Thursday, May 14, 2009

Animal Cops Walterboro: Episode 3 On Location in Charleston

On today's episode, we leave the comfy confines of Walterboro and go to the Big City lights of Charleston, specifically the exciting locale of Veteran's Terminal of the State Ports Authority, Building 207...

Whilst outside warming up this morning, I saw this little greyish brownish nugget slowly scuttling across the parking lot and went to investigate. Turns out it was a rather lost-looking wee fiddler crab, perhaps 2 inches across maximum. He looked a tad pathetic out there.

Fearing that my little crusteacean friend would get eaten by a passing gull, run over by a passing truck or forklift, or roasted by the sun, I opted to rescue the little bugger and carry him over to this marshy boggy grassy creek-like area across the lot. While possibly not the most perfect venue, it was by far better than where he was.

Crab rescued. Mission accomplished.

En Garde! The actual crab in question in my parking lot.

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