Saturday, September 12, 2009

Throwing a few bricks through a few windows

Let me preface this post by stating that it will be chock full of four-letter words, most of them beginning with the sixth letter of the alphabet. I’m not just angry, but verily seething with acrimonious rage at what this country is becoming and how the very fabric of our society has unraveled.

I swore that I would not post anything mean-spirited on 9-11, so as not to tarnish the solemnity of the day of remembrance(not day of service to the gubmint). However, I am starting this at about 1AM on the 12th, so everyone and everything is fair game again. I ground my molars to dust today waiting to get at the keyboard after listening to the news for the past couple days. This post is probably gonna be a LONG one.

I am exceptionally angry. I love this nation. I have defended this nation. And I will not give this nation away.

Where to even start? How about by saying that Jim Clyburn can go fuck himself, and take the NAACP and Lonnie Randolph with him? I’ll follow that up with a swift kick in the balls to Bobby Harrell.

If I lived just a few miles farther southwest, Joe Wilson would be my representative to Congress. Lamentably, I am allegedly represented by Jim Clyburn, currently the House Majority Whip and one of Obama’s chief bootlickers.

Not happy with Wilson’s apology to President Obama after for having shouted "You lie!" at Obama during a speech the other night, Clyburn wants to humiliate Wilson for having the audacity to truthfully proclaim Obama’s true colors. Clyburn says Wilson should go to the floor of the House and give a public apology there.

"That's a cowardly way to do it," Clyburn said of the written statement. "He ought to man up and go down to the well of the House and say, I acted with a lack of decorum the last evening, and I apologize to the President of the United States, and I apologize to my colleagues in both bodies, and I apologize to the people of South Carolina for having done so… I don't think there's ever been this kind of venom or insult directed at the chief executive of the United States of America when he's standing in a joint session," Clyburn said.

Oh, bullshit, Clyburn. Screw decorum. You’re just pissed that someone had the balls to call Obama out as a liar on national TV in the middle of his mental masturbation session. This country is falling apart with an economy that’s in the shitter, we have American troops coming home in bags from some piss-ant Third World dung heap whose chief exports are heroin poppies and terrorists, you stupid bastards on Capitol Hill are bankrupting children who won’t be born for a hundred fucking years yet, you’ve turned us into a neo-Socialist joke by nationalizing the auto industry, the banking industry, the housing industry, and now healthcare, and all you can worry about is fucking decorum and Roger’s Rules of Fucking Order because someone didn’t kiss the President’s ass? Listening to the tapes of it, with all you morons going “Oooooooohhh” after Joe said it, you sounded like a bunch of damned third-graders after someone sneezed “Bullshit!” into their hand during the principal’s assembly in the cafeteria.

Eat me.

Was it the wrong place to lose control? Probably. Should he have held his tongue? In retrospect, looks like it. But he was immediately Judased by his own Republican “leadership” and forced to immediately apologize to The Holy Dear Leader, and The Annointed One graciously accepted the apology. That should have been the end of it, but you want to break it off in Wilson’s ass for calling out your boy.

Have you ever watched BBC coverage of British Parliament, Jim? The British are supposed to be the pinnacled zenith of decorum, the gold standard everyone strives for, and yet in their House of Lords they actually hiss at each other, and in the House of Commons they stop just short of fisticuffs over differing views. Captain Teleprompter wouldn’t last five minutes in London. They’d eat him like bangers & mash.

And then there’s the NAACP. Fuck you, too, for turning everything into a racial issue and for playing the race card and the victim card any time someone says “boo” to a black man anymore. The head of the SC chapter of the NAACP, Lonnie Randolph, is calling for action, because interrupting Obama’s healthcare shitfest is racist. Randolph says health care is a civil rights issue, something the NAACP fights to protect.

That's right, Lonnie. Play that race card to the fullest...

Wilson's outburst also serves to continue the tone of town hall meetings on health care that in many cases have been more like brawls, Randolph said, which turns attention away from this human rights issue. Civil rights? Where in the United States Constitution did Thomas Jefferson say we had the right to free healthcare at taxpayer expense? Where in the Constitution does it say we have to provide a single solitary iota of anything to illegal immigrants who should by all rights be deported instead of being shot as invaders?

Anyone who disagrees with Obama is a racist. Poor Joe Wilson, he publicly disagreed with your Lord and Master, and he’s white, and a southerner, so he must obviously be a racist, right? Joe Wilson said “You lie”, not “You lie, you (insert racial epithet here)”. Stop playing the race card and stop playing the victim. You’ll get a lot farther.

So now they’re saying Wilson better apologize or the House will punish him….with a strongly worded rebuke. Woopty shit. That and five bucks gets you a cup of coffee.

By the way, why was it okay for the Democrats to boo President Bush during the 2005 State of the Union address? Was that racist? Of course not; Dubya was white, and therefore it’s okay to bash him and call him everything from a war-mongering babykiller to a borderline mongoloid.

