Saturday, September 19, 2009

Please stand by.....

I’m actually a little battle-weary and fried from writing so much about politics as of late. I never intended for this blog site to become a political soapbox or battleground to defend American core values, but sometimes the war comes to you instead of you going to the war. Not all heed the call when they hear it, and some of us are inextricably drawn to the fray in what they feel is their sworn and solemn duty. But soldiers need a little R&R on occasion to keep their heads in the game.

That’s why I’m not gonna write about politics tonight, or Obama or socialism or healthcare.

I’ve taken a couple days of to recharge. Thursday was my wedding anniversary, and today me and Mrs. Steve are headed to the annual Charleston Scottish Games.

I’ll bring ya’ll a full report later tonight!

If it’s nae Scottish, it’s CRAP!


Teresa said...

Happy Anniversary! Have a great time!! Taking a break once and awhile is a good thing to do. Refresh and Renew!!

Left Coast Rebel said...

Mentioned your site today.....

Amusing Bunni said...

Happy Anniv. Steve, enjoy your weekend.

I hear you about not wanting the blog to be always about politics, but what is happening, we just have to speak out! I went to Celtic Fest in Chicago last weekend, and it was super fun. Have a great time.

jay son said...

enjoy the weekend!

The Gray Headed Brother said...

Sure live it up, post those dumb assed pictures of the President..You lack of respect for the President is overwhelming.. The fact remains that he IS the President like it or not.., no matter what that clown Rush Limbaugh says.. Examine his background and credentials. He’s a loser with no more authority on any issue than the man on the moon. Why Limbaugh receives rent space at the public trough is a disgrace.

The truth is, Limbaugh in his death throes, scared to death and knows the truth, there is no one left to resurrect their evil doctrine under the fraudulent label of the Republican brand. Because the only people who gave the Republican’s credibility are all but dead belonging to my Father & Mother’s generation who lived through depression#1 and WW II.
Their history! There’s not enough left to do squat.
Bomb-throwers like Limbaugh, O’ Reilly, Beck etc to foment hate and fear mongering that served to discredit the Republican party and the values once represented.

The philosophical machine of the Republican party was co-opted by extremist Right Wing demagogues,( National Socialists Germany 1933-45 ) IE., Greenwood & his Christian Coalition mobilizing Christian voting blocs to stuff ballot boxes and change blue states in the south to red states. They adopted a political strategy to control Congress with Gingrich and the Contract with America beating the propaganda enterprise.

That’s history as the American electorate realized the destruction of the American fabric, once the envy of the world.

Best thing to happen to the Republican Party- abandon Limbaugh and the rest of those people that set out to brain wash the public from any association to their real values..
Oh and I almost forgot.. Happy Anniversary..

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

Awww...I feel so loved now! It's been so long since a Liberal Troll has come to get verbally abused here.

If I had a dollar for every grammatical error in your rant, I'd try & buy a cup of coffee but Obama will have already taken my money & redistributed back to welfare cases. I counted at least three.

And again, why do you people insist on lumping me in with Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck? I don't really listen to either of their shows, as I have job that I work every day that precludes me from listening to the radio. And when I get home from work some 12 or 13 hours after I left home, I don't feel like watching Beck on TV; I curl up and watch something entertaining with my wife. (By the by, I do thank you for the anniversary wishes.)

Last I heard, Limbaugh is distancing himself away from the Republican Party anyways based on the rank & file's inability to cohesively unite and get anything accomplished.

I respect the Office of the President. I do not, however, respect the man in that office currently. Somehow, in today's America, that makes me a racist but I really don't care. I will not stick up for a man who's destroying this country just to appease the masses.

And somehow, I'm dragged back into politics in a thread that wasn't supposed to be anywhere near that subject.

Brooke said...

Friday was my tenth anniversary! I hope yours as fantastic!

Anonymous said...

The grey-headed troll has convinced me. I will now relinquish a lifetime of too much freedom and the burden of maintaining liberty.