Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ahem...I said Enough With The Obama shirts, got it?

A short while ago I clambered atop my golden soap box and said “Enough with the damnable Obama t-shirts already!”.(

Well, apparently, someone wasn’t paying attention. Some company called Yellow Cake Designs (oh, how cute. Named for a concentrated form of uranium used in making fuel rods…and weapons) is selling these overpriced rags because they’re trendy and supposedly fashionable.

I’m sure as hell not gonna pay $38 to $44 for an onion-skin thin, see-through tee with a shitty silkscreen of Obie-Wan the Messiah on it. I’d be loathe to pay anything over 25 bucks on a concert shirt from a band that I’ve loved for 20-plus years, let alone the President. Two years ago, I parted with 30 bucks at the last Erasure concert for a rather thin shirt that has miraculously not shrunk to the size of a wash cloth after a run through the laundry, and I honestly can’t believe that the shirt I bought in Montreal at the Depeche Mode show in 1998 is still wearable.

But I digress.

If you’ll drop that kind of scratch on a Gap reject rag with a Rorschach blot on it that looks like Obama in much the same way that wrinkle on a potato chip looks like the Virgin Mary, then you deserve to have your wealth redistributed.

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