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Conversations With Liberals

I'll admit it; I know a lot of people. Contrary to popular belief & public opinion, not all of them are Conservatives. In fact, I actually know a lot of Liberals. And not just casual Liberals....I'm talking SCREAMING, flaming Liberals who would feel right at home burning your storefront at a G20 protest.

Most of these Libs I know via my connections to various music fan forums. Something about the styles of music I like just attracts them like flies to fresh turds.
Some are Europeans; 'nuff said. Some of them I know from high school. Maine is full of liberal crunchy treehugger tofu eaters.

And strangely, a few of them were guys I knew in the Army who inexplicably became peacenik hippies, rampant users of illicit pharmaceuticals, militant pseudo-communists, or various combinations of the three.

And since I am rather active on Facebook I get to interact with them quite regularly with sometimes spectacular results when a conversations strays from the innocuous into the incendiary. Truth be told, I get along with them all really well until the conversation turns political, or relates to social issues that they don't agree with. Then by & large most of them become quite nasty & vile. I stopped bringing up my politics on Facebook because so few of my friends there are fellow Conservatives. In fact, out of nearly 400 friends, I have maybe 10 actively Conservative vocal friends and another 15 who share my views but don't talk about them. There's probably a hundred-plus Liberals, most of them hard-cores. The rest are just ambivalent, sad to say.

I thought I'd share a few of my recent experiences with ya'll.

Back on July 23d, a guy I went to high school with put up what he thought was a funny Obama picture. He thought he was cleverly supporting The Obamessiah in his efforts to fix the BP Oil Spill and, ostensibly, the economy. He did such a great job with both.

ME: Try harder in between vacations

Liberal Friend’s Liberal Friend:

Gotta pipe in here: Obama's predecessor took MORE VACATION TIME THAN ANY OTHER PRESIDENT IN US HISTORY. Obama has taken a sliver of vaca as compared to "We'll git them terrorists... now watch me hit this slice shot."


Last statistic I read showed Obama playing golf more times in his first year than W did in 8. Laser-like focus on jobs, right after I nationalize private industry and raise taxes to cover the largest debt in history. Let's have a speech to proclaim all this miraculous job growth and highlight it by showcasing three people out of work for two years. Yeah, three examples of job growth, so expand unemployment to be a permanent lifetime weekly entitlement...

Liberal Friend’s Liberal Friend:

Yeah those Fox News statistics are always trustworthy. You really think GWB was a more competent president than Obama? Really? Like as in, you're being serious? If so, I've got a wonderful bridge in Brooklyn I'm looking to sell.


I never once said he was more competent. In fact I think he was relatively mediocre. You're auto-magically assuming I'm a Bush fan because I'm a Conservative and I don't care for Obama. Those generalities are great, huh? Matter of fact, the Left's beloved Huffington Post linked to an article about it in April

And on that note, I'ma leave this lil' convers
ation, because nothing I say, and nothing you say, is going to change either of our opinions. Good morrow to you, sir.

Liberal Friend’s Liberal Friend:

Obama's major flaw (and it's a big one) is that, unlike GWB, he is actively trying to appease people who are on the opposite side of the ideological spectrum. The trainwreck of this woman getting fired, then rehired, for what Fox (quite incorrectly) said were racist statements is the perfect example of this –Obama and the Dems are petrified that Fox News might have something on them, and will bend over backwards to not appear too liberal or "soft", whereas GWB couldn't have cared less what Dems thought of him. Therefore, practically everything Obama has accomplished is watered-down, due to concessions to Republicans, who somehow still find the gall to claim that he doesn't listen to them. What a clusterfuck.

Yeah, I fired back at him with a HuffPo article that echoed what I said. Nothing like their own medicine used against them. I could have continued but nothing I said would have made a difference.


I shave my head, as in bald, to the skin, with a razor. I've tried a lot of shaving products and finally found that I really liked a gel from Bump Patrol. I joined their Facebook page & received some free samples in the mail for my efforts. Being a white guy, I seem to not be their target customer. Bump Patrol is generally marketed towards younger urban males of the African American persuasion. The middle-aged white guy isn't in their target demographic I guess. Well, back on August 2d, they tried to pander to their Facebook fans by crowing about Obama visiting Atlanta, where their corporate offices are. Their 1600-member audience audience was so non-plussed that I was the first person to comment some 45 minutes or so after they posted. It took them almost 2 & a half hours to respond. The only other respondent was 9 hours later, and it was ANOTHER white guy, from Mississippi. This tells me that they might wanna switch their demographic and that Young Black America could care less.

Bump Patrol :

Obama is visiting our hometown of ATL today! What is the one question you would want to ask our President if you got the chance?

President Obama to Visit Atlanta on Monday - | WXIA | Atlanta, GA

ATLANTA-- For the first time since taking office, President Barack Obama will visit Atlanta on Monday to address the Disabled American Veterans national convention and attend a fundraising lunch.

August 2 at 10:23am


Why do you hate America so much that you'd turn it into a socialist wasteland while blaming it on Bush and calling anyone who disagrees with you a racist?

August 2 at 11:00am

Bump Patrol:

Hey, at least you are honest... It's important to get all views, let's keep the discussion "smooth" and respectable. Alright fellas?

August 2 at 1:21pm

Other Dude:

Why don’t you do what the people want instead of what you think we want

August 2 at 10:33pm


In the midst of the WikiLeaks Scandal, a screaming Liberal ex-patriate Brit that I know in Arizona decided that the angry US military pressured a foreign government to slander the scumbag who put American lives in jeopardy:


Nothing like a little character assassination every now and again to discredit the people you disagree with, eh?

Wikileaks rape warrant cancelled

An arrest warrant for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on rape accusations is abruptly cancelled by Swedish authorities just hours after it was issued.


Last week, one of my music friends, who lives in Baltimore, finally heard about the big Restoring Honor Rally that Glenn Beck put on in DC. How she managed to go so long without hearing about it blows me away. While she never commented past her initial statement, her liberal loudmouth friends chimed right in.


Just heard Glenn Beck is coming to DC this weekend for a huge Tea Party event of some kind. Glad I'm leaving town.


It's not political and has nothing to do with the Tea Party. It's intended to be a charity rally to benefit the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, scholarships for kids of fallen troops. Gonna be a madhouse of people though. Not for me. Too crowded.


LOL @ the idea of Glenn Beck pretending his event's not going to be political. He's a Teabagger, his audience are nearly all Teabaggers, and no one in hell who's not a Glenn Beck fan is going to attend a rally he's sponsoring. QED: Tea Party by default.


It's a Glenn Beck/Sarah Palin event. Not political at all!


Wow. This turned ugly even faster than I expected. I should have known better.


Ugly? Well... okay. I thought by avoiding bad language and personal attacks I was keeping it polite, but I apologize if you found offense in my statement.

(NOTE: No, you hideous twat…you basicallly called me a liar, and that’s not ugly, and calling me a teabagger wasn’t personal)


Alan Henry

(Note: This kid was an African American who didn’t bother to comment, just merely inserted a link that by default asserts his belief that Beck was stealing 8/28 from the black community, since according to their self-appointed speokecreatures the date of 8-28 belongs solely to Black America, and only Black America is allowed to do anything even remotely close to the Lincoln Memorial)


And finally, back to that high school friend again, an openly gay theater actor in DC. He seems to have a serious axe to grind against Glenn Beck and the horrible, hateful, evil concept of Restoring Honor, as evidenced by this picture that he not only posted, but he actually created at the Cheezburger website.


If Beck (as in the guy who did "Loser" and "Where It's At") and Rush (as in the Canadian power trio) ever tour together, betcha a large part of their audience will be some mighty confused teabaggers.

I find that ironically funny, a teabagger comment coming from a guy who occasionally has balls in his mouth.

Yeah, these are your tolerant, loving, kind & gentle Liberals, so long as you don't dare to disagree.

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