” Mix)
Camouflage—That Smiling Face (Technopop Mix)
Camouflage—The Great Commandment (Loungo Mix)
Chris & Cosey—October (Love Song)
Climie Fisher—Love Changes Everything (Clearmountain Mix)
Concrete Blonde—Everybody Knows
Concrete Blonde—Joey
Concrete Blonde—Tomorrow Wendy
Crazy Town—Butterfly (Remix)
Danny Hutton Hitters—Wouldn’t It Be Good
Danny Wilson—Mary’s Prayer (Paul Stavely O’Duffy Mix)
Darude—Sandstorm (Original Mix)
David Bowie—Absolute Beginners
David Gray—Babylon
Depeche Mode—A Pain That I’m Used To (Tom Wax Rework)
Depeche Mode—Better Days (Zombie Room Extended Single Mix)
Depeche Mode—But Not Tonight (Apaathy In Motion Mix)
Depeche Mode—Clean (Demo)
Depeche Mode—Come Back (Demo)
Depeche Mode—Dream On(Roger Erickson Mix)
Depeche Mode—Enjoy The Silence (Bill Hamel Mix)
Depeche Mode—Enjoy The Silence (Roger Erickson Mix)
Depeche Mode—I Feel Loved (Intervox Mix)
Depeche Mode—I Feel You (Demo)
Depeche Mode—If You Want (DJ Serge Version)
Depeche Mode—In Your Memory (Heavy Club Version)
Depeche Mode—John The Revelator (Tom Wax Rework)
Depeche Mode—Judas (Demo)
Depeche Mode—Light
Depeche Mode—Little 15 (Demo)
Depeche Mode—Martyr (Island Remix)
Depeche Mode—Newborn (Telam Project Mix)
Depeche Mode—Nothing’s Impossible (Demo)
Depeche Mode—Oh Well (Edit)
Depeche Mode—Only When I Lose Myself (Demo)
Depeche Mode—Precious (DJ Dan Short Mix)
Depeche Mode—Shake The Disease (Remixed Extended)
Depeche Mode—Stories of Old
Depeche Mode—Strangelove (Hijack Mix)
Depeche Mode—Surrender (Demo)
Depeche Mode—The Sun & The Rainfall (1995 Mix)
Depeche Mode—Walking In My Shoes (Demo)
Depeche Mode—World In My Eyes (Area 51 Mix)
Dido—Life For Rent
Dido—Sand In My Shoes
Dido—Thank You (Deep Dish Moscow Mix)
Dido—White Flag
Double—The Captain of Her Heart
Dynamite Hack—Boys In The Hood
Echo & The Bunnymen—The Killing Moon (All Night Version)
Erasure—Always (Manhattan Clique Radio Remix)
Erasure—Breathe (Onge’s Extended Ambient Mix)
Erasure—Fingers & Thumbs (Sound Factory Remix)
Erasure—I Could Fall In Love With You (Monteverde Extended Mix)
Erasure—Precious (Delobbo Single Remix)
Erasure—Sucker for Love (Extended Mix)
Erasure—Sunday Girl (Extended 12” Mix)
Erasure—Take Me On a Highway
Eurythmics—Who’s That Girl?
Failure—Enjoy The Silence
For Squirrels—Mighty KC
General Public—Tenderness (Extended Remix)
GiGi D’Agostino—I’ll Fly With You
Haircut 100—Boy Meets Girl
Haircut 100—Love Plus One
Heaven 17—Let Me Go! (12” Mix)
House of Love—Christine
Icehouse—Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream)
Iggy Pop—Candy
Invincible Spirit—Devil Dance (Wired)
Invincible Spirit—Push (Original Mix)
Jimmy Somerville—But Not Tonight
Just Jack—Snowflakes
Kelly Osbourne—One Word (Chris Cox Radio Remix)
Kings of Leon—Sex on Fire
KMFDM—Juke Joint Jezebel (Original Single Edit)
Level 42—Something About You
Lily Allen—The Fear
Lords of Acid—Scrood Bi U
Madonna –Hung Up (Radio Mix)
Madonna—Sorry(Single Mix)
Marc Almond—Tears Run Rings (Disconet Mix)
MARRS—Pump Up The Volume
Metallica—Whiskey In The Jar
Michael Hutchence & Bono—Slide Away
Midnight Oil—Bullroarer
Mirror featuring Dave Gahan—Nostalgia
Molly’s Yes—Fall Down
Monaco—I’ve Got a Feeling
Monaco—What Do You Want From Me?
Morrissey with Siouxsie Sioux—Interlude
Morrissey—Alma Matters
Morrissey—Certain People I Know
Morrissey—Glamourous Glue
Morrissey—Irish Blood, English Heart
Morrissey—Let The Right One In
Morrissey—Pashernate Love
Morrissey—The More You Ignore Me
Morrissey—The National Front Disco
Morrissey—The Never Played Symphonies
Morrissey—We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful
Morrissey—You’re Gonna Need Someone On Your Side
Morrissey—You’re The One For Me Fatty
New Order—Here To Stay
New Order—Paradise (98 Peel Session)
New Order—Subculture (Full Extended Remix)
New Order—Temptation (98 Peel Session)
Olive—I’m Not In Love (Single Mix)
Olive—Love Affair
Olive—You’re Not Alone (Oakenfold & Osbourne Mix)
