Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lose a blogger, gain a blogger. I need your support again!


It is with a semi-heavy heart that I report to you all that we here at Global Domination Through Applied Inactivity will no longer have the services of Guest Blogger Jim. Many of you have enjoyed his scathing diatribes and pithy comments (under the moniker jsumm)as part of my Global Domination network of Guest Bloggers, but now...well...I have to let my boy go his own way. Jim's wife started her own blog this past week (and thanks to those of you who are supporting it), and now so has he.

I cordially invite everyone to go check out, read, subscribe to, and support Jim's new blog, The Oh, Bama! Files. ( Follow Jim as he chronicles the pratfalls of The Lincoln of Our Times™ and regales us with his wit and wisdom.

My loss is the Interwebz' gain!

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