Thursday, May 7, 2009

A couple of interesting bumper stickers

I see a lot of bumpers on my daily commutes. Occasionally, the adornments make me laugh. Often, as in the case of all these rampant Obama stickers, they just make me grind my molars.

I was a bit taken by surprise to already spot an election sticker for the 2012 Presidential campaign. Something tells me the Governor doesn't yet know she's been drafted as a candidate.

The other sticker that made me chuckle is a great play on words. I guess you sorta have to know your Egyptian dieties to get the joke...


Brooke said...

HA! That last one is hilarious! :)

Randy said...

My Egyption isn't quite good enough to understand that one. Wasn't Isis a cartoon or some sort of TV show back in the day with Wonderwoman and those shows?