Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hope and Change comes to your door (With Guest Blogger Jim)

My bad. I really meant to post this one when Jim wrote it last weekend but I was being a selfish turd and writing my own stuff.

Anybody tired of talking about health care? Well I'm not, nor am I tired about talking about the economy. The week has been rife with stories of ordinary citizens standing up to the government, for a change, and protesting the government’s attempted takeover of health care.

Some highlights included SEIU (Service Employees International Union) thugs beating up on a guy at a town hall meeting in Saint Louis, which was attended by members of the Saint Louis Tea Party. On a video of the incident you can hear people telling the goons that they were going to jail for attacking this individual, and a union prick’s reply, "He attacked America!"

Our victim’s crime? Handing out Gadsden Flag buttons and stickers.

The evil Gadsden Flag, hated and reviled by thugs and socialists the world over

It's interesting to me that the victim, who is black, says that during the incident racial slurs were used against him (as well as fist and feet) and that the attack was carried out by both black and white union assholes. Wonder if Eric Holder, as attorney general and a black man, will order Bias/Hate Crime and First Amendment violation charges (civil rights) to be brought against the union bullies? Holder, possibly not wanting to be left behind by the Gates/Obama Express, claimed last week to have been a victim of racial profiling as a college student. We’ll see if the Obama administration's Justice Department will walk the walk when it comes to conservative bashing. Also, I’m waiting for the Lincoln of our Times™ to come out and say that the union acted stupidly.

Nancy Pelosi’s response was to say that protesters were Nazis. Hate to tell you Nancy, but it was Hitler’s government that socialized medicine and industry in Germany, as well as the banks. Sort like what you and Barack did with GM and Chrysler, our banks, and now medicine. Anybody else see it? In addition to this, the White House has asked citizens to inform on their neighbors, by sending intel to the white house on anyone speaking misinformation about health care reform. Isn’t that domestic spying?

A U.S. Congressional rep from Washington, Brian Baird, said that it was citizen actions, like what is occurring at town hall meetings, which caused Tim McVeigh to bomb the federal building in OKC. Wrong, dickhead. It was the government’s mishandling of Waco and Ruby Ridge, which gave McVeigh the excuse he was looking for to murder people. Let me be clear; I do not support the Branch Davidians, nor do I sympathize with Tim McVeigh. But I do think it showed extreme hubris from the Clinton administration's Justice Department to cut the local sheriff out of its plans to arrest David Koresh, and then not charge the FBI sniper who killed Randy Weaver's wife as she held a baby.

In a further act of separating the elite political class from the working class, Congress approved anywhere from $200 to $600 million dollars to purchase 3 to 8 Gulfstream jets to ferry them about. You get cash for clunkers, they get luxury aircraft. Didn’t they skin the auto executives alive for flying into Washington for Congressional hearings in private jets? They intend to spend our money on private planes for their own use and gratification, during the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, according to the Democratic Party. Reminds me of the dachas used by the Soviet elite.

Hey, how many vacations you and the family had this year? Obama and his brood toured France after the D-Day remembrance. Next, it's off to Martha’s Vineyard. In mid-August, the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone. Happily, that's on a “visit the park free” weekend. So all you families who thought you could save a buck and see our nation’s natural treasures, be prepared to wait in even longer lines, cause you can bet your sweet ass the Secret Service will be doing its level best to shut those parks down, to keep Mr. Lincoln II safe from us, the shrill, unwashed masses.

I guess it's ok to protest at Bush's ranch in Crawford or anywhere Code Pink shows its more-than-ugly face, but a couple people get together to try to hold their elected reps’ feet to the fire, and you're either racist, or Nazis, or both. All of you are WRONG to question the government’s ability to run shit NOW, but when Bush was HMFIC it was your right to disagree.

Keep it up. Our republic was not built by weak souls, but rather by men and women who stood their ground against tyrants. Washington, Adams, Paine, and Henry would be proud of you… if you continue.

I think these guys said it best, with Jefferson looking like an oracle.