OMD—Pandora’s Box (Andy McCluskey 7” Mix)
OMD—So In Love
Paul Oakenfold with Britanny Murphy—Faster Kill Pussycat
Paul Oakenfold with Shifty Shellshock—Starry Eyed Surprise
Peach—On My Own (RH Factor Vocal Club Mix)
Pendulum—Propane Nightmares
Pet Shop Boys—Always On My Mind
Pet Shop Boys—Being Boring
Pet Shop Boys—Delusions of Grandeur
Pet Shop Boys—Home and Dry
Pet Shop Boys—I Don’t Know What You Want
Pet Shop Boys—I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind of Thing
Pet Shop Boys—In Denial (Aries Club Mix)
Pet Shop Boys—It Always Comes As A Surprise
Pet Shop Boys—Jealousy
Pet Shop Boys—Liberation (7” Mix)
Pet Shop Boys—Red Letter Day (Original Mix)
Pet Shop Boys—Se A Vida E
Pet Shop Boys—Somewhere
Pet Shop Boys—Yesterday When I Was Mad
Pet Shop Boys—You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You’re Drunk
Peter Gabriel with Afro Celt Soundsystem—When You’re Falling
Peter Gabriel—Biko
Peter Gabriel—Solsbury Hill
Peter Murphy—Cuts You Up
Peter Murphy—The Sweetest Drop
Plumb—Cut (Bronleewe & Bose Radio Mix)
Plumb—In My Arms (Bronleewe and Bose Radio Edit)
PM Dawn—Set Adrift On Memory Bliss
Psychedelic Furs—Heaven
Psychedelic Furs—Love My Way
Psychedelic Furs—The Ghost In You
Psychedelic Furs—Until She Comes
Q-Lazzarus—Goodbye Horses
Rammstein—Du Hast
Recoil—Faith Healer (Radio Mix)
REM—A Perfect Circle (MTV Unplugged)
REM—At My Most Beautiful
REM—Electrolite (Live)
REM—Fall On Me (MTV Unplugged)
REM—Falls To Climb
REM—Imitation of Life
REM—Leaving New York
REM—Losing My Religion (2010 Tony Pryde Remix)
REM—Strange Currencies
REM—Swan Swan Hummimgbird (MTV Unplugged)
REM—Walk Unafraid
REM—You Are The Everything (live)
Roxy Music—Love Is The Drug
Roxy Music—Slave To Love
Seether—Rise Above This
Semisonic—Singing In My Sleep
She Wants Revenge—Tear You Apart
Shiny Toy Guns—Burning For You
Shiny Toy Guns—Don’t Cry Out
Shiny Toy Guns—I Owe You a Love Song
Shiny Toy Guns—Le Disko
Shiny Toy Guns—Major Tom
Shiny Toy Guns—Money For That
Shiny Toy Guns—Photograph
Shiny Toy Guns—Rainy Monday
Shiny Toy Guns—Rocketship
Shiny Toy Guns—Stripped
Shiny Toy Guns—Turn To Real Life (For The First Time Remix)
Shiny Toy Guns—You Are The One
Silversun Pickups—Lazy Eye
Snow Patrol with Martha Wainwright—Set Fire To The Third Bar
Snow Patrol—Run
Space Cowboys—I Would Die 4U
Suicidal Tendencies—Institutionalized
Talk Talk—It’s My Life (Razormaid Mix)
Terence Trent D’Arby—Wishing Well
The Airborne Toxic Event—Sometime Around Midnight
The Alan Parsons Project—Don’t Answer Me
The Bolshoi—Books on the Bonfire
The Cure—Breathe
The Cure—Cut Here
The Cure—Just Like Heaven
The Cure—Spilt Milk
The Del Fuegos—I Still Want You
The Housemartins—I Bit My Lip
The Jayhawks—Waiting For The Sun
The Josh Joplin Group—Camera One
The Killers—Bones
The Killers—Read My Mind
The Killers—Shadowplay
The Killers—Smile Like You Mean It
The Killers—When You Were Young (Jacques LuCont Mix)
The Lightning Seeds—Pure
The Mighty Lemon Drops—Inside Out (Live)
The Mission UK—Butterfly On A Wheel
The Ocean Blue—Between Something & Nothing
The Offspring—Gone Away
The Offspring—The Kids Aren’t Alright
The Push Stars—Any Little Town
The Sheila Divine—At The Opportune Moment
The Sheila Divine—Hum
The Sheila Divine—Like a Criminal
The Timelords—Doctorin’The Tardis
The Veronicas—Untouched
Tonic—You Wanted More
U2—All I Want Is You
U2—Bad (Live from LiveAid)
U2—City of Blinding Lights
U2—Far Away, So Close
U2—Miracle Drug
U2—Night and Day
U2—Original of the Species
U2—Red Hill Mining Town
U2—The Saints Are Coming
U2—The Unforgettable Fire
U2—Until The End Of The Weorld
U2—Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses?
Ultravox—Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
Underworld—Born Slippy (Nuxx Mix)
Versant—Push Away (demo)
When In Rome—The Promise
Yazoo—Nobody’s Diary (2008 Copycat Remix)
Yazoo—Only You (Subway Mix)
Zombie Nation—Kernkraft 400


