Sunday, April 19, 2009

Even more Conservative T-shirts!

A couple weeks back I let ya'll know about a site with some clever t-shirts with a conservative bent to counter all those rediculous and annoying Obama t-shirts all the KoolAid drinkers are wearing.

Yesterday I received a note from Paul over at Shirts Backwards letting me know that he just started a site with additional conservative designs, and I'd like to toot his horn and send you in his direction. The designs are pretty cool, and he generously has bigger tee sizes for those among us who like big shirts instead of cheap-assed rags that shrink up to wash-cloth dimensions after 2 washes.

I rather like the one that states that Obama does not equal Lincoln; Guest Blogger Jim will love that one since he loves to refer to him tongue-in-cheek as "The Lincoln of Our Times". My wife loved the "57 States of Obamerica". Go check out the shirts today!


Randy said...

We southerners love our TEA! I really like the comparison between TEA and Kool-Aid.

Brooke said...

I just stole that tea vs kool-aid pic.