Sunday, September 6, 2009

Try being an American...

Where do I even begin?

I got to thinking about school this week. I graduated 22 years ago, and school was, by far, a simpler affair than it is today. Part of me thinks that the reason our American schools and our students are falling so far behind the power curve is that there’s so much more to learn now. We learned to type on a manual typewriter and kids today have to be as computer savvy as our programmers were in the 80’s. We had gym class, and now the kids today are seeing physical activity at school dwindling while at the same time the schools are raising funds to operate by selling sugary drinks in vending machines and ice cream in addition to those yummy government-approved lunches. (Trust me; I load up the orders for school ice cream. While it admittedly pays my bills, there are days that I think the little fat-asses should be playing dodgeball.)

We took a foreign language as a lark to fill up electives, and nowadays these kids (well, at least the ones who didn’t get here via illegals from Mexico) have to speak a foreign language just to get by, because of all the folks who come here and expect us all to speak their language instead of learning ENGLISH, which last I checked was still our official language.

Aw, shit, who am I kidding? Spanish is no longer a foreign language since we capitulated and gave over. It’s our newest domestic language. Pretty soon we’ll be forced into bilingual street signs and public announcements (product packaging is already in Spanish) in the same way the Canadians are forced to use French to cater to their minority. Why schools even offer French anymore is beyond me when no one needs French for anything except a trip to Paris. It’s all Spanish now. The US Army recruits like hell in Spanish, recruiting people who can’t speak enough English to understand their chain of command, let alone read the field manuals or instructions to operate their weapons or other systems. (Betcha didn’t know that certain weapons systems, like the old-school LAW rockets, had the firing instructions printed right on the weapon itself, at a roughly 5th grade reading level so long as you spoke English)…Within 5 years I predict mandatory Spanish classes just so we can contend with our burgeoning Latin population. Although, wise Latinas know more than me, so I guess it’s a moot point.

We now have the Obamessiah all set to address our chilluns in their schools on Tuesday. As if the wee little buggers don’t have enough to worry about with learning and socially adapting and growing into good people, now they have to interrupt their day for what’ll amount to some propaganda that establishes the president as a "superintendent in chief" and indoctrinate children to support him politically. Ask what you can do for the President, kids.

Ujana is Swahili for “youth”. They speak Swahili in Kenya, ya’know.

But the White House says the speech is merely "designed to encourage kids to stay in school." I don’t need the Head Socialist In Charge to tell kids to stay in school. That’s what parents, teachers, and maybe Mr. T are for.

I need the President to unfuck the economy (doing a piss poor job), unfuck Afghanistan & Iraq (doing a piss poor job), unfuck unemployment (doing a piss poor job), and stop trying to unfuck healthcare by fucking it up further by doing such a…say it with me here, kids…a Piss Poor Job. Besides, if the Messiah Hisself is addressing the kids in school, doesn’t that violate the separation of Church & State?

In keeping with the Bright Shining Lie of a Transparent Administration, Obie’s lackeys refused to let anyone see the contents of the “lesson plans” before the broadcasts, at least not until several talk shows (spearheaded by Todd Schnitt in Tampa) pressured the administration’s Propaganda Minister for a preview that’ll be released on what, a holiday, so that no one will get to see it before the broadcasts? Typical Obama Tactic…ramrod something through before anyone can read it, and if you do release a version of it under the lie of transparency, you do it on a weekend so it gets buried.

And of course, your mouthpieces are already sniveling because we’re supposedly politicizing this issue. Of course, you claim that we on the right politicize everything you do. Maybe it’s because pretty much everything you do covers a hidden agenda?

That’s your Modus Operandi once you’re found out….blame the Right for allegedly politicizing it, and then you start to backpedal like mad. After that comes the best bullshit phrases I have ever heard…really, if they weren’t being used to cover your pathetic asses I’d have to actually give them props for being so creative.

“You misunderstood what I said and took it out of context.”

“I mis-spoke.”

“That was inartfully worded.”

“I need to recalibrate my words.”

Yeah. Stupidly is as stupidly does.

Maybe you’ll be better served come Tuesday by not bothering the kids. After all, they need to LEARN. They have real lessons to absorb, not propaganda. Tell you what, Obie. Take the day and go through the résumés of your Brigade of Czars and try vetting them out a little better. Your Green Jobs Czar, Van “Asshole” Jones, resigned amidst the truth behind his communist, anarchist, “9-11Truther” background coming out, yet another fruitcake in a Cabinet and Czar Bazaar full of fruitcakes and kooks and Socialists.

Or better yet, take the day to re-think the wisdom in flying the national flag of the People’s Republic of China over the South Lawn of the White House on September 20th at a big shindig to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of Communist China. I think I may puke. I never thought that in my lifetime that we’d fly the flag of a communist country over the seat of American democracy. Zhao Luqun, who will direct the performances at the White House celebration, said the performances will demonstrate the friendship, magnanimous spirit and kindness of modern Chinese people. These are the same kind, magnanimous people who are the world’s largest polluters, among the worst human rights violators, and who flood our markets with tainted dog food and lead-coated cheaply-made toys.

Try re-calibrating your belief structure, Mister President. Try re-calibrating your entire fiber of being and not just your pretty, TelePrompter-fed words.

Try being an American.


Teresa said...

Great Post!! He does always have an underlying sneaky hidden agenda behind all of his speeches. I don't know exactly why our educational system is failing, but I believe it has a lot to do with the unions and them being embedded with liberalism. One reason I'm not sure is up til college, I always attended private school. Obama definitely does need to re- calibrate his entire fabric of being. He needs to wipe all the crap that he was indoctrinated with from his brain clean, and start from scratch.

blackandgoldfan said...

This was awesome, Steve!

I just read on that the White House says the flag is gonna fly on E Street, not the official WH grounds. I'm not very familiar with the layout of 1600, but my bitch is that the flag of a Communist country should NOT be flying on public ground anywhere in this country. W snuck it in under the radar in '06, and, had I known then, I would've been equally as pissed off. Maybe you can check on the layout and shit? I don't have time right now.

Hope you can figure it out!!!

Soloman said...

Hey all - Yesterday was the anniversary of the Palestinian terrorist's killing of the Israeli Olympic team. Did Obama fly an Israeli flag as a show of solidarity? I searched the WH website, found nothing.

And we did, about 2 months ago, have bi-lingual PSA announcements on local radio. They said it was nationwide, and the stations were chosen based on the probability that spanish speakers would find the content of the station informative. They chose 550 KFYI - Phoenix conservative station, home of Rush, Sean, and Savage.

Those PSA's haven't happened in a while, but we'll probably see them again I'd bet.

jay son said...

ujana is pretty fucking close to jugen just like i suspected during our phone conversation.

Z said...

Super post, thanks..except English is NOT the 'official language'...we don't have one.
God forbid somebody might be offended. grrrr

Snarky Basterd said...

Tell you what, my homeschooled kids will know how to hook up that claymore mine long before they'll know how to regurgitate Zombiecrat teachings.

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

The average 5th grader should be able to decipher the directions, according to what the Army told me. I met a guy once who had done a tour as a tech writer putting together field manuals for Uncle Sugar, and he told me point blank thta they wrote them on a 5th grade reading level. I was appalled...and actually after a few minutes,it actually sounded about right.

I think I can still rig up a Claymore; it's been almost 20 years but some skills you never fully lose. It would have to be command-detonation though since I never learned to daisy-chain them together on a tripwire.