jay son said...

solsbury hill is peter gabriel's greatest song. funny, i used to listen to coast to coast when i worked 3rd years ago. because i worked over tonite i turned it on after reading this. seems their changing the format to a cooking show called toast to toast, or some bullshit. what the hell. i always got a good chuckle out of the "mork from ork took me and sexed me up" callers.
and i could also listen to the wings games on 760 at nite, on their west coast swings, before satellite radio and them switching to a different am station for their play by play.

Krystal said...

I listen to Schnitt over the internet. Didn't know anyone else who listened until now.

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

I love the guy! Our local FM talker (yeah, an FM talk station!) carries him live.

Brooke said...

Great song list.

Dude, you have one helluva early start!

I used to listen to Beck, but here lately it seems like it's the end of the world for three hours a day every day. I can only take him in bits.

I like Rush well enough; he does seem a lot funnier than he used to.

I LOVE Savage, but my work schedule keeps me from hearing him often, and unfortunately he doesn't have a podcast.

Check out Bill Cunningham on 700WLW. He's funny; on weekdays 12-3EST.

A couple of the podcasts I listen to is the "Make it So" Star Trek podcast, and of course, AOW's show, the Gathering Storm.

Rusty Shackleford said...

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

Bwahahahahahaha!!! That's great, Rusty!

roseseo said...

I am also listening radio, and i like mostly daily news and songs program.
but i am impressed, as you described your routine.

trucking Charleston