”Remember, a government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have”
Gerald Ford (Often misattributed to Jefferson and Goldwater. Look it up.)


“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”
“Information is the currency of democracy.”
“I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”

Thomas Jefferson

----------Additional Commentary from Steve--------------------------------

Amen, Brother Jim.
I apologize for not getting this post up sooner, as it goes hand in hand with what I wrote earlier in the week about becoming a Zek.

Thankfully, Congress opted out of the Gulfstream deal, or as Top Sandy over at Sergeant York the Anti-Obama Czar called it, “Debts for Jets”.

You mentioned how the Snitch Hotline is basically domestic spying...but...why it that okay to spy on citizens upset with the administration yet when Bush wanted to wiretap terrorist calls to & from the US to stop the terrorists, then that was vile domestic spying that was the most foul form of evil imaginable? Why do protesters get the shit kicked out of them under this administration but it was okay for the Left's protesters to hound Bush at his vacation sites with mass gatherings of hand-holding kumbaya-singing assholes full of hate & vitriol? Didn't Cindy Sheehan bury her own hysterectomied uterus in Crawford as some sort of insane protest over her son's death in Iraq? I mourn her son's loss, as I would mourn any brave American soldier killed doing his duty, but Jesus, lady...

Union chief Andy Stern...the new head of the Sturmableitung

Indeed we have Obama’s brown shirt thugs, or rather the Purple Shirt Thugs of the SEIU, attempting to flex their collective sphincters at us. I went to their website just for shits and giggles and it looked like Joseph Goebbels was the fucking webmaster. The main article wasn’t about the union or what it can do to help represent its constituency. Instead it was an attack on Sarah Palin, The Liar. Other articles and links were about kissing the asses of immigrants, organizing protests for Obama, and spinning their own version of the Saint Louis deal. Think I’m fulla shit? Feast thyne eyes upon the ACTUAL webpage captures.

Jim brought up noted scumbag Tim McVeigh. In a freak coincidence, Jim and I were stationed at Fort Riley together at the same time as McVeigh and his butt-buddy Terry Nichols. It bugs me to this day to know that I lived 5 miles away from him, not that I could have foreseen his insanity or could have prevented it.

I have a couple quotes, too. That’s how I roll.

"Propaganda has absolutely nothing to do with truth." Joseph Goebbels

“The ten most dangerous words in the English language are "Hi, I'm from the government, and I'm here to help."” Ronald Reagan


blackandgoldfan said...

Steve and Jim: Excellent! No need for me to add even one word.

jay son said...

really like obama in the stove pipe hat and the times up flag. thanks.

ImAlwaysRight said...

Don't tread on me either.

Great blog.

BYW, I got your link thru The Debonair Dude's World blog.

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

Thanks...I joined your blog as well and left a mini-blog within a blog as a comment . LOL...once I get started I'm a wordy little bugger.

B&G: Thanks! Guest Blogger Jim (jsumm in my comments) is one of my oldest & dearest friends, the man who kept me sane at Fort Riley.

And're always calling the Dear Leader the Lincln of our Times, so I finally found the proper pic for you! Almost pissed myself when I found it.

Chris said...

"What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must
be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is
its natural manure." --Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith, 1787. ME
6:373, Papers 12:356

This quote popped into my head when I read Steve's Zeks blog and Jim's just reinforced it....does anyone else think the masses are blind to what is going on (or worse just doesn't friggin' care!)or is it just me? God knows no one wants a war at home but that is EXACTLY where this is soon before Presidential Term Limits are abolished????

WomanHonorThyself said...

love the post..ah yes the gummint here to help.NOT!..Heh I'm bacccccccccccck! ;)

Right Wing Extreme said...

Just FYI. The Feds did not decide to not charge the sniper who killed Randy Weaver's Wife. It is more insidious than that. When the local DA attempted to press murder charges, the Janet Reno said they could not on the grounds of sovereign immunity. To me this was basically saying either we don't care that we murdered an innocent, or we are above the law. You decide citizens.