Monday, November 5, 2012

A few reminders before the election

Leech Class maggot
Well, here we go, kids. We've been fighting this war for almost four years now. It's come to the final battle tomorrow. I've done everything I can to convince the public at large that Obama is a mistake and a miserable failure. However, just in case you need some last minute reminders, sit back & watch these video clips and see what Obama Zombies and let their own words damn them. See how The Leech Class expects handouts & freebies at YOUR expense while the economy is in the crapper. And then go vote for Mitt Romney and clean the vermin of this administration out of Washington.

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jay son said...

man what a relief!!! i was afraid we would we see that janet napolitano look a like, sandra fluke, in a vid showing how see likes to have the free contraceptives used on herself.