And now that I’m riled up and throwing stones, Speaker of the South Carolina House of Representatives Bobby Harrell can kiss my ass too, after he quits kissing the ass of Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer.

Harrell and his posse are baying at the moon, pissing and moaning for the resignation of Governor Mark Sanford. Sure, I gave Sanford a huge ration of shit on this blog when the news of his affair first broke, but after I vented my disappointment, I’m back in Mark’s corner for not wanting to meekly step aside for political expediency. We have all these SC Republicans calling fir Sanford’s ouster, claiming that,” The issues we have facing our state and the work that needs to be accomplished is too important for us to spend this next year bogged down with the distractions Gov. Sanford’s actions have created.”

Huh? What kind of bullshittery is this? Are you people that easily distracted? Do you have adult-onset ADD? Take a couple of Ritalin, shut the hell up, and get your asses back to work solving our double-digit unemployment problem.

Almost half the people I know, and I am NOT exaggerating, have been out of work at one time or another during the past 12 months because of this shitty economy, and all you care about is your own political asses.

What do I mean? I mean that Mark Sanford is a lame duck. His term as Governor is up about 12 months after the Legislature reconvenes in January. You people are off work till after Christmas and still getting paid, no? Well, there’s a hell of a lot of my fellow Carolinians who aren’t getting paid and who really want to go back to work. But see, most of you guys ARE up for re-election soon, and you’re shit-scared that being associated with letting Mark Sanford stay in office will hurt you come election time. You want to distance yourself from him and the supposed taint of being supportive of a guy you were all supporting two months ago. Yeah, he cheated on his wife, and that’s a very bad thing, but that’s a private matter now between the man & his wife.

The reason it’s a distracting bog-down is because you people won’t shut the fuck up about it. It could have quietly been his own private disaster after the initial public furor calmed, which was about 2 weeks later, but when sharks smell blood in the water they swarm and now there’s a feeding frenzy.

And if you Democrats out there want to keep bashing Sanford over his adultery, ya’ll best step back & check yo’self before you wreck yo’self. Last I saw, there’s been a line of Democrats cheating on wives even longer. Need I pull names out of a hat? John Edwards. John Kennedy. Bobby Kennedy. Teddy Kennedy. Gary Condit. Elliot Spitzer. David Patterson. Henry Hyde. Jesse Jackson. Gary Hart. Even FDR had a chippy on the side. And that most famous of adulterers, Bill Clinton.

I’m not saying that no Republicans have ever cheated on their spouses either (Gingrich, Livingston, Watts, etc and I’m pretty sure even Dwight Eisenhower had a mistress.). Even Thomas Jefferson couldn’t keep it in his breeches. Corrupted sexual morals abound in politics but Dems seem to have it down to something between art and science.

For once, I really gotta agree with a Democrat though. Years ago, the scariest looking human alive, James Carville, coined the immortal phrase “It’s the economy, stupid.”

Look, America, we gotta get our shit together. It is the economy, stupid. We’re so distracted by who’s banging who, and distracted by health care (only a small portion of our economy) that we’re missing the big picture. The picture of our entire economy being in the shitter while people in Washington do their damndest to distract the rest of the nation while they rapidly take over the private sector and nationalize it. In 9 months,like I aid above, the government has bankrupted children who won’t be born yet for a hundred years, taken over the banking industry, taken over the auto industry, started firing private citizens, started hiring czars to circumvent vetting and oversight, taken over the mortgage and housing industry, tried and failed to steal the Census, and now wants to start a citizens army to fight off the revolts I predict are coming.

America, I beseech thee: TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY.


Opus #6 said...

Steve, whooeeee! Let 'em have it! You GO, boy!

I am upset too. How dare they get all self-righteous only 1 minute after Obama called us AMERiCANS liars for speaking out against his govt health care takeover. What hypocritical POS's.

Today is a day of rejoicing and gratitude for me. Look at the patriots marching in Washington. Try and ignore us NOW, @$$holes!!!!!

Snarky Basterd said...

Fuck 'em, L Man...I say go buy yourself an AK-47 and 2,000 rounds and be joyous.

innominatus said...

Dead-on awesome. Ace couldn't have said it any better.

jay son said...

well at least you didn't call anybody c&*k s^#ker. as always your on the money with your analysis.
i know you aint really mad however cause there was no triple ripple apparatus mentioned.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I cannot understand why DECORUM was breached when Wilson spoke 3 little words of truth but it is supposedly considered DECOROUS when the president outright lies to the American people. Or when Pelosi calls us Nazis or Reid calls us smelly. They are the least decorous group of people ever!

Soloman said...

Wow - I take one day away from the blogs and this is what I miss??

That'll teach me. Great stuff, I love the "Baby Momma Brigade" pic. Priceless.

Amusing Bunni said...

I am just as mad as you are Steve!
These f8cktards make me wanna puke.

I just LUV your photoshopping skills!
You have the best origional pics around.
I might "borrow" the liar one w/ the horns!
Take care and like dave said, shooting off a few thousand rounds might help, wish I could.