Saturday, September 10, 2011

9-11: Ten Years Later

It's hard to believe that ten years have already passed now since our nation was changed forever....

Oddly, and bothersome to me actually, is that I really don't have anything new to add that hasn't already been said.

In 2007, I covered the aspect of "Where Were You on 9-11?". Read it here.

In 2008, I railed against the media not showing pictures of what really happened. Read it here.

In 2009, I talked about how years later, the events still affect us deep down. Read it here.

In 2010, I wanted to know where the memorial was. Read it here.

For a brief time, we actually came together as a nation. Now I think we're as divided as we've ever been since the 1860's, only it's the Left vs. the Right instead of the North vs. the South. For months after 9-11, everybody flew American flags, most notably on their cars. Now, the Left stands with uncaring bastards who won't let people fly the flag for fear it might offend someone. Tough shit; this is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and if an AMERICAN wants to fly an AMERICAN FLAG and if it offends you then either shut your pie hole or leave.

Our nation was founded by Christians with Christian values & ideals. You are free to worship any which way you want here in AMERICA but if you happen to be a Christian then you're now a second-class citizen while AMERICAN laws are being usurped by Islamic Sharia laws and the Leftist bastion of Michigan has been turned into a Caliphate. For damn near a decade a giant crater marked the site where thousands were murdered by radical Islamists, and the Left said the Right was insensitive when a mosque was slated to be built right next door to Ground Zero.

On 9-11 the people of New York were led out of the ashes by a Republican who'd cleaned up the Big Apple and they then replaced him with a filthy rich Leftist who thinks the mosque is a great idea and built himself a giant 54-story skyscraper for his business instead of a memorial to the citizens of his city who were murdered.

Our borders are porous and absorb illegals like a thirsty sponge, and the Left just sees it as a source for voters. The Dear Leader seems to have a never-ending supply of relatives living here illegally and sponging welfare. Great leadership....

Millions of AMERICANS are out of work and the Left sees it as a victory for social welfare programs while sending our jobs and money overseas.

It's terrible that it takes a tragedy to bring us together as a nation and more terrible that we just as quickly become divided again by folks who forget or scoff at what this nation is all about, how & why we were founded and by whom.


Brooke said...

God bless those families. It seems like forever ago and like yesterday at the same time.

Now we have CAIR telling us that we need to get over it and stop blaming Islam.

jay son said...

man you always say the things i want to say or am thinking. your commentary is spot on, but lately in short supply. let's see some more of that wisdom on display in print, here, where you are well read. God Bless AMERICA, and never, ever, submit.

Anonymous said...

The year 2001 should not be